When Will Genshin Impact Release on Nintendo Switch? Here’s the Answer

The game of Genshin Impact is currently only available on PC, Mobile (iOS & Android), and PS4. Now the gamers want to know when the game of Genshin Impact will be on Nintendo Switch. Let us find out the answer!

When Will Genshin Impact Show Up on Nintendo Switch?

As we know that Genshin Impact game launched in September for PC, Mobile (iOS & Android), and PS4. If you still remember, back in January of this year, miHoYo announced that Genshin Impact game would also be coming to Nintendo Switch. Now, we are able to start asking about when Genshin Impact game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, there is no solid release date as of right now.

When Will Genshin Impact Show Up On Nintendo Switch

In an interview with RPG Site, Sam Lai, head of communications at MiHoYo, was asked about the Nintendo Switch release around the game’s launch in September. Mihoyo said that the Nintendo Switch version of Genshin Impact is currently under development. For more information about Nintendo Switch beta test and launch dates are going to be announced at a later time.

We are able to say that there is not exactly the most specific answer, so all we are able to do is speculate. Reminding that Genshin Impact is a live service game, MiHoYo is likely focused on adding new content and events. It means that the Nintendo Switch version is likely not a priority. Although, you imagine they will get the game out on the Nintendo Switch as soon as possible to take the opportunity on the popularity.

MiHoYo took up this issue in an interview. But, their answer was as vague as vague answers can be. All they said, almost as if to calm us down, was that the game of Genshin Impact will come to Nintendo Switch. Also, they said that development for the Nintendo Switch, behind the scenes, is underway. But, they did not give us a day, week, month or even a random time span after which this may occur. In fact, you are going to be surprised to know that even the beta versions are not out right now.

How Do You Know It’s Coming To Switch?

Based on the research, Genshin Impact’s developer, miHoYo has stated that the game of Genshin Impact is going to be coming to the Nintendo Switch at a later date. In an interview, Mihoyo said that the Nintendo Switch version of Genshin Impact is currently under development. For more information about Nintendo Switch beta test and launch dates are going to be announced at a later time.

It can be months before we view the Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch version. We are going to keep our eyes open and will update this article as soon as we learn more. We hope we will be able to add it to our list of the best Nintendo Switch games in the near future.

What is Causing The Delay?

Before we tell you what is causing miHoYo from releasing the game on Nintendo Switch, here is a question. Did you know that Xbox One players will not be receiving the game at all? That is right, miHoYo has frankly extinguished all such hopes with a statement ‘No’. So, if you are a Nintendo Switch fan, you are at least not the unluckiest in the world.

But, as much as we hope that miHoYo stick to this, all of us need to cut them some slack. And here is why. In fact, Covid has delayed all multimedia projects this year. Movies, Cyberpunk 2077, TV shows, and Video Games almost everything is running out of schedule. So, miHoYo is having a tough time getting the game ready for Nintendo Switch too. Do not forget that there is a reason they cancelled the Xbox One launch. It is because they cannot deal with that kind of pressure. Between repairing bugs and smoothing out the game for current PC, Mobile and PS4 gamers and also preparing future updates, miHoYo already have their hands full. Aside from that, they also are preparing for next-gen consoles as well. Therefore, it is not surprising to see them take it easy on the Nintendo Switch. Anyway it needs a lot of effort to modify a core game for a certain platform. Based on that case, we may predict that Genshin Impact will come to the Nintendo Switch in 2021.

What is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action RPG set in the fantasy world of Teyvat. There are many different characters and weapons to make unique attacks. Usually,  we have put at least 10 hours into this game so far and we have barely scratched the surface. There is a huge map to explore, beautiful locations to visit, characters to unlock, an interesting story to follow, and plenty of challenges to keep you busy. Even, there is a multiplayer co-op component that you are able to unlock after reaching a certain point in the game.

Apparently, it does employ Gacha game mechanics and micro transactions. But, you are able to play the full game easily without opening your wallet and it will not hold you back from getting anywhere. We ourselves have not spent any money yet, but we have been able to acquire a total of nine Genshin Impact characters by using the loot box-like menu in the game.

What is The Best Platform to Play The Game of Genshin Impact?

Currently, Genshin Impact is free-to-play on PC, PS4 and Mobile (iOS, Android). There are some differences between the Genshin Impact versions, but which one you should play will depend on your preferences.

For your information, the PC version supports cross-saves with the mobile version, so you are able to play the PC version at home and then hop on the mobile version while you are out and about as long as your devices can support the software. While the Mobile version does not have controller support, so you cannot pair a PS4 DualShock Controller or an Xbox Controller to your phone. If you really want to use a controller, you have to consider the PS4 or PC versions of Genshin Impact.

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