When is Minecraft 1.19 Coming Out

Finally, one of the most significant Minecraft events has started, and many things have been announced by the game developers. Unfortunately, the Deep Dark Caves will not be released with the Minecraft 1.18 update. When asked about the release date for the Minecraft 1.18 update, Agnes Larsson said that the Minecraft 1.18 update is ready and will be released in one to two months. After discussing the Minecraft 1.18 update and what is next for Minecraft dungeons, eventually the developers revealed Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update.

When is the Minecraft 1.19 release date?

You have to know that the Minecraft 1.19 update is already in development. The 1.19 Minecraft patch release date is likely to be before or during December 2022. At the time of writing, there is no official launch day set. According to the Minecraft developer, the studio already has plans in place for what comes after the Caves and Cliffs: Part 2 update. This seems to refer to Minecraft patch 1.19 that could receive an announcement during the upcoming Minecraft Live 2021 event. Hopefully, the event is going to inform the players what the update includes and when they can expect it to arrive.

We get information that the Minecraft 1.18 update is due out later this year, though there is no specific release date beyond that. Since this means December at the latest, it is easy to assume that the Minecraft 1.19 update release date will be December 2022 or before. Usually, large game updates are released annually, so this will fit the bill. There was a shorter gap between Minecraft 1.17 and Minecraft 1.18, but that is an exception to the general rule because they comprise both parts of the same expansion.

It is not obvious if the 1.19 Minecraft update is going to be stand alone or split into some parts, like the Caves and Cliffs. Of course, the patch is subject to delays and could arrive later than forecast. Need to know that there are no guarantees, especially with the ongoing pandemic impacting work conditions.

Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update

After the big success of the Caves & Cliffs update part 1, the developers of the game have already showcased the Minecraft 1.19 update entitled “The Wild Update” during Minecraft Live 2021. So far, they have revealed that one of the most exciting features of the Minecraft 1.18 update, the Deep Dark Caves biome, is going to be moved to the Minecraft 1.19 update.

The Deep Dark Caves, Sculk blocks, and the Warden

In the upcoming Minecraft 1.19 update, a new underground city is going to be generated called the Deep Dark City. This is a scary city full of the sculk blocks, deepslate and candles. Also, Valuable loot can be found inside the chests, such as enchanted books.

From what was displayed at Minecraft Live 2020, it was confirmed that there will be lots of sculk blocks. But, only the sculk sensor was showcased during the event. At this time, they have revealed some sculk blocks again. A Sculk catalyst is a new sculk block which is the reason behind the sculk growth that the players will come across in the Deep Dark Caves. Once a mob dies in its vicinity, sculk catalyst is going to grow on blocks beneath the mob. For your information, the amount of sculk growth will depend on how many XP points the mob dropped.

Sculk shrieker is another sculk block which gives out a scary shrieking sound after getting a signal from a sculk sensor close to it. Also, a pulsating effect can be observed after its activation. When it is activated too many times, only the Warden is going to come towards the player. Aside from that, the Warden also has a developed sense of smell and will sniff out the player after coming close to them. Now, the Sculk sensors have been changed a little. Even if the player is sneaking, the sensor is going to be activated if the player steps on it. The players will be able to harvest the sculk by using Silk Touch.

New tree, item, and wood

New tree, item, and wood

The players are able to use the Boat with Chest for exploring the oceans. Also, Mangrove is a new tree that will be added to Minecraft 1.19 update that can be grown underwater and on land using propagules. The tree grows to be larger than one would anticipate and has vines hanging down the leaves. Propagules are going to start growing from the leaves themselves. Along with the mangrove trees, a new type of mangrove wood will be introduced with the Minecraft 1.19 update too. Both their planks and logs will look very similar to the jungle wood.

Swamp biome overhaul, blocks and new mob

A new type of swamp biome called the mangrove swamp is going to make its way to Minecraft. While exploring this biome, the players will be surrounded by mangrove trees. A new type of dirt called mud will be discovered in abundance here. Also, the players are able to get mud by using a water bottle on a regular dirt block. Once placed above a dripstone block, the water from the mud pours out from the pointed dripstone. It becomes clay. Another new block named the mud-brick can be made by using mud blocks.

To create the new swamp biomes more lively, tadpoles, frogs, and fireflies are going to be added into the Minecraft 1.19 update. Like real life, tadpoles will grow up and become frogs. The players are able to pick up tadpoles in water buckets too. There are three types of frogs as well, and the tadpole is going to select a variant which it will become depending on the temperature of the biome. The types of the frogs are snowy, tropical, and regular swamp frogs that come with nice and unique features.

Well, the text above is an explanation about when the Minecraft 1.19 release date, and other information related to Minecraft 1.19 update.

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