What Type of Roblox Player Are You Quiz

Recently, there are many Roblox players who playing quiz about Roblox. You may ever see that there are many sites provide Roblox quiz for you. Well, here we are going to share quiz that you can join.

Quiz I – What type of Roblox player are you

This is a quiz that you can play to test your knowledge about Roblox.

Here are the queastions of the quiz:

1. How long have you been on Roblox?

A. 1 Month or a few weeks
B. 3 Months – 6 months
C. 1-2 years
D. 3 years+

2. How many lims do you have?

A. I own none
B. 1-2 lims
C. 3-5 lims
D. 7-10 lims
E. 11 lims+
F. I had some lims, but I gave them all away
G. What is a lim?

3. What games do you usually play?

A. Roblox High School
B. Life in Paradise
C. The Complex

4. How lots of friends do you have on Roblox platform?

A. 0-10 friends
B. 10-25 friends
C. 26-50 friends
D. 55-100 friends
E. 150-200 friends
F. I only keep my real friends

5. We are at the middle part of the test, so, how are your feelings so far?

A. It is going okay. Maybe a little improvement.
B. OMG its so good, I love you so much
C. It is kinda boring, but okay.
D. It is horrible, but it is not that bad
E. Its sucks big time

6. Let’s start with some roleplays.

You are at the adoption center and look at a little girl with the Mr. Chuckles waiting to be adopted. You know that her name is Lizzy. She is very sad. You see other children too, but you also view people adopting them and not Lizzy. You come closer to her and then take a deep breath and say, “Hey……

A. Can I adopt you? How do I adopt you? Do I need Robux?
B. You seem like you need the parents. Here, I am going to adopt you if that makes you feel better.
C. Go find some parents cause I ain’t adopting you.

7. You are playing a murderer game. It seems that you are the murderer. You view that there is a new player in the server. You notice that he starts crying. Then, you decide to..

A. Say “Hi I want to be your friends, I could help you because I got Robux and I could give you some of it.
B. Say “Omg hi you so cute, can you date me please?
C. Stab him
D. Stare at him and walk away
E. Kill him and juke the sheriff

8. You are playing your own game with a some of your friends. You are having a great time, until a hacker joins. He utilizes his hacking skills to ruin up your place. You decide to..

A. Say “Stop it right now!”
B. Say “Omg hi cute please date me”
C. Kick/ban him from the server and rmap the game.

9. Last and final question. Did you enjoy my quiz?

A. It was very good for your second quiz. I know you are new here, but it was still good.
B. It was okay. You could have added a few more questions, but I still liked it.
C. It was not the best, but it was not bad either
D. Sorry, but it sucked

Quiz II – What type of Roblox Player are you

There are lots of types of players in Roblox. You may be a jokester who only want to make other players go crazy. You are able to be a competitive player who wants to win at any cost. Please take the quiz below!

1. What is the first thing you do when you log-in to Adopt Me?

A. Um…select a game to play?
B. See which of my friends are online.
C. See which games are trending.
D. Update my bio or display name to something silly.
E. Check out the new items on the Avatar Shop.

2. What do you do if you cannot get past a certain part of a game?

A. Use Robux to get past it.
B. Chat with friends or others in the game until I am ready to try again.
C. Find another game to play. I do not care enough to stick around.
D. Keep re-doing the task until I prevail.
E. Mess with some of the other players because I am bored.

3. What types of the games are your favorite?

A. Roleplaying Games
B. I only play whatever is on the Discover page.
C. Obbies or Royale Games
D. Games that are mostly social, like Chat Lobbies
E. Games that provide me opportunities to flex my items, like Welcome to Bloxburg.

4. Do you talk to people while you are on Roblox?

A. Yes, mainly for trades.
B. Sometimes, I find it overwhelming to play and chat at the same time.
C. Yes, but only a tight-knit group I already play with.
D. Not really, I am too busy winning.
E. Yes, I love to mess with people.

5. Do you use Robux?

A. No, I never have. I just do not play enough to use it.
B. Yes, I use it all time. I even get Premium when I can.
C. Only if it helps me look the part for my favorite game.
D. No, I usually just receive items through events and competitions.
E. No, I just want to goof off on Roblox.

6. How often do you play Roblox?

A. Everyday. I have to keep up with my friends and favorite game.
B. Whenever I have time.
C. Whenever I have a chance to buy some more items.
D. Often, I need to keep up with the competition.
E. Whenever I’m bored.

7. What is your favorite interactable item on Roblox?

A. Luxury Cars
B. Ridiculous Costumes
C. Weapons
D. Pets
E. I am not sure

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