What is the Highest Military Rank in BitLife?

When you come to this page, you may want to know information about the highest military rank in BitLife. So, what is the highest military rank in BitLife? If you really want to know this information, make sure you read this article until the end.

The Highest Military Rank in BitLife

In BitLife, joining the military can be a good career option, without the risk to your life that enlisting poses in real life. If you really want to hit the rank of General, you need to be careful about how you enlist.

The majority of countries have a military that you are able to join. And you are going to have two ways to get yourself a good life on the military payroll, however only one of them can get you to the rank of General. If you enlist in a branch of the military, then the highest rank you are able to achieve is E9. This is nice because you are able to have a good career, then retire, or you are able to decide to go AWOL if you get tired of military life.

If you want to become a General, you have to start out by going to college and getting a four-year degree. A bachelor’s degree is a minimum requirement to apply for officer training. After that, you have to apply to become an Officer in your preferred branch of the military, and then you have to get ready to put the work in.

You have to excel in the job every year if you want to make it to the rank of General. Also, you will need to accept every deployment that comes your way, because refusing them may negatively affect your chances for promotion. Deployments will take the form of a mini-game that comes with assorted risks. Actually, these mini-games are similar to Minesweeper. You have to be very careful not to step on mines. The good news is that they will not kill you. However, they will injure you and this will affect both your Health and your Happiness stats. If you manage to successfully complete a minefield, this will result in a medal, and also improved chances of promotion. Like a lot of things in BitLife, becoming a General will involve quite a bit of luck.

What is the Highest Military Rank in BitLife

Get Promoted to the Post of a General in Bitlife – Here’s Way

Becoming a general in Bitlife needs hard work and dedication. Please check out how you can do that:

  • If you want to become a General in Bitlife, first you have to join the military.
  • To join the military, you need to first complete your secondary school and then obtain a degree. For note: The subject of the degree does not matter.
  • You are going to have an edge over the others in your aim to join the military if you make a character that has smart as well as athletic stats.
  • You are able to build strength and become a good athlete by going to the gym regularly.
  • Please visit the library to read some books. This will increase smartness.
  • You need to follow those steps with dedication until you solve and complete your degree.
  • Upon obtaining your graduate degree, then you are going to be offered the choice to join the army as an officer in Bitlife.
  • You are going to find this choice in the military tab under the career option.
  • As a military officer, you need to complete all your duties and also fulfill your responsibilities during deployments.
  • In BitLife, these deployments are typically minesweeper mini-games.
  • You need to stay dedicated to your job without any distractions to become a General.
  • Just like in any other career, if you work hard enough and also give your everything, you are going to rise up the ranks and become a general.

Well, these are the steps you have to take to become a General in the game of BitLife. Keep in mind, if you work hard enough and make a character with the right stats, then you are going to get a promotion to the rank of general.

How to increase Smarts in BitLife?

Smarts is one of the key stats in BitLife. Having a high level in it can help you a lot with getting a good job. To increase your smart meter in BitLife, you need to engage in some activities that will increase the stat with varying percentages. Those activities include visiting the library, reading books, and studying hard while you are in school. Also, you may create a character that has decent smarts.

You are able to do this by making multiple characters until one has decent stats to your liking. After you unlock a character with decent stats, we suggest you do the activities below to increase your smarts in BitLife.

  • Read Books
    Reading books is the best method to increase your smarts stats by a ton. Also, you are able to raise your smarts stat to 100 by only reading books. You will be able to read many books in one go and still get a bonus from it.
  • Study Hard
    While you are in school, click the option under the school tab to study hard. Doing that will increase your stats and also will help you do better in school.
  • Library
    Visiting the library has a similar effect to reading a book in BitLife. It can increase your smarts stat by a little, however you should only visit once a year to get a bonus.

Overall, your best choice for increasing your smarts stats in BitLife would be to regularly read books supplemented with a visit to the public library once a year. Also, you are able to study hard while you are in school, but for the most part, all you need to do is read books and visit the library to raise your smart stat.

After you have decent smarts, then easily you are going to get a good corporate job and other advanced jobs. But these jobs will need extra steps such as completing a relevant degree and going to university. Fortunately, if you have high smarts, you will not have an issue getting a scholarship for a degree of your choice.

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