What is the Deco Pic App on Samsung Phone?

Many Samsung Galaxy users are surprised with the latest Samsung update that has seemingly installed an app called ‘Deco Pic’. Many users have been reporting it as bloatware. As a Samsung user, we already know that timely updates have never been Samsung’s strong suit, but things have changed over the past couple of years.

However, many Samsung users do not know yet what Deco Pic is and how it works. They are worried that the Deco Pic will disturb the performance of their phone. You shouldn’t worry, if you are looking for the information about Deco Pic, you can find the information in our post below. Here you go!

What is the Deco Pic App on Samsung Phone

What Is Deco Pic?

On Samsung phones, Deco Pic is a set of creative tools that are available for Samsung Galaxy users to make their own fun and silly pictures which they can post on social media. Deco Pic began as an extra mode for the Camera App, but a lot of customers were really unaware of its existence.

The shortcut of Deco Pic was added to your screen to simply promote the creative tools and assist you make fun photos and videos with live stickers, frames and masks. In other words, Deco Pic is Samsung’s in-house photo and video editing app which offers a variety of features including masks, live stickers and many more.

You should know that many users complain that the app requires some permissions that photo editing apps must not need. It is known that unwanted apps are a problem across the entire Android ecosystem and not just Samsung devices.

That’s why a lot of Android users prefer Google’s Pixel phones since it offers a bloat-free pure Android experience. Deco Pic in particular is an unnecessary add-on from Samsung. Even more alarming are the number of permissions that it asks, most of which are not required by apps in its category.

In fact, the app’s listing page on the Galaxy Store also acknowledges that it needs telephone permission, microphone permission, location permission, none of which are standard for photo editing apps. This will also require storage and camera permissions that are to be expected from video editing applications.

Does Deco Pic Harm Your Samsung Phone?

Even though many Samsung users do not know where the Deco Pic comes from and why it is directly installed to your Samsung Phone, Deco Pic, luckily’ will not harm your Samsung Phone, since your Samsung Phone did not install this app without your permission.

Deco Pic simply created a shortcut for an app which already was on your phone but stood hidden inside the default Camera app. More specifically, Deco Pic can be assessed from the AR Zone section inside the Camera app.

However, this is hidden behind some menus that can be accessed instantly until now. Following a quiet update from Samsung, Deco Pic now has its own dedicated shortcut. The customers who want to open their cameras in augmented reality (AR) mode can now do it without skipping a beat.

Using Deco Pic to Capture AR photos, Here’s How!

As we’ve mentioned, you can use Deco Pic to capture AR photos. What you should do is to just simply open Deco Pic. By doing this, the app will greet you with a viewfinder and a handful of AR items categories.

You can choose an aspect ratio for your AR photo, point the camera at the desired subject and begin customizing the scene using augmented reality items before capturing your shot.

In this case, Deco Pic actually has some AR categories such as masks, GIFs, stamps and frames. Aside from that, the users can look for and download/ buy AR live stickers from the Galaxy Store. You definitely can look for ‘live stickers’ and ensure that the chosen stickers are compatible with Deco Pic.

After you capture your AR photo, you will figure it in the Gallery app in which you can edit, share it and others. Deco Pic will need some permissions as part of giving the service to consumers:

    • Camera will give a graphic effect to photos or videos.
    • Audio will record sound when recording video.
    • Storage space will save the recorded pictures.

You will be required to ‘Allow’ those permissions the first time you use the app.

How to Uninstall Deco Pic?

On Deco Pic, some of the features like masks, stickers were already available as part of the default camera app in Samsung phones. However, the company has now apparently made a separate app in the belief that it would make the features easier to access for users.

Not many people, however’ are on-board with the new app. Many users on Reddit thread say that the change left them confused on whether it is malware that found its way to their device somehow.

Fortunately, it is not malware in the truest sense of the term, but since it is an unwanted app for most users, it can certainly be categorized as bloatware. Of course, there are a lot of users who have been posting about the difficulties in uninstalling Deco Pic from their devices.

Some claim that they have been able to successfully uninstall the app in developer mode, but others say that they have been able to turn off it on their devices but not uninstall it. Even though it cannot be confirmed at this point, one user on Reddit claimed that they could uninstall it using the system app manager on their devices.

Of course, it is still worth giving it a shit, so to the users who want to try that can go to the ‘Settings’, and then choose ‘Apps’ and find ‘Deco Pic’. You can then hit the three-dot menu button located at the top-right, Last, you can choose ‘Uninstall Updates’ and it will uninstall the new updates to the Deco Pic app on Samsung devices.

The point is, you should worry about Deco Pic, since it will not harm your Samsung Phone. However, if you do not want it installed on your Samsung phone, you can uninstall it by doing the ways as we have explained above.

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