What is the Best Roblox Meme Game

Roblox seems to want to surprise fans by presenting a bunch of meme games that have been favored by many players. Meme games on the Roblox platform are mostly created by a number of game creators. Meme games in Roblox are created just for fun, but packaged like a serious game.

What you will find in meme games is something weird and sometimes unthinkable by many people. It does not wonder if you often find lots of fun things, making you laugh out loud. So, if you want to get fun entertainment while playing games, of course meme games here can be your right option.

Thankfully, this post will show you a list of best meme games which are worthy to play in Roblox. What are they? Let’s see these games below!

  1. Meme Elevator

Meme Elevator

There are a bunch of elevator games that you will find in Roblox. But, the funniest and weirdest game is Meme Elevator which was created by @Buzzcarqo. This game was created on March 31, 2013 and updated on November 10, 2020. It has over 48  favorites and 3.5 million visits.

The Meme Elevator game is still in its beta, which means that it’s still incomplete and imperfect. Therefore, the developer of this game will be working hard and updating it when they can. If you play this game, you do not be weird if you lose your brain cells as this game is a mixture of a weird vision and memes.

  1. Thanoid


Second meme game is Thanoid which was inspired by the Marvel supervillain, Thanos on his portrayal in Avengers: Infinity War. This is a satirical boss fighting game which was created byRVVZ in December 2018. Thanoid has been visited by more than 10 million users.

Talking about its gameplay, this game begins where  fifty players spawn in a server against Thanoid with a sword. Thanoid in this game has one million health points, that’s such a joke, isn’t it? Thanoid can talk, send friend requests and use the abilities to throw people, flip the boats and drive his Thanos car.

If a player drive him down to 300,000 HP to 150,000 HP (estimate), Thanoid will have a chance of using his ultimate move, the snap. He stops the time and heals 50,000 HP and kills half of players in the server before starting time again. A player who successfully defeat Thanoid will get a light.

  1. Human Giraffe

Human Giraffe

Human Giraffe is involved as the weirdest game in Roblox which was created by Rdite. Well, the Human Giraffe is what  would happen if a physic experiment, a hot dog factory collided, a giraffe enclosure and fused together.

However, there’s no goal to the game other than too much in the very buggy world to see your rather phallic-looking long neck to a variety of spinning things. That’s such a weird game, isn’t it?

In this game, you will be armed with a tongue/ grapple hook to assist you get around the weird world. You will also find a PVP area and a lot of neck options that you can unlock  to make the things even weirder.

  1. T-Pose Meme

T-Pose Meme

T-Pose Meme is a single-player comedy game which was created by Mah_Bucket where a player can watch their avatar progress from performing a T-Pose to participating in a coordinated group dance with other avatars. The background music of this game is the song Death by Glamour from the video game called Undertale.

This game was created on August 24, 2019 and updated on September 24, 2020. It also has 14 favorites and 843 visits. This game’s like to dislike ratio is 64K – 8K which gives it an 88% rating. Each game server holds one player.

  1. Survival the Peppa Pig

Survival the Peppa Pig

Another meme game which has become popular in Roblox is Survival the Peppa Pig. This game was created by REG games. However, this is a pretty simple game where the players simply do not need to get killed by the villain of the piece. Well, the villain here is Peppa Pig, who is not happy about something.

Her sole aim is to stab everyone to death with her knife. Which makes this game so weird is from her constant squealing that is very unnerving. This game is so buggy as hell, however, it’s playable enough, although you don’t drop any Robux on any items until this game is cleaned up.

  1. Kitchen Gun

Kitchen Gun

Kitchen Gun is a Roblox meme game which was created by Inkthristy with the comedy genre. This game was created in May 2020 and already  has more than 16 million visits. This game is a recreation of the popular meme commercial ‘kitchen gun’ by BBC. Inkthirsty was helped by SquarePapyrus12 to make a few scripts for the game.

  1. Dancing Parrots

Dancing Parrots is a comedy game which was created by Radalkcor. However, we think that this is not a game as after launching you cannot do anything other than sit back, listen and watch the parrots dance. That’s it, but the music is very catchy though. So, Dancing parrots is such a worthy game to play.

  1. Survive Elmo

This meme game is for all the Sesame Street fans out there. This game was created by Patricksuper10. The aim of this game is to not be killed by Elmo who is absolutely mifted.

Following the in-game music, Elmo is pissed as he’s lost his goldfish and his crayon and he wants your blood at all. With a vast array of weapons at your disposal, you certainly  can damage various Elmos to smithereens.

  1. Eg-testing

This weird game is for you who dream of playing a game as a drunk egg with a fetish for bizarre hats. If so, you must check out eg-testing by Nimblz. The premise seems to collect coins to purchase new decorations for your egg character whilst exploring the rather nice landscape.

Okay, that’s a list of best meme games that you can find and play for fun in Roblox. We think that you will be entertained with very weird aims for each game above.

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