What is the Area of this Figure? Select from the Drop-down Menu to Correctly Complete the Statement. The Area of the Figure is Choose… Cm².

You may come to this place to find out the answer to this question; What is the area of this figure? Select from the drop down menu to complete the statement correctly. The area of the figure is choose… cm². Well, on this page, let us discover that answer. In this page we are also going to share some information about the area.

Question: What is the Area of this Figure? Select from the Drop down Menu to Correctly Complete the Statement. The Area of this Figure is Choose… Cm².

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What is the Area?

Area will tell you the size of a figure or shape. Area tells you the size of rectangles, squares, circles, triangles, other polygons, or any enclosed figure. In the real world, area tells you the size of pieces of paper, rooms in houses, computer screens, baseball fields, cities, towns, countries, and so on. Knowing the area is very crucial. For example, when you need a carpet to a room in your home. Knowing the area of the room will be able to help you to ensure that the carpet you buy is big enough without having too much left over.

Explanation of the Area of Circle Formula

You are able to take a circle and divide it into equally sized sectors. Then, notice how, when the sectors become smaller, the shape becomes more like a rectangle. By assuming, you are able to know that the circumference of a circle is equal to 2πr. You will be able to add dimensions to the rectangle. By using the area of a rectangle area formula, area = width x height, you are able to see how your circle, re-configured as a rectangle, can be displayed to have an area which approximates to πr x r or πr2

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