What is the Area of this Figure? 49.5 in² 66.5 in² 84 in² 91 in²

You may come to this site and read this article because you are looking for the answer for this question: What is the Area of this Figure? 49.5 in² 66.5 in² 84 in² 91 in². I tried to find the answer for this question, and now let’s see what I found.

The Answer Key for What is the Area of this Figure? 49.5 in² 66.5 in² 84 in² 91 in²

If you access Brainly, you will be able to find this question: What is the Area of this Figure? 49.5 in² 66.5 in² 84 in² 91 in². On that site, you will see that there are two users who answer it and the answer is 91 in2. The user named agaue gives you the steps to answer this question as you are able to see below.

The given figure can be divided in two parts 1) Square with side 7 in 2) A right triangle with base 12 in and height 7 in.

What is the Area of this Figure 49.5 in² 66.5 in² 84 in² 91 in²

1) Area of square = side2
Side of the square is 7 in.
Area = 72 = 49 in2

2) Area of triangle = 1/2.base.height
Area of triangle = 1/2 (12)(7) = 42 in2
Area of polygon= Area of square + Area of triangle
Area of polygon = 49+42 =91 square in.
Area = 91 in2
If you need more explanation, you are able to ask your teacher so that you can understand it overall.

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How to Study Math

Well, after you see and learn the questions and answer keys above, you may need some tips about how to study math. As explained on the Eurekly site, here are tips to study math for students.

    • You need to practice a lot. Math is a skill which will develop only if you practice again and again. So, you are able to use your spare time to practice equations, exercises and basic arithmetic.
    • Reviewing your mistakes is a must. As you know, mathematics is all about problem-solving. So,if you want to be able to solve the problems, you need to apply different solutions until you find the correct one. Let’s say that you get the wrong answer. If so, you must review your process and find the mistakes. If you understand where you went wrong, it will be able to strengthen your skills and avoid making the same mistakes.
    • You have to make sure that you focus on concepts, not processes. You must know that math is a sequential subject where you need to understand one problem thoroughly before you move onto the next. Let’s say that you only know the process of an equation. If so, you will find it harder to understand where it fits into solutions for different problems in the future.

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