What is Securus VRE?

Thanks to Securus Technology, you and your loved one in prison will be able to stay-connected. Today, you can schedule a video calling with your loved one in prison through the Securus Video Connect system. To make a video call with him/her, you can do it via your smartphone.

You may wonder how Securus works, as this innovative technology seems to bridge people outside with inmates in prison to get in touch through digital access. To use this technology, it’s better for you to learn more about it through our post below!

What Is Securus VRE?

What is Securus VRE

Securus Technology provides a great communication system with a fully web-based. This system allows your family, friends, attorney and also public officials to stay-connected through Securus communication services.

To access the Securus, people will need internet access via tablet, PC and also smartphone. This innovative communication tool also provides the family and friends a limited chance to connect with a loved one to share their special moments.

The Securus system is only one communication tool that every incarcerated individual may  not feel on other tools, as it keeps them to stay-connected with family at home. Through the Video Connect  System, the inmates will be able to participate in various celebrations such as birthdays, watching cartoons with their kids, homework and even opening presents on Christmas.

According to some studies, a link between individuals incarcerated who maintain the relationships with their loved ones will reduce recidivism. That’s the aim of the Securus where the system wants to give all inmates another chance to bond with their family to complement traditional in person visits.

How Does Securus Work?

Securus Technology provides the most used communication tool. This system helps people to easily communicate with incarcerated individuals to stay-connected. Securus Technology does not only provide the Video Connect System, but also phone service, both calls and voicemail.

The point is, the Securus Technology gives the solution to enhance the relationship between individuals in prison with their family at home. Aside from that, this system also increases the efficiency and security of your operations.

In addition to delivering some communication services for incarcerated individuals, Securus Technology also provides leading-information management products. It actually serves correctional agencies to improve operational efficiencies, to increase safety and security of the facility and also to reduce administrative burden on staff.

The Securus Technology serves some services from an interactive voice response system (fpr facility and incarcerated individuals) to jail management and electronic medical records system. Certainly, the Securus information management actually provides unmatchable benefits.

The most comprehensive Managed Access Solution is one of the essential services that Securus Technology also offers to you. It aims to satisfy your cellphone prevention requirements. You can discover their proven Wireless Containment Solution Wireless Containment Solutions (WCS). The system actually provides game-changing technology in order to protect your  officers, incarcerated individuals and community from the growing threat of contraband mobile phones.

What Are Features Available in Securus Technology?

There are a number of features that are available in Securus Technology. For the communication tools, Securus Technology provides some communication solutions, including:

    1. Telephone Services

Securus Technology provides powerful technology called NextGen SCP that is  intuitive, accessible and also easy-to-use. They also provide you with a central system which empowers law enforcement and corrections to prevent and resolve crime.

The NextGen SCP system will automate operations that allow your staff to focus on their primary duties. The system provides a number of upgrade services, including:

    • New Platform: It will consolidate all inmates communication services such as messaging, calls and video communication.
    • New Technology: It will integrate new backend technologies which can increases the speed of data
    • Better Experience: It will enjoy an effortless and faster system that results in saving your time and money.

Here are some NextGen SCP’s features:

    • Contact Profile
    • Advanced Note System
    • Remote Access
    • Single multi-product access
    • Dashboard
    • Inmates Activity Stream
    • Covert Alerts
    • Live Monitoring
    • PREA system
    • Advanced Note System
    1. Securus Messaging

Securus Messaging service actually offers a fully digital that allows people outside to send a digital message with the option to inmates. Of course, all messages through the Securus Messaging Service will be analyzed, reviewed and then released to the intended party, if the message has been approved.

    1. Securus Video Connect

Securus Video Connect allows the incarcerated individuals to stay-connected with their family at home through a video session. To use the Video Connect, the users should schedule their video session first. This system really offers you an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to schedule sessions from any mobile device or PC that is connected to the internet.

To schedule a video session, the users should first submit user information electronically and a photo ID. After that, your staff will have full control over who is allowed to schedule a session. They will give you the ability to restrict users based on behavioral issues.

    1. Securus Outbound Voicemail

This Securus system provides a chance for inmates to leave a message for their families when their calls are not answered. This communication service remains secure within the Securus System with all facility security policies.

After inmates leave a voicemail, a text message that contains a link will be sent to the dialed number. Your inmates can only click on the link. Then, it’s sent to a web form to listen to the message. For more information, the Securus Outbound Voicemail will be available to buy for 30 days once recording with unlimited listening for 30 days after purchase.

    1. Securus Lobby Kiosk

The Securus Lobby Kiosk actually provides the visitors to fund prepaid calling accounts or to make a trust account deposit by cash or debit/credit cards. The Securus lobby kiosk really makes some transactions easier, with a sophisticated touchscreen interface and ability. There’s no cost for installation and also maintenance.

    1. Digital Mail Center

Securus Technology also provides the system to increase safety, security and efficiency with mail processing solutions. With their digital mail service, your physical mail will be processed by forwarding all inmates’ mail to a Securus-managed address in which it’s delivered to their processing facility.

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