What is OpenAL? Should It Removed from Your Computer?

OpenAL or Open Audio Library is known as a cross-platform API or Application Programming Interface. Just like OpenGL, OpenAL is dedicated to showing multichannel three-dimensional position audio, which explains why sometimes OpenAL programs are embedded in your PC.

OpenAL is needed, especially when you want to play some games. With this kind of thing, you are able to have a great time with a more great game with perfect sound effects. Keep in mind that some audio applications require OpenAL on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

At the very start, OpenAL was developed by Loki software with the aim of transplanting Windows commercial games to Linux. After parting with Loki software, this program is kept by Freeware. Now, it is time for Creative Technology to take control of OpenAL software. It has made great progress since managed by Creative Technology.


Despite not being the main program, OpenAL is usually used by a few computer experts in order to take advantage of the simulated arrangement, Doppler effect, and material solidity it provides for games or audio software. The issue is that some people may not need OpenAL or you are worried about the safety of it on your PC.

Should you remove the OpenAL from your computer? Some people may think that OpenAL software on your computer is useless, but in fact, just as you have been prompted, it is important for some particular applications. For example, in a few games, this one offers you 3D realism. In this case, it is better for you to not uninstall OpenAL.exe from your PC. By default, this program gives you benefits rather than a virus, so there are no negative effects if you keep OpenAL on your computer. Even though OpenAL comes to you with the audio card or the sound card, it is safe if you want to remove it on Windows 10.

In conclusion, you can uninstall the OpenAL. Basically, whether you should remove it or not, everything depends completely on you. For those who find themselves never have used this OpenAL program and will not use it from time to time, feel free to try to delete it from Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, especially when there is OpenAL high CPU or memory or any other errors related to OpenAL on your computer. However, if you have to make use of this software in games or audio applications, you are recommended to leave it alone. Removing it is not encouraged as there will be issues without the OpenAL. After deciding to leave it on your computer, there is much need for you to get the idea about how to download or update OpenAL drivers for Windows 10.

OpenAL usually will not take too much CPU or memory on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. For gamers, this program is considered as a game component which is able to be thrown when playing games, like NFS, Running with Rifles, Jedi Knight II, and so on. You can notice the existence of OpenAL until one day a player got a new graphics card installed on your computer. You then observed that there is a program called OpenAL installed.

For those who think OpenAL is important but have not installed it yet on your computer, here is the way to download it on Windows 10 to make full use of its cross-platform 3D audio effect. This software works amazingly in games as well as audio devices. On top of that, downloading OpenAL can also solve the OpenAL32.dll missing problem.

Getting an OpenAL on your computer is really easy. The first thing that you need to do is to navigate to the OpenAL site and all the available OpenAL downloads will be available for you. then, hit the Download button and you are able to get the OpenAL core SDK and the OpenAL Windows installer. Those are the most important parts for installing OpenAL on your computer.

There is an alternative method to download and update the OpenAL easily and quickly. There is the Drive Booster to help you. This one is really helpful to scan all the outdated and missing game components such as Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable and OpenAL files, and then update them by just a click. First of all, you will have to download, install,and run Driver Booster on Windows 10. When it is downloaded. Click Scan. Doing so will make the Driver Booster scan your computer in order to find if there is an OpenAL or if it is outdated. The next thing that should be done is to find the OpenAL item and click the Update button. After that, you can clearly see the OpenAL program is downloaded and installed. You may also be interested to try it in games or in audio software.

In case you noticed that your OpenAL cannot work properly as it used to, it may indicate that you need to get a new OpenALd driver for the software 3D audio. Rapture3D is said to be the driver for OpenAL. You are able to get it simply online. With the help of this tool, OpenAL is able to provide 3D headphone surround service for you. In some cases, the Rapture3D is included automatically and for the other games, you have to modify the config file so as to activate this Rapture3D player in OpenAL. Everyone hopes that the updated Rapture3D OpenAL driver is able to bring you the high performance of games.

Just like any other programs, the software named OpenAL has some pros and cons. Feel free to remove or keep the program. If you are still not sure whether to remove or to keep it, you are able to visit the community to get better knowledge about OpenAL. Take your time to make a decision. While thinking about it, please consider the safety of your computer as well as the effects that may occur when you take an action.