What Happens When You Leave the Island for 10 Years in ACNH

Since the time travel cheat has rapidly been popular in Animal Crossing, many players finally took an experiment to time travel to know what will happen to their island when they leave it for 10 years or more. Because of time travel cheat, you can speed through days and let you get through the game faster.

So, it does not wonder if a lot of Animal Crossing players finally took a time travel experiment. If you have not taken this experiment yet, you may also wonder what will happen to your island when you leave it at 10 years old. Well, to know the situation of your island, do you need to take this time travel experiment?

What Happens When You Leave the Island for 10 Years in ACNH

Here’s What Will Happen When You Leave Your Island for 10 Years!

If you do not want to take the time travel experiment to know what will happen to your island when you leave it for 10 years or more, no worries, you can get some references that show the condition of an island when left for 10 years.

    1. Surprised reaction from the villager

In fact, there are some Animal Crossing content creators who have shared their island when they leave it for 10 years. One of them is from the Nintendo Unity YouTube Channel that posted a video entitled ‘What Happens When You Leave the Island for 10 Years in Animal Crossing: New Horizons’.

Surprised reaction from the villager

The video shows a player who left his island for 10 years, then he came back again. His island is now in 2020, then he took a time travel experiment for 10 years later in 2030. After he comes back to his island, the first thing that he does is to get in touch with his villagers. The video shows that he interacts with each villager.

His villagers react very surprised by his return. Canberra, his villager said that they heard weird rumours, like a shark attack or an alien abduction or that you’d joined an alien-shark circus. He then goes to other villagers and sees their reaction to his return.

He then visits Isabelle, but there’s no reaction from Isabelle. Afterwards, he goes to other villagers that he has not visited yet. Surprisingly, most villagers are so shocked by his return and they are very worried about him.

Then, he goes back to the Resident Services Center to meet Tom Nook. But, he does not react with his arrival. He then meets Timmy and Tommy at Nook’s Cranny, Blathers and also Orville, but there’s also no surprising reaction from them.

The point is, most villagers are very surprised with his arrival after leaving the island for 10 years. However, the NPCs do not show any reactions with his arrival. Well, if you want to know the reaction of each villager and each NPC in Animal Crossing after you leave your island after 10 years, you can watch the Nintendo Unity video here.

    1. Overgrowth of weeds on your island

Some blogs explain that if you leave your island for 10 years, the most troublesome side effect without supervision is overgrowth of weeds. That’s because every day more weeds are going to spawn across the grass and paths of your islands. Finally, the weeds’ overgrowth affects its overall star rating.

In fact, Animal Crossing New Horizons islands will have regular events that are held at 6 A.M each day including the spawning of weeds, the arrival of traveling vendors, shuffling of Bell rocks and also the inventory rotation at available stores.

So, when the island is left for more than one year, it will continue to experience those programmed events and suffer from others. To bring back your heaven to your island, you may need to remove the weeds, though it can be time consuming for you. However, you can sell the items that you have collected from the cleanup for Leif whenever he spawns next.

Moreover, clearing out those weeds will also restore the five star rating of any island that had achieved it prior to the overgrowth.

    1. Uncontrollable Bugs Arrival

When you have left his islands for more than one year, the bugs will spawn unrestricted to the outdoors. You will get notification with a short cutscene where bugs will scurry across your room that causes you to react with a ‘!’ over their head.

It’s important to note, the roaches cannot be caught, because you cannot use a net indoors. For the result, the bugs can only be cleared out by being crushed underfoot. You should know that the roaches will be quick and move erratically, which makes it pretty hard for you to kill their unwanted tenants quickly.

The bugs will likely have conquered your every room, it would be better for you to spend some time in your home to make sure all bugs have been killed.

Well, those are what will happen to you when you leave your island over a year. Sure, your island is not the only thing which falls apart after a long absence. Well, your villagers will also react to a player’s prolonged disappearance in different ways.

Despite a lot of lackage which accompany returning to an abandoned Animal Crossing island, removing up and restoring relations with some of the villagers will be a fulfilling pastime.

Tips and Tricks When Taking Time Travel in Animal Crossing

Whether you can time travel or not is all about your decision. However, if you want to do it, make sure you follow some tips and tricks below!

    • Make sure to not time travel with turnips available at your home, as they will go bad. Your turnips will spoil automatically after 1 weeks before Sunday and before messing with time.
    • Perform large time travel jumps early in the game, due to you having fewer villagers to risk and fewer rooms in your house, it means

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