What Happened to Jun After Halo Reach

Jun is a character in Halo games where he is a Spartan-III commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. You may wonder about what happened to this character after Halo Reach. Let’s find out about him here.

Jun After Halo Reach

For me, it is not easy to find the information about what happened to Jun after Halo Reach. On Reddit, there is a user who asks about it as well. The user wrote that at the end of Reach, that he just rewatched, Jun was ordered to escort Halsey. The user has not heard anything about what has happened to Jun after that since Halsey is still alive and kicking (Halo 4, 5). Then, the user asks whether Jun is alive or has a super mega swaggtacular return in Halo 6.

What Happened to Jun After Halo Reach

Then another user named Twenty20SE answered that Jun worked as a recruiter for the Spartan IV program, and this user is not sure about currently within the canon. Another user named eclaireN7 said that as of March 2558, Jun is the acting Chief of Staff of the Spartan Operations branch. That is the latest known information on him that this user believes. There is also a user named laggyteabag which said that Jun survived Reach, though the circumstances around his escape are unknown. Furthermore, this user wrote on Reddit that the last time we saw Jun, Jun was working as a recruiter for the Spartan IV program. Jun is not on active duty anymore, so this user did not expect to see their Favorite Spartan III marksman anytime soon.

There is also a user on Reddit who wrote that Jun works as a trainer for the Spartan-4’s and you can read Halo: New Blood for some details on it.

On Halopedia, it is explained that following the end of the Covenant War, Jun was chosen to lead the development of the Spartan-IV program, alongside Commander Musa-096. Technically, Jun was retiring from active service and becoming a civilian. He served as the Spartan-IV program’s head recruiter. On that site, it is also explained that in January 2553, he met ODST Lance Corporal Sarah Palmer aboard Lockhart medical station. Then, he recruited her into the first class of Spartan-IVs. In February, Jun went to the colony of Sundown in a shuttle to offer Edward Buck a place in the first class of Spartan-IVs. However, Buck declined the offer because he felt that he may need to abandon his team and his girlfriend, ONI Captain Veronica Dare. Buch was the first prospect to refuse an offer from June and the only person to do it within the first class of Spartans.

On Youtube, there is a video entitled What Happened to Jun After Halo: Reach which was uploaded by HiddenXperia. The length of the video is 7 minutes 54 seconds and it has been watched more than 303k times. So, you may watch this video to know what happened to Jun after Halo: Reach.

Well, that’s the information that I got about Jun. I am sorry if this information does not help you. If you still want to know the other information about what happened to Jun after Halo: Reach, you can read the other sources or visit forums.

Things to Know About Jun

Things to Know About Jun

According to Halopedia, here is the explanation about Jun. Jun-A266 is a Spartan-III supersoldier and acting Chief of staff of Spartan Operations. He was trained as part of Alpha Company in the SPARTAN-III program. Because of that, his talent as a marksman and combatant could differentiate him from the rest of Alpha Company. After training, he became the leader of a Headhunter team where he served a number of engagements throughout the Human-Covenant War against both human insurrectionist and Covenant forces.

The incredible skill that he has made him to be transferred to Special Warfare Group Three of the UNSC Army. There, he served on NOBLE Team with the call sign Noble Three where he served as the fireteam’s marksman. He then became the last survivor of the NOBLE Team with the Fall of Reach in summer 2552. Because the Covenant War in 2553 ended, Jun had been the head recruiter and a trainer for the Spartan branch and the acting Chief of Staff as of 2558.

Jun’s Sklls and Abilities

Jun is an expert marksman and a seasoned warrior. So, he is widely recognized across the United Nations Space Command as one of the most talented snipers alive. He has since retired from active service and seldom has the chance to use his skills in the field. Nevertheless, he remains a deadly combatant who is more than capable of holding his own, even alongside MJOLNIR-clad Spartan-IVs.

He is a child who conscripted into Alpha Company of the SPARTAN-III program. So, he proved himself to be a skilled marksman and seasoned scout. After his augmentations, he was one of the greatest assets in Alpha Company. It is because his skill as a sniper made him able to bring out operations directly under the authority of the Office of Naval Intelligence. His main Military Occupational Specialty is listed as 180B.

Jun is talented with long-range combat. So, he is considered to be one of the recognized masters of the SRS99-AM sniper rifle in the UNSC. Because he has the dedicated skills that he brings to the task of serving as a fireteam’s marksman, he can remain still for long periods of time.

As a civilian, he does not hold back from combat when there is the need to fight a threat. When the New Colonial Alliance boarded UNSC Infinity in 2553, Jun helped in combating the insurrectionists and retaking the ship even though he was not armored.

Then, in 2554, when Spartan-IV trainee Rudolf Schein defected to the United Rebel Front and tried to take the whole space station hostage while using an explosive bandoleer, he charged at the Spartan and it involved him in combat hand to hand. Finally, they were thrown into the vacuum of space, even though Jun managed to use Schein to push himself back to the station so that it enabled him to be rescued in time.