What Gives You the Most XP in Fortnite?

As we know that XP is a kind of progression in the game of Fortnite. Get enough XP and you are going to level up, which each level earns you Battle Stars. Fortnite XP is also used to unlock additional styles for certain skins like Drift and Ragnarok. Well, in this page we are going to discuss the ways to get XP and what gives you the most XP.

What gives you the most XP in the game of Fortnite?

So, what gives you the most XP in Fortnite; Chapter 2? You have to know that the Quests have replaced challenges and can earn you a fairly decent amount of XP in Fortnite. On the Play tab you are able to View Quests and see what challenges need completing.

What Gives You the Most XP in Fortnite

You are going to earn anything from 1,000 to 50,000 XP depending on the difficulty of what you are tasked with doing. For your information, Limited Time Daily Quests can earn you 10,000 XP very quickly, while the weekly challenges which take longer can earn you massive amounts of XP.

Based on the research, Limited-Time Missions replace Daily Challenges. They last for a week with a new challenge every day. The rewards you get are the following:

  • 10 Battle Pass Stars

500 XP

Weekly Loading Screen

  • 10 Battle Pass Stars

1,000 XP

  • 10 Battle Pass Stars

2,000 XP

In total, there are 30 Battle Pass Stars, 3,500 XP, and a Weekly Loading Screen. For note: The set of Limited Time Missions are different every week, with the new challenges revolving around the theme.

Other ways to get XP in the game of Fortnite

Here are some ways to get XP in Fortnite quickly:

Last longer in the matches

Last longer in the matches

Remember that the longer you last in a match, so the more XP you will earn. Of course, you will want to at least last until the first circle arrives, so going in spicy and dropping straight into Tilted Towers is not always easy. Even though the Fortnite meta prefers both building and being aggressive, evading other players while collecting loot until you are in the late game is a legal strategy which can make you be the winner of the game, especially if you are a newcomer.

Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges

Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenges are a good method of leveling up the Battle Pass Tiers. It gives you the ability to unlock. They are going to give you 5,000 XP once you complete four of a given week’s Challenges. While Daily Challenges are more XP focused. They are going to you 500 XP per completed challenge. You only can do one Daily Challenge per day, but with 70 days worth of Challenges available in a Fortnite season, meaning that you have an opportunity to get 35,000 bonus XP.

Play with your Friends

Playing with your friends will give you more XP because you have the Battle Pass purchased. Having a full squad and the multiplier will provide you a real boost. Another advantage of playing Among Us game with your friends is you will be able to play better together and survive longer. Therefore, it will be able to improve your XP earned at the end of a match. Now, the new Season is come. You are able to check out Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass skins, Victory Umbrella, new Fortnite map, and where to discover the Razor Crest location. Besides, you are also able to find some new features in this season such as bounties and the chance to get gold bars.

Purchase the Battle Pass

If you really want to get XP in Fortnite, then buy the current season’s Battle Pass as soon as it is available. Instantly you are going to get XP multipliers for playing alone or with friends, improving your earnings for any matches you play. The more you level up, so the higher the multiplier will go.

If you get Tier 96, you will be able to get an additional 120 percent personal XP boost, and 120 percent for a friend XP boost, making it the most good method to get XP. Also, the Battle Pass gives you regular amounts of XP for reaching certain Tiers.

Vendor Challenges

Apparently, Fortnite has a group of NPCs guarding the island from an unprecedented threat. Even though their motives are not yet known, but one thing which is obvious is that they are able to be a good method to get XP in Fortnite. Every time gamers visit them, those Vendors are going to have a set of fairly random and easy challenges which give the players a small reward (gold) alongside some Fortnite XP. Even those vendor challenges are going to restock every few hours and keep rotating. Thus, you will be able to come back for more and farm those experience points.

Play game during a Double XP event

occasionally Fortnite does Double XP events, where all match XP is doubled. Of course, this is very rare. Fortnite Season 4 had an event that was announced a few days in advance towards the latter end of the season, however if you can be around for it, and get a few Battle Pass-owning friends to play with you, then it is a good way to get a fast experience.

Explore the Island

Explore the Island1

To get Fortnite XP in, you are also able to explore the Island and discover POIs. It will grant you 8,000 XP a pop. Therefore, exploring the Island is also one of good ways to rank up quickly in a match.

Secret Rare Quests

We get information that there are 47 quests which you are able to complete during Fortnite season. What was known called Punch Cards during the past few seasons in Fortnite will be replaced with those quests. Probably, these secret rare quests are not necessarily the most demanding challenges, however it will take a lot of time. The completion of all 47 quests are going to make the players get a grand total of 3,525,000 XP.

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