What Games Have Roblox Voice Chat

Playing games on Roblox must be exciting and it could be more exciting with the service called voice chat. As most of Roblox games can be played with your friends or the other games, communication is important and to communicate, voice chat is the best option.

What are the Roblox games that have voice chat? According to the popular Youtuber called Flamingo, the Roblox game that actually added voice chat is called Roblox VC by RobloxVC_Official. This one was created on April 10, 2020.

In the description, it is stated that everyone who plays the game will help the team to test the new voice chatting technology on Roblox. Furthermore, the test is limited to the Windows 10, Android, and iOS versions of Roblox. It is the exclusive early preview that is brought to you by tubers93: (Unve rified, Harkinian, Xfunnieuss, and Cook).

On the game, the voice will be recorded and when the process of recording is done, it will be uploaded. It is like the voice note on something like WhatsApp. In the end, the other players who play the same game will be able to hear the voice.

What Games Have Roblox Voice Chat

Roblox always offers something new so that people can have a great time spending their time on this platform. One of the innovations is the voice chat. The first thing that they do is inviting a few trusted developers to explore the way to integrate the audio that is based in proximity into Roblox. To do that, a special feature called Spatial Voice is opened. With this, the chief product officer of Roblox named Manuel Brostein said in a blog post that Roblox creators will start to test developing experiences where conversations are able to happen in a realistic way, mirroring how everyone listens and responds to the world each day. From the description, it seems like this feature will try to reflect the way voices carry in the real world and need you to be close proximity to another player to talk to them.

With the existence of voice chat, a lot of people have voiced their concerns about how the company will control the conversations due to the risk of inappropriate contents, which are clearly not good especially for the kids. However, according to TechCrunch, Roblox plants to release the feature slowly. At first, they will give access to 5,000 developers and all of them will be 13 or older. In an interview, Brostein said that it is possible for the company to never give access to kids. He said that Roblox wants to take it slowly and they want to learn as they go through it. He added that they may start with the developers and then may go to an audience that is above 13 years old and then stop for a while to understand everything before opening it again to a younger audience.

When talking about the moderation, Brostein said that Roblox will allow the users to self report issues. He said that the community will be able to self regulate and flag the one that does not follow the rules and it is possible for that one to be removed from the platform or lose the privileges to speak. While it could be a useful tool to get rid of the bad people, the ones who report it could have a heavy shoulder.

The same media reported that Roblox is also planning a voice chat experience that will allow the users to chat with their friends when they are in Roblox. This thing is similar to when they are hanging out with their friends on Discord. With it, they are able to play different games but hang out in the same voice channel.

Roblox has apparently acquired the chat platform known as Guilded in August and the voice chat has something to do with this acquisition. According to TechCrunch, Guilded will lay the groundwork for the voice feature that has been included as plan by Roblox, even though the plan was there even before the acquisition.

The arrival of voice chat could strengthen the name of Roblox and it could even become a popular place to hang out. Before Roblox, the voice chat feature has always become so popular in the other popular games. If you are interested in communicating with the real voice while playing the games with the other players, you might want to play the multiplayer games with the chat voice. The list of these games includes Modern Combat 5, PUBG MOBILE, LifeAfter: Night falls, Mobile legends, Spaceteam, Ludo King, Hago, Garena Free Fire, and RULES OF SURVIVAL.

Modern Combat refers to a popular shooter that has a multiplayer mode. In the game, the player has to battle against rivals from all over the world. As a player, you are able to make or join a squad to join the daily challenges and weekly contests. The plot of it takes place in an apocalyptic world when you have to save the world and try to not die when trying to save it. The game itself is the kind of the one that is possible to customize. You will get fun adjusting the playstyle, choosing the class of your character and developing the equipment.

As one of the games with multiplayer mode, you are able to take part in FPS battles and competitions, join a squad to fight another squad or try a mode that gives you a chance to survive in a fight with about 70 other users. What makes it more interesting is the fact it has a voice chat that makes it possible for you to communicate with everyone in your squad and discuss about the upcoming strategy. In the game, you are also able to level up your characters by participating in solo missions and collecting the XP. When you are advancing in the game, you will be able to start collecting the advanced guns and some other equipment. Another thing that makes it one of the best games is the HQ graphics.