What Does Error Code 103 Mean in Roblox

When you try to play games and then you find that there is an issue which prevents you from playing the game, you may be disappointed. One of the issues is that when you play games in Roblox on your Xbox One, you may find error code 103. You may want to know the meaning of this issue and how to fix this error. Let’s find the information about this error here.

 ‘Content From Other People’ Is Not Permitted

If you find this error with a child account, it can be because of a privacy setting enforced on the parent account so that it ends up blocking content that is created by other community members. For your information, it is an important feature on Roblox which is needed when trying to join other worlds.

What Does Error Code 103 Mean in Roblox

If this is the cause of the issue, then you can fix it by accessing the privacy settings of your Child account from your parent account and then enable the ‘See content other people make’ feature as you can see from the steps below.

    • First, you have to sign in on your Parent account and then access the My Apps & Games from the main dashboard menu. You have to do it on your Xbox One console.
    • From the My Apps and Games menu, you have to access the Settings menu.
    • When you are in the Settings menu, you have to scroll down to the Family tab and choose the Child account that you are facing the issue on.
    • After you are in the Settings menu of the Child account, you have to select the Custom template under Privacy to begin editing the custom Privacy preferences.
    • Now, you must scroll cycle through the carousel privacy menu. And then, you must access the entry associated with ‘See content other people make’.
    • In the next menu, you have to change the status of the ‘See content other people make’ privacy policy to Allow and then save the changes.
    • At last, you are able to restart your Xbox One console and then sign in with your Child account.

Date Of Birth Restrictions

Error code 103 which appears when you launch Roblox from an Xbox One can happen because of a Date Of Birth (DOB) issue. There are a lot of users who reported that Xbox has an additional layer of privacy settings that may prevent child accounts from being accessed without the important permissions. It seems that Xbox One has a tendency to have an issue with PC-created accounts. Usually it happens to an account whose date of birth is under 13 years old. So, to fix this, you are able to create a new account with Roblox and make sure that you enter a date of birth of over 18 years if your age is over 18. And, you have to sign in with your Xbox One console.

    • First, you have to access Roblox.
    • Then, you have to click on the Sign Up button in the top right section of the screen.
    • In the credential window, then you have to choose your birthday. Once again, make sure that you are over 18 years old. It will ensure that the extra security layer on Xbox One is not available.
    • Now, you have to complete the rest of the needed information and then hit the Sign Up button to create the account. After that, you have to follow the steps on the screen to verify your newly created account.
    • After the new account has been created, now you can go back to your Xbox and click on Sign in as your Roblox account.
    • You can try to join a game and see whether it works or not.

Firmware Glitch

Error code 103 can also happen because of some temporary file corruption that is currently being saved in the temp folder. To fix this, you are able to perform a power cycling procedure. It is important for you to note that it also will end up clearing the power capacitors which may fix an issue which is caused by glitched firmware.

How to perform a power cycling procedure on your Xbox One?

    • First, you are able to ensure that your console is fully booted and in idle mode, not in hibernation mode.
    • Then, you have to press the Xbox button on your console and you have to keep it pressed for about 15 seconds. Or, you can do that until the front LED turns off and you hear the fans turning off.
    • If you find that your console is fully powered off, now you have to wait for at least 1 full minute before you turn it back on. When you are waiting, you are able to disconnect the power cable from the power outlet which is currently connected to ensure that the power capacitors are cleared.
    • After that, you have to turn your console back on by pressing the power button on your console. Then, you have to wait for the next startup to complete. If there is a longer startup animation, the meaning is that the power cycling procedure was successful to do.
    • Now, after the next console startup is complete, you have to open Roblox and then try to join a multiplayer game. Here, you have to see whether the issue is fixed or not.

Bad Installation

This error code 103 can also happen because of a bad installation. So, some types of game data are corrupted. To fix this, you are able to reinstall Roblox.

    • First, you have to press the Xbox One console to open your guide menu. After that, you have to use it to access the My Games & Apps menu.
    • When you are inside the Game & Apps menu, you have to scroll down through the list of installed applications and games and then you must find Roblox.
    • After choosing Roblox, you have to press the Start button and then choose Manage Game from the newly appeared context menu.
    • In the next pane, you have to use the menu on the right to choose Uninstall All.
    • After the process of uninstallation is done, you can reboot your console and wait for the next startup to complete.
    • Now, you can access your digital library or insert the physical media, reinstall Roblox and open the game.

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