What Does CNP Mean in Roblox

When you are playing games in Roblox and then you may chat with other players, there may be some terms or certain words that you do not understand. Well, usually in a game world, there are some certain terms and you need to know the meaning of it so that you will not misunderstand. One of the terms that you may find is CNP. What is the meaning of this abbreviation? Here, you will find the answer together with the other words or terms in Roblox.

The Meaning of CNP in Roblox

According to Roblox wiki, CNP or Copy Paste or Copy and Paste or Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V or C&P is a derogatory term which is used to describe a specific aesthetic trend of female avatars heavily influenced by contemporary hip-hop, emo, and e-girl or boy culture. The term itself is taken from two or more avatars which adhere to this trend to appear almost indistinguishable from one another, as if they were copied. This term is a slang which is exclusive to Roblox.

What Does CNP Mean in RobloxWhat Does CNP Mean in Roblox1

There are still more terms in Roblox and you may want to know to avoid misunderstanding. You are able to read the ther terms below.

The Other Slang Exclusive to Roblox and Their Meanings

Besides CNP, there are other slang exclusive to Roblox. You are able to see them along with their meanings in the list below according to Roblox Wiki.

    • .

This single dot or period is able to be used to express disapproval, disappointment, shock to the point of one being speechless, irritation, and/or a negative feeling of confusion or confused surprise. Sometimes, this single dot is used to hide previous speech by saying it 3 times.

    • A/C

This term means accept/ counter. Usually, this term is used in trading to request that someone accepts or counters the trade or to tell someone that they will.

    • A/D

This term means accept/decline. It is the same as agree/disagree and yes/no. This is a trading term which is usually used by one asking others if they should accept or decline a trade.

    • BA

This term means Bad Alien. This term was popular to use during TNL Twitch live streams since a Roblox administrator accidentally called Alan (JacksSmirkingRevenge) ‘Alien’.

    • Banned forever

This term means termination of a Roblox account. This phrase was popularized by Roblox Youtuber named Faave.

    • BB

This abbreviation means Brickbattle.

    • Beamed

Have you heard of this term? It refers to limited items which are stolen from an account.

    • Bloxxed

This term means that if a player has been killed or defeated by another player.

    • Bobux

This term is a meme misspelling of Robux where it originates from the CallMeCarson Discord cult. Often, this term is used to satirize the value of Roblox and gaming microtransactions in general.

    • Roux

This term is also the same earlier misspelling of Robux that became memetic over time, even though entirely based on the typo rather than having any sort of commentary. Initially, this term was created by Flamingo when there was a player misspelled Robux when the player was begging in a group wall/ in game.

    • Boosted ape

This term is used to describe players who are powerful because of their friends boosting them to that level.

    • Boot boy

This term is a derogatory term which refers to predominantly male players active in military-related roleplay groups, often using avatars with military-related clothing and accessories and also faces perceived as stoic or serious.

    • Bypass

This term is used to describe any asset such as audio, clothing, decals and many more or chat messages that would otherwise violate the Community Rules but manages to get past initial moderation screening or chat filters.

    • Comped

This term is a short for compromised which is used to describe hacked Roblox accounts. It is the same as PGed or Beamed.

    • Dev Hunt

This term is used for Egg Hunts which occur in multiple places. The aim of it is to maximize the number of developers that profit from the event.

    • Fat legs

This term is used to describe an avatar trend which combines the torso of the woman with the default legs. By some community members, this trend is perceived as ugly and jarring. This reputation made the trend seeing more ironic usage by trolls.

    • Get noob/ get noobed

This term is a memetic phrase. It is created and popularized by Roblox Youtuber Flamingo and it is often said by players when  they win a game.

    • Ice arms/ legs/ limbs

This term is used to describe the avatar trend where it equips the arms and/or legs seen in the Frost Guard General especially with the Robloxian 2.0 and Superhero packages. But now, this term is not used anymore as much because the trend is falling out of style as of 2019.

    • KS

This abbreviation is a filter bypass for kiss. This term is also used to refer to kill stealers in player-vs-player games with the term vulture.

    • LV

This abbreviation is a filter bypass for love. This is also short for level in games with a level system.

    • LVL

This abbreviation is short for level in games which have a level system.

    • NFT

It is usually used in trading games or communities for the item that is not for trade.

    • NGF

This term is usually used in trading to say ‘not going first. It is used when mass sending in limited trading or cross trading.

    • Obby

This term is short for obstacle courses.

    • Oof

This term is the Roblox death sound and usually it is used when there is something negative which has happened and even sometimes ironically.

    • OP

This term is short for ‘overpay’. This is a slang which is usually used in trading when making a trade which gives multiple items for one item usually wrth almost all of the combined items. Therefore, it is overpaying. It can also have a meaning as ‘overpowered’ which is particularly in the context of PVP or RP-oriented games.

There are still more slang words which are exclusive in Roblox. To know more about it, you can check on Roblox wiki site.

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