What Do the Symbols Mean on POF Meet Me

The Plenty of Fish or well-known as POF is a great app allowing you to find someone, meet some people and look for singles nearby. This app is Android-based and easy for use especially if you do not have a computer. So, you can access this app anytime and anywhere.

In the POF app, there are plenty of icons or symbols that you can use for any purposes. The symbols here include Meet Me, Ultra Match, Message Icon, Profile, My Matches and more. Of course, if you are a new POF app, you cannot actually understand what the symbols are for.

Thankfully, this post will tell you the meaning of the POF symbol. One of the symbols that stole the attention is Meet Me. It’s because Meet Me is such a classic idea of love at first sight. So, what does the Meet Me symbol mean? To know about it, let’s see our post below!

Meet Me Symbol, What Does It Mean?

Meet Me Symbol, What Does It Mean

You can find the Meet Me symbol in the PlentyOfFish app which allows you to find someone out of love at first sight. Meet Me here shows you the main profile photo of someone along with their age and also location. So, you will easily spot him/her and decide on the spot if you think there’s a connection.

To know more about someone who has caught your attention, use your fingers to  slide their profile to the right if you want to start chatting with him/her. Otherwise, you can also slide their profile to the left to leave it if you are not interested in him/her.

Then, a chatting will begin when you both say yes. You can start a conversation with witty opening lines and engaging questions will be your responsibility. Before  you go any further, you may want to know anything about him/her, it doesn’t matter.

You will have a chance to know more about him/her by seeing his/her other photos through a different setting. You can then tap on one his/her photos and it will show you her/his whole photos.  If you are really starstruck by someone, you can then use a token to send him/her a Like+ and start chatting right away.

You can always go back and see your previous Like from My Likes list.

What Can You Do With Meet Me?

Of course, if you use the POF app to find someone to start dating, we think Meet Me is a gorgeous feature that you can use. Through the Meet Me feature, you will be allowed to know more about someone by seeing photos and also spot their location. If you’re serious, you can continue dating in real life by starting conversations and telling each other about yourself.

Through the Meet Me feature, you will easily find someone who you like as the Plenty of Fish app adds ‘Maybe’ option to their site. Then, if you vote ‘Maybe’ on another member, the POF admins will let that member know that you may like them. Then, if someone may be interested in you or sends you a like, it means that you are a mutual match at that very moment. It’s so interesting, isn’t it?

Aside from the ‘Maybe’ option which tells someone that you like him/her, there’s also Meet Me Notification. Well, the notification here can be received through email or in the POF app. If you already receive a notification, it means that other members have seen you in Meet Me or viewed your profile and clicked ‘Like’. While, if you have not yet viewed their profile, it means that they have seen your photos and also a bit information about you including your location, age and headline which make them interested in you.

If you two get along well, why not contact them to start dating?

Other PlentyOfFish Features

Aside from the Meet Me feature, the PlentyOf Fish also has plenty of features which ease you to use this app. Of course, each feature has their respective functions. This post will also inform you the function of PlentyOfFish features each:

    • Matches

Matches is a feature allowing you to see ‘who is interested in you’. Someone will find your profile and see to know more about you. They may decide to get to know you better and then meet you.

    • Favoriting a Streamer

In the POF app, you can also favorite a streamer that makes you laugh or also catches your eye. So, you can favorite it to find its stream again easily.

    • Messaging

This messaging feature allows you to send and receive messages. Then, the default setting will allow you to receive any notification. So, you will get continuous notifications from POF app as long as you run this app.

    • Searching

Through the ‘Searching’ feature, you can search someone based on age, education and anything else you think is in a relationship.

    • Tokens

You should get one or two tokens for yourself. By using a token, it will take you to the top of the Meet Me feature. However, it will help you to make your photo profile noticed and let you tell another member that you are interested in a Like+ in Meet Me.

    • Upgrading Account

Upgrading your account when you are ready to take your online dating to the next level is a must for you. By having a premium account, you will get access to more information about members and more control over your own profile.

    • Live

Live feature allows you to see more than just member profiles and see what they are like right from the comfort of your home.

    • Member Profiles

In Member Profiles here, you will find missing genders which allows some members to choose to create their gender on their profile invisible for a number of reasons.

    • Mobile

We think that if you are interested in taking your online dating experience with you on the go, you surely can download the PlentyOfFish app on mobile. As you know, the PlentyOf Fish is a based-Android app which eases you to download this app on your smartphone.

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