What Are Halo Infinite Fiesta Matches?

Halo Infinite multiplayer features lots of game types. As a live-service game, of course there are going to be lots of events. Some of which will ask you to play specific game modes. During the Fracture Tenrai event, several challenges will ask you to play the fiesta game mode. By the way, what are Halo Infinite Fiesta matches? How to play and complete Fiesta matches in Halo Infinite? Well, here we are going to reveal that information for you.

About Halo Infinite Fiesta Matches

You have to know that Fiesta game mode is a slayer match game mode which gives a player a randomized loadout. This will include the weapons and equipment. Each time the player respawns, then their loadout is going to be different. They have the ability to pick up the weapons from their fallen opponents and allies. You are able to access the Fiesta Match from the multiplayer menu. It will be above the regular playlist. As a player, you are able to queue up for it as an usual lobby. Remember that it is a limited event which will only be available during the Fracture Tenrai event.

Halo Infinite Fiesta Matches

How well a team’s overall outcome is going to depend on their own skill and the randomized weapons given. But, of course, this fiesta game mode is able to be fun because you will never know what each player has during an encounter. We get information that the Fracture Tenrai Fiesta event begins on November 23rd, and it will end on November 30th. It has a separate event pass for the prizes which run simultaneously with the regular and premium battle pass. The Fiesta event pass is available for all players of Halo Infinite freely.

The Fiesta event pass which is completely free provides you with items on 30 different tiers. However, 343 Industries has decided a weekly progression limit on it. Therefore, you do not have the ability to unlock everything on this go around. Instead, you have to return for future events to grab up everything on offer. You will be able to obtain the Yoroi armor set, inspired by Japanese traditional armors. Aside from that, you are also going to obtain some other items like XP boosts and the weapon skins. Please scroll through the images to view the full range of unlocks.

In other cases, if you hope to blast the event pass to get the armor faster by purchasing tier skips, sadly it is not an option. 343 industries said that while you are able to use challenge swaps for Event challenges, then you cannot buy tier skips for the Event Pass.

That is everything you need to know about what Halo Infinite Fiesta matches are. Now, we are going to share another great piece of information for you; Playing and completing challenges during the Fracture: Tenrai – Fiesta event in Halo Infinite.

How to Play and Complete Fiesta Matches in Halo Infinite?

We are sure that you are very curious to know how to play and complete Fiesta Matches in Halo Infinite. Do not worry, now we are going to reveal the process of playing or completing the challenges and getting XP towards your Halo Infinite Fiesta Battle Pass. As we explained above, Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai – Fiesta event is available now. Actually, it is the first event to take place in the recently released multiplayer beta. The event is going to let you complete several challenges to progress via an event battle pass to get XP Boosts, Skins, Challenge Swaps, and a set of Yoroi Samurai Armor.

So, how to play and complete those challenges? To complete the challenges during the Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai – Fiesta event, you need to look under the Weekly Challenges for the tasks that feature the orange star next to them. Those challenges are able to be completed to get experience towards the event battle pass that will give you the items freely. You are going to begin with one event challenge that you are able to complete. Then, you will need to complete another of your weekly challenges. Sometimes, you are going to replace an event challenge with a weekly challenge that does not reward event XP. For this case, you will be able to see which challenges you are going to receive next by going to the Upcoming Challenges area through the button below your current list of challenges.

At this time, you are able to try completing all of the challenges in your list so that you will be able to move the Fiesta Challenges into your current weekly queue of challenges. Thus, you are able to complete those Challenges and make sure that you have got them done before the week is up.

Here are several challenges you will be completing:

  • Two Awakenings

In this challenge, you are going to obtain Double Kills in Fiesta.

  • Hold Forth the Sword

In this challenge, you must win Fiesta Matches.

  • A Life Unflowered

In this challenge, you need to kill Enemy Spartans in the Fiesta Matches.

  • Cut Vacuity in Twain

In this challenge, you are going to get a Killing Spree in Fiesta PVP.

Warning: You need to complete all of those challenges in the Fiesta game mode. There you are going to get seven of those challenges each week of the event. Just attempt to get through them all so that you are able to get all of the rewards. For note: The new challenges are going to be given out each month.

Here is the schedule of when the new challenges are going to be released:

  • The first week: November 23rd up to November 29th, 2021.
  • The second week: January 4th up to January 10th, 2022.
  • The third week 3: February 1st up to February 7th, 2022.

Need to know that the event is going to run for 6 separate weeks. Thus, you have more time for completing the 30 challenges needed to complete the entire event battle pass.

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