What are Apps that Give You Free Robux for Real?

Today, there are a number of apps that offer you to earn Robux for free. Unlike Robux generators that will ask you to complete the surveys and take the quizzes, those apps promisingly will give you free Robux without any surveys. So, is it true that those apps will give you free Robux?

If you are curious whether those apps will give you free Robux or not, it would be better for you to try opening the apps and see if you really gain free Robux or not. So, let’s find out a number of apps that you can try and use to gain Robux for free through our post below!

What are Apps that Give You Free Robux for Real1

Some Apps That May Give You Free Robux

According to some sources, the apps without asking you to complete the survey or take quizzes will give you free Robux for real, not fake Robux or scam. However, most Roblox players still don’t believe that those apps can really give you free Robux for real, as they think that it’s a very easy way to gain free Robux.

However, if you want to prove whether those apps actually give you free Robux or not, you may have to try opening the apps. So, here’s a list of apps that promisingly will give you free Robux for real:

    1. Strong Granny

Strong Granny is a crazy running and pulling game that comes in amazing fun 3D graphics and animations. If you are playing Roblox, you will really love this app, as it will give you free Robux after reaching a certain level.

This game is about a strong grandma who can handle everything. To play Strong Granny, you may need to tap on Grannie to speed up her. Then, you can grow the crowd of fans to gain more coins. You can also power Granny up to collect fan’s coins to upgrade her walker.

After you have reached level 10, you will get Robux. That’s very fantastic, isn’t it?

    1. Ibotta

The second app you can use to earn Robux for free is Ibotta. However, many Roblox players do not know yet that this app will give you Robux for free. You can only use Ibotta, and it will pay you when you upload photos of your receipts. Well, it will turn your grocery receipts into free Robux.

If you are interested in using this app, you can just open the app. Then, browse rebate offers. After that, you need to buy the qualifying item. You can then upload a photo of your receipt. Last, you will get paid approximately $1 to $3 or even more than that per product.

    1. BloxMate

Among Roblox players, BloxMate is a very popular app that promisingly gives you free Robux. To give you free Robux, it may require you to complete some tasks such as completing the surveys, taking the quizzes, and many others. All you have to do to earn free Robux through BloxMate is to connect your Robux official account to BloxMate. That’s it!

For more information, BloxMate has built its name in the rundown of Robux giving applications on February 18, 2019. Since it was released, this app has reached the greater part of a million introductions.

    1. Fit Hole App

This is a fun game app that will give you Robux for free. To earn free Robux through this app is pretty simple. The Fit Hole App is available on the Google Play Store with 4-stars  rating with more than 9,000 ratings from users.

To play this mini–game, you just simply play a lot of levels and try to fit it in all the holes to be faster. To change the shape and adjust it to fit the holes, you can only drag up and down. Sure, it’s very easy to play and there are many levels available within the app. So, the best part of earning Robux is just for playing the game.

    1. Qmee

This app is available on Android, iOS and also Qmee Chrome Extension. This app offers you free Robux for real after completing some activities including Shopping online, browsing on the internet and taking some surveys.

The good news! There’s no minimum cash-out amount on this app, so you can have free cash to spend on Robux in no time.

    1. AppTrailers

You will gain free Robux for real by watching videos trailers of apps, DIY videos, celebrity gossip and more with AppTrailers. You can also earn money by playing trivia games on this app.

After you complete some activities on this app, you will get points that you can redeem for money to your PayPal account. Aside from that, you can also use this cash to gain Robux at no cost. You definitely can download the AppTrailers from Google Play Store and App Store.

    1. Strong Pixel

Strong Pixel is another game app that you can play to earn free Robux at no cost. On Google Play Store, this app has a 4-star rating. This mini-game allows you to assist Super Strong Pixel Guy to deliver different funny stuff to endless points. After you’ve reached level 10, you will earn Robux, that’s very simple, isn’t it?

    1. PointsPrizes

This app will give you Robux for free after completing some activities such as taking quizzes, completing some surveys, watching video ads, playing any games, finding coupon codes, answering daily polls, referring friends and many others.

You definitely can redeem your earnings to get free Robux code. Then, the code will let you redeem free Robux gift cards. Aside from that, you will also have your money sent to your Paypal account. Last, you can use that cash to earn Robux for free.

Okay, those are some apps that promisingly give you free Robux for real. However, we cannot guarantee that all apps above really give you free Robux for real, as most Robux generators that promise to give you free Robux after completing some activities such as completing surveys, taking quizzes, etc are totally scam and do not really give you free Robux for real. So as with those apps, there are some of them that likely will not give you free Robux for real.

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