Was Joe Biden in the Military

Many people have called a question whether Joe Biden had experience in the military or not. In fact, most of the United States presidents had served in the military. Because of some reasons, it’s such a crucial thing for a candidate of United States president to have an experience in the military.

So, what do you think? Did Joe Biden serve in the military? And why should the candidate of the United States president have military experience? Well, to get the real facts about it, you need to stay on this page, as we’ll show you anything about what the people are wondering about.

Was Joe Biden in the Military

Was Joe Biden in the Military?

In fact, Joe Biden did not serve himself in the military, because of his medical exceptions. His medical problem was found as an undergraduate at University of Delaware and at Syracuse University, a school where he studied law.

He received five student deferment drafts when he was an undergraduate at both universities. He also received a 1-Y status during a medical test to determine his eligibility for service. The 1-Y status means he could only be drafted in the case of national emergency. Unfortunately, the 1-Y classification is no longer in use and was also removed in 1971.

The 1-Y status also kept him to serve, due to the fact that he received a diagnosis of asthma when he was teenager. As a throwback, Joe Biden did not serve himself in the military, as he was being disqualified from service during the Obama administration where he served as Vice President.

Born in November 1942, Joe Biden was raised in the amid of the Vietnam War. But, he is not like millions of mens of his generation, where he never served in the military, though he lived in the war area.

We can conclude that Joe Biden never served himself in the military, unless he only had experience in the military from his experience as Vice President under President Barack Obama. He then released his Selective Service records to the Associated Press in 2008.

Is It True that the Candidates Need Military Experience to be Elected?

That’s not an exact requirement where the candidates of the U.S. presidents should have military experience to be elected. However, most citizens believe that this is an important requirement that every candidate should have to be the United States president.

By having the military experience, the president would have readiness to fight a war overseas. Aside from that, the military experience will assist the president to be a better Commander-in-Chief.

Meanwhile, others also revealed that military experience is not necessary for everyone who runs for president, as if they become a president,  they will be surrounded by experts in military warfare. So, the experts will help the president to perform what they should do in the military services.

If the presidents also have any lack of knowledge about the military, they will have their  advisor instead. The point is, having an experience in the military is not a legal requirement that a candidate of the U.S. president should have to be elected.

Requirements to Serve in Military

There are a number of requirements that people should meet when they serve in the military. To be eligible for military service, a person must be of age first. The U.S. Military Law requires to be at least 17 years of age to be eligible in the military.

A person must also pass a series of health tests or medical check up, because the military cannot rely on individuals who will be liabilities in the field. Certainly they do not have the resources, time or manpower to take care of the soldiers in poor health.

Aside from health, a person can also claim their spirituality for an exemption from war. As we know, the U.S. government does not force the citizens to fight in a war, as almost all religions prohibit killing people. Instead, they can join the military in a non-combatant position.

What Is Joe Biden’s Net Worth

What Is Joe Biden’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Joe Biden’s net worth is approximately $9 million, as of this writing. His last financial disclosure pegged his net worth at $1.5 million, when his term as Vice President ended. Biden also refers to himself as one of the poorest members of congress with a net worth less than $500,000, for many years before he became Vice President.

In the years once he left the White House, he significantly earned income primarily from book royalties and speeches that peaked in 2017 with income of $11 million. Alone Joe and Jill earned a shade under $17 million between 2016 and 2019.

Here’s a list of Joe Biden’s income:

    • Speeches

One leaving the White House, Joe and Jill earned roughly $15 million from book deals and speaking engagement. He has become an in-demand public speaker that frequently earns hundreds of thousands of dollars for his single speech. When he did a speech at Drew University in New Jersey, he earned roughly $190,000 in 2018.

    • Book Deals

Biden and his wife signed a $10 million, three-book deal, after leaving the White House as the Vice President. He then promoted his book with a tour after writing ‘Promise Me, Dad’, a book about his son’s death. Through the promotion, he made over 40 stops.

    • Salary

Biden’s salary has fluctuated over the years. His tax documents available and also the earliest records dating from 1998 have been created by Joe Biden. Reportedly, he earned a total of $215,432 during this year. Biden’s income seems to stay at around $200,000 until 2009.

Then, his income is increased by $55,000 per year, thanks to income from social security and pensions. Talking about his wife’s come, Jill Biden earns around $100,000 per year as a teacher at Northern Virginia Community College. They rented a $4 million mansion between 2018 and 2019 in McLean, Virginia, paying $20,000 per month.

    • Tax Return

Joe’s Tax return shows that Biden earned the following amounts in recent years, here are they:

    • 2016: $400,000
    • 2017: $11 million
    • 2018: $4.6 million
    • 2019: $944,737