Valorant Sophia Slaze Ramirez

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Competitive Ruling: Valorant Sophia Slaze Ramirez

Valorant player Sophia Slaze Ramirez queued with the cheating players. Even, Sophia Slaze Ramirez continued to do that after getting a warning, the Red Screen. Of course, this is a violation of the Valorant Global Competition Policy. Eventually, Valorant player Sophia Slaze Ramirez is banned from any association and affiliation with a team in the competition for 3 months. It begins from the date of the latest violation to December 20, 2021.

All VCT Game Changers competitors have to do an anti-cheat scan. The account of Sophia Slaze Ramirez was flagged for bussing. On September 20, 2021, Sophia Slaze Ramirez queued with an active cheater for ten games, and then winning eight games. The cheater was banned for cheating during the second game. Riot sends all players in the game, including Sophia Slaze Ramirez a red screen notification of a cheater detected in their game. Sophia Slaze Ramirez and the cheater logged into different accounts and then played 8 games again.

The investigation eventually revealed the consistency of Sophia Slaze Ramirez in queuing with the cheater, and requeuing with them after accepting the notification Red Screen. As we know that in the past 28 days, Sophia Slaze Ramirez got the warning Red Screen and requeued with the cheaters on several times, at least four new accounts employed by the cheaters once the initial ban.

    • 77 percent of the Competitive obtained on Slaze’s accounts came from the games played when queued with the cheating player.
    • 60 percent of Slaze’s Competitive matches were played while queued with the cheating player.

As one of the actioning waves, then the automated systems gave 3 months suspension to the account on which valorant player Sophia Slaze Ramirez played the majority of matches while queued with the cheater.

Valorant Sophia Slaze Ramirez

Sophia Slaze Ramirez who is suspended for boosting, claimed someone

Valorant player Sophia Slaze Ramirez who got suspended for boosting has claimed that there is someone who is conspiring against her because of personal grudges. Formerly Riot Games has taken hard actions against the cheaters, bad players and account boosters. Now, team Polaris’ Slaze has landed in hot water for account boosting, but she is resisting the claims. Valorant player Sophia Slaze Ramirez has come with her side of the story, alleging that someone is abusing powers to get back at her. Sophia Slaze Ramirez said that there is someone who is not liking her and reporting her. Someone in the anti-cheat of Riot has targeted her. Because they have a power, then they are abusing it.

Formerly, Valorant player Sophia Slaze Ramirez was suspended by Riot Games for account boosting. After the official verdict, soon Sophia Slaze Ramirez was also dropped from her team Polaris ahead of the VCT Game Changers. But, Sophia Slaze Ramirez is not admitting the boosting charges, she accused someone at the anti-cheat Riot conspiring against her. Sophia Slaze Ramirez said that anti-cheat’s involvement in boosting is very suspicious because both are different things entirely, implying power abuse against her.

Riot Games responds to Slaze’s claims

After Valorant player Sophia Slaze Ramirez claimed someone, then Riot Games revealed that Sophia Slaze Ramirez was involved in queuing with the cheaters on more than one time. Also, the developer clarified that Sophia Slaze Ramirez had played alongside the same banned players several times, even after knowing about the bans. Riot Games said that Sophia Slaze Ramirez was found to have repeatedly queued together to compete with the cheaters. In some cases, the cheaters were banned in the middle-game, they logged in to a new Valorant account and then proceeded to requeue with Slaze, even after Sophia Slaze Ramirez had got a warning of the cheater detection.

Need to note that Sophia Slaze Ramirez had reached Radiant rank which is the highest in the game of Valorant, by queuing with the cheaters for 28 days. This makes up 77 percent of her ELO obtained from playing with the cheaters. Also, we get information that Sophia Slaze Ramirez was one of the best North American female Valorant rosters. Previously, the community had come out for her support, but after Riot’s revelation, lots of people think that Sophia Slaze Ramirez got off the hook with a short suspension. For the violation of the rule, Sophia Slaze Ramirez will not be permitted to partake in any Riot tournaments for three months. Although Sophia Slaze Ramirez has been issued from her team, but she still refuses the rap for the charges against her. Her team is sticking with its decision, and has already discovered a replacement to continue their journey in VCT: Game Changers.

Relevant Rules

7.5. Terms of Use: Any act that violates the Valorant Terms of Use, violates any Valorant guidelines, or any policy that posted on the official sites or social media accounts for Valorant, or disturbs with use of Valorant by others is prohibited and a violation of this Valorant Global Competition Policy.

All players of Valorant have to abide by the Riot Games Terms of Use. Section 7 of the Terms of Use highlights any activity intended to increase an account’s status or rank as an activity that may warrant disciplinary measures. The team of Riot Anti-Cheat published an update that gave solutions to cheating, including a 3 months penalty for bussing. For note: Bussing is explained as intentionally queuing with cheaters to climb in rank.

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