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In Roblox, you may once find a slightly transparent box , with a bar in the front. When you bump it, it will give you a tool. Yeah… The transparent box here is called ‘Giver’. You need to know that most ‘Givers’ are real, however, some givers may be traps, you will then be trapped inside.

Knowing that the Giver is very meaningful, of course many people want to know more about how the ‘Giver’ works in the game. That’s because not all players will understand a lot about it. No worries! This post will show you everything you need to know about the ‘Giver’. So, let’s find out how the ‘Giver’ works in Roblox through our post below!

How Does the ‘Giver’ Work?

The ‘Giver’ works to give you a tool when you touch or bump on it. First, the ‘Giver’ can be used for most common uses, including to control a vehicle such as a tank or a plane. Second, it can be used to put a cluster of givers at the end of an OBBY (Obstacle Course) to grant the winner a reward with a lot of different weapons and tools.

Aside from that, the ‘Giver’ is also to grant weapons for fighting games. In this case, the ‘Giver’ will have humanoids inside, to inform you what you get if you touch the bar. The point is, the ‘Giver’ works to give the players the weapon or any tools which are contained inside the bar.

Rainbow path givers
Rainbow path givers

For more information, there were givers which would grant the winning players paths to use, at the end of most original obbies in 2010-2014. Moreover, the paths from the ‘Givers’ involve clicking or tapping to make boxes or spheres the players are able to walk on.

How to Create A Tool-Giver in Roblox Studio?

To create a tool Giver in Roblox Studio, you may need the scripts that will work to apply to creating a tool Giver. In case of applying the scripts, you may need to know the working scripts which are really great to create the Tool-Giver.

Tutorial 1

Thankfully, this post will also guide you on how to create the Tool-Giver with easy ways. We got the tutorial from a YouTube video entitled ‘How to make a Tool-Giver in Roblox Studio’ posted by Qbytes channel on January 27, 2020. This video has more than 51K views with 1,2 favorites.

The tutorial video shows you how to create a Tool-Giver in Roblox Studio with scripts. Here’s how to create a Tool-Giver based on the video!

    • First, go to the Roblox Studio.
    • Then, get your tool and put in Replicate Storage.
    • After putting your tool in Replicated Storage, you can design your tool-giving part.
    • Here, you need to insert a ClickDetector and a Script in it.

Here’s for the script:

Local tool = game.ReplicatedStorage.ClassicSword

local giver = script.Parent

local canGive = false


local function GiveTool(player)

if canGive == false then

canGive = true

local clone = tool:Clone()

clone.Parent = player.Backpack


canGive = false







Additionally, if you want the tool to be with the player even after it dies, you can type ‘player.StarterGear’ instead of ‘player.Backpack’. Meanwhile, if you only want one player to get the tool once, please don’t type ‘wait(1) canGive= false’.

    • Once you attach the script, you can then test it out.
    • If the Tool-Giver appears on, it means that you successfully created the Tool-Giver and can be applied on your own game.

Creating the Tool-Giver

That’s it! Creating the Tool-Giver is pretty easy, isn’t it! So, it’s your turn to create the Tool-Giver on your own game to allow the player getting the tool through the ‘Giver’.

Watch the tutorial HERE.

Tutorial 2

If you do not understand yet, create the Tool-Giver based on the first tutorial. Instead, you can also follow the second tutorial that we also got from YouTube Channel named FireWolf-Gaming with a tutorial video entitled ‘How to make a Tool Giver in Roblox Studio 2017’.

This tutorial video was uploaded on February 4, 2017 that has been viewed more than 61K times and has 1.1K likes. Even though this is an older tutorial than the first tutorial, but it is still used as a reference to create the Tool-Giver. Here’s how to create the Tool-Giver, based on the second tutorial video!

    • First, go to Roblox Studio.
    • Once Roblox Studio is open, you can then create a whole box.
    • Then, you need to put the weapon inside of the box.
    • After that, you can also design the box to be more attractive by using a selection of colors you may like, the white color is an exception.
    • After you create the whole box, you can also create another part to make the box look more transparent.
    • Here, you can go to models and find a tool as long as it has the tool icon.
    • You need to put the weapons inside the box. In this case, if the weapon has a large size, it’s highly recommended for you to create the box bigger too.
    • Make sure to make it invisible, so the players cannot identify it easily.
    • Go to the tool and insert the script by copying it.

Here’s for the scripts:

local debounce = false


function getPlayer(humanoid)

local players = game.Players:children()

for i = 1, #players do

if players[i].Character.Humanoid == humanoid then return players[i] end


return nil



function onTouch(part)


local human = part.Parent:findFirstChild(“Humanoid”)

if (human ~= nil) and debounce == false then

debounce = true

local player = getPlayer(human)

if (player == nil) then return end

script.Parent:clone().Parent = player.Backpack



debounce = false





    • After you copy the script, you need to exit out of the script dashboard.
    • Now, you can play and test the tool to know what will happen after you walk over the tool.
    • After you get over there and if you touch the tool and  get the weapon, it means that you successfully create the Tool-Giver.

created the Tool-Giver

Congratulations! You already created the Tool-Giver successfully. So, it’s a great time for you to create the Tool-Giver and apply it on your own game.

Watch the tutorial HERE.

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