Roblox Ultimate Tower Defense Codes (July 2021)

In Roblox, there’s one of the popular simulator games which has been played more than 100K times. Yeah… That’s Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator game which was created on November 1, 2020 with an update on July 5, 2021.

Ultimate Tower Defense has been favored by more than 329K users with 195.7 million visits. Currently, the active users are around 3,872 with the server size of 35. In this game, you will find Gems and Gold as in-game currencies.

Ultimate Tower Defense Codes (July 2021)

In order to get the Gems and Gold easily, you can redeem the codes and claim the rewards. Well, the rewards here commonly come in the form of currency, either Gems or Gold. Thankfully, this post will show you a list of working codes for Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator. See them below!

Here’s a List of Ultimate Tower Defense Codes

Ultimate Tower Defense always updates the latest codes which can be redeemed by the players to get certain rewards. There are the newest codes for Ultimate Tower Defense to get any items as the rewards. Here are they:

    • 230KLikes: You can redeem this code to get 3,000 Gold (NEW)
    • 220Klikes: You can redeem this code to get 3,000 Gold
    • 210klikes: You can redeem this code to get 3,000 Gold
    • 180KLikes: You can redeem this code to get 2,500 Gold
    • 300mvisits: You can redeem this code to get 10,000 Gold
    • 170kLikes: You can redeem this code to get 2,500 Gold
    • ANIME: You can redeem this code to get 1,000 Gold
    • Maja: You can redeem this code to get 75 Gold
    • BREN0RJ7: You can redeem this code to get Bren0RJ7
    • SnowRBX: You can redeem this code to get SnowRBX
    • MerryChristmas: You can redeem this code to get the Christmas Spidey
    • Russo: You can redeem this code to get Russo
    • Sub2PlanetMilo: You can redeem this code to get Plantet_Milo
    • Blueio: You can redeem this code to get Blueio
    • Veyar: You can redeem this code to get Veyar
    • Inemajohn: You can redeem this code to get Inemajohn
    • Betero: You can redeem this code to get Betero
    • Tofuu: You can redeem this code to get Tofuu
    • Gravy: You can redeem this code to get the GravyCatMan Hero

Those codes above are still active. So you’re able to redeem one of the codes as you wish as soon as possible to obtain the amazing item. It’s important to note, if you redeem the code, but it’s not working, maybe it’s not active anymore, as the update from active code status to inactive is very fast. Try another code as well.

Otherwise, you have to avoid to redeem the codes below due to they are expired, here are they:

    • 20Updates
    • 200Klikes
    • 600kGroupMembers
    • 190KLikes
    • 100Gems
    • 150KLikes
    • valentinesday
    • 50mVisits
    • Blackbeard!
    • 160kLikes
    • 250mVisits
    • 5/30/2021
    • 5/12
    • 110KLikes
    • 120klikes

Where to find the latest code for Ultimate Tower Defense? If you want a new Ultimate Tower Defense code, ensure you play this game and add it to your favorite list.

Of  course, most game developers will release the codes on their social media accounts, so don’t hesitate to follow them to receive the latest information. Here’s a list of social media that you can follow for Ultimate Tower Defense developer:

Here’s How to Redeem the Ultimate Tower Defense Codes!

After successfully finding the valid codes for Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator, you can then redeem it to claim some gorgeous rewards. In order to get any items as rewards, you can easily redeem the codes by launching the game and find the Twitter bird icon to the left of the screen.

Then, a new window will pop up where you will copy and paste each code separately into the text box. You will then receive confirmation that code worked and get your reward. That’s it! Redeeming the code for Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator is pretty easy, isn’t it?

How to Play Ultimate Tower Defense?

Play the Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator here.

Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator is an Adventure-based game in Roblox which was created by Strawberry Peels. This is a tower defense game with a combination of your favorite Superheroes and Anime Characters.

You can buy towers through the Tower Shop for use in-game. However, there are a lot of Games Modes where you can use your team of the Superheroes and Anime Characters to fight in.

The rules to play Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator are simple and easy to follow. What you should do is to buy the powerful superheroes, crates and also emotes. In this game, you can also unlock great new superheroes, team together with your friends and attempt to obtain the best wave possible. So, you can become the foremost powerful player.

Tier List of Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator

Divine Tower

    • Dr. Joterio
    • Gio
    • Greybeard
    • Lite
    • Raruto Six Paths
    • Wiz
    • Golden Dragon
    • Blackbeard

Godly Towers

    • Anyan
    • Armored Titan
    • Beast Titan
    • Berserk Gus
    • CAR-4
    • Colossal Titan
    • Drago
    • Fluffy Gear 4th
    • Gukoo Black Rose
    • Joterio
    • Kojo
    • Kura
    • Little Raturo
    • Madika
    • Mizan
    • Rieza
    • Thanos
    • Young Suzuke
    • Blue Drago
    • Palinarf

Mythical Towers

    • Albino
    • Annie
    • Angry Satema
    • Block Lee Gate
    • Carnage
    • Deadpool
    • Deliodas
    • Flamingo
    • Ghost Rider
    • Gukoo Drip
    • Hog
    • Itchi
    • Johnny Final Act
    • Killer Godspeed
    • Kineki
    • Megamen
    • Menaito
    • Mysterio
    • Ruka
    • Shazam
    • Spawn
    • Superman
    • Techi
    • Tsunami
    • Yuko
    • Zero
    • Zorru

Legendary Towers

    • All Smite
    • Aquaman
    • Azura
    • Bane
    • Batman Beyond
    • Brolee
    • DeathStroke
    • Eren
    • Escator
    • Froggy
    • General Zod
    • Himilo
    • Josucke
    • Kakashi
    • Keroto
    • Levi
    • Magneto
    • Martian Manhunter
    • Mihawk
    • Pickle
    • Ratella

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