Turkey Day ACNH Secret Ingredients List

The event known as Turkey Day is all about cooking. There are a total of four different dishes that Franklin will ask you to cook for him during Turkey Day. These dishes include Clam Chowder, Pumpkin Pie, Gratin, and Fish Meuniere. In order to make each of them, you will have to get the main ingredients and secret ingredients. This post will especially uncover the secret ingredients of these four dishes.

Talking about the secret ingredients, apparently, they are needed to earn special bonus rewards. To be able to get such special bonus rewards, you can just add these ingredients. The secret ingredient of every dish is different and it is able to be used when the dish is being cooked the second time. All that you should do is to ask Franklin to cook it and have the secret ingredient in the inventory. Below is the list of the secret ingredient for each dish as well as the rewards when it is added to the dish:

Turkey Day ACNH Secret Ingredients List


Scallops are the secret ingredients if you want to make Clam Chowder. They are able to be caught in the ocean, similar to the other underwater creatures. To catch them, you will have to dive deep into the ocean. Here is the guide to follow to dive to get the Scallops in the game:

    1. First thing first, you have to get a wetsuit. The first one is to get it from the cabinet in the shop called Nook’s Cranny and the second one is to get it in the Nook stop terminal located at the Resident Service. To be able to enter the oceans, it is needed for you to get this item.
    2. After getting one, go into the water and swim around and look for the small bubbles rising to the surface. If you are new about these bubbles, they indicate that there is a sea creature below.
    3. When these bubbles are seen, hold Y to dive close to them.
    4. Next, come in contact with the underwater shadow.
    5. You will have to match the shadow with the shadow of Scallop.
    6. When you are sure, it is time for you to capture it and check if it is really Scallop on the surface.
    7. If it is the right thing that you are looking for, feel free to get it right away.

Two pumpkin colors not previously requested

Two pumpkin colors not previously requested
Two pumpkin colors not previously requested are the secret ingredients to make Pumpkin Pie.

Dungeness Crab

Dungeness crab in animal crossing
Dungeness Crab is the secret ingredient to make Gratin. If you have no idea about the Dungeness Crab, it is the name of a benthic creature. This one appeared in the series for the first time in Animal Crossing New Horizons or ACNH.

Due to the fact that the sea creatures like Dungeness Crab can be found at the bottom of the ocean, diving is the only way to catch the Dungeness Crab. In order to catch one, you can follow these steps below. Before anything, make sure that you are in the correct months to make the process successful. keep in mind that this creature is able to be found in the Northern Hemisphere from November to May. As for the Southern Hemisphere, it will be available from May to November. After making sure about the time, it is time for you to follow these following steps to catch one:

    1. The first thing that should be done is to get a wetsuit. Please purchase one by going to the Nook Stop that is located in the Resident Services if you do not have any. At that place, it is available to purchase by using your Nook Miles. Besides, it is also available to purchase in the cabinet in the store named Nook’s Cranny.
    2. After getting a wetsuit in your hand, walk up to the edge of the ocean to start swimming into it.
    3. In the ocean, your job is to look for bubbles appearing on the surface of the water when swimming around as it is the indication of the location of the sea creature, not necessarily a Dungeness Crab.
    4. When you see these bubbles, it is time for you to swim up to the location and then press Y to dive down.
    5. Once you are under the water, do not forget to use your directional stick and then press A to swim towards the bubbles.
    6. By doing so, you should be able to see a shadow and it is possible for it to move. If the shadow that moves slowly is large, the chance of it being Dungeness Crab is high.
    7. When you are sure, all that you have to do is to catch up to it before you run out of the air and you will be able to automatically capture it.
    8. When you are back to the surface, lastly, check what creature that you just captured and see if it is really a Dungeness Crab.

Barred Knifejaw

Barred Knifejaw
Barred Knifejaw is the secret ingredient to make Fish Meuniere. This one is described as a semi-rare fish that is usually found in the ocean. Follow these instructions to catch it:

    1. First of all, you need to craft Fish Bait to be able to easily catch the fish that you want such as the Barred Knifejaw. Crafting the Fish Bait is best compared to just waiting for one to show up as it is effective to attract more fish when thrown.
    2. After throwing the Fish Bait, the next thing is to check the size of the shadow and the fish that showed up. It is also important to make sure that that fish is similar to the Barred Knifejaw that you are looking for.
    3. Once you are sure that the fish that showed up to the surface has the same shadow size as the fish that you want (Barred Knifejaw), the last thing to be done is to prepare your Fishing Rod and after getting it ready, go fishing.

Aside from catching Barred Knifejaw in the ocean, you can also go to Tom Nook’s store to get one for 5,000 Bells.