Top 6 Common Speed Queen Washer Problems and Troubleshooting

It is known that a Speed Queen Washer is one of the best and most long-lasting laundry machines to simplify your daily washing clothes at home. Even though Speed Queen Washer is a well-known brand, but this cannot also escape from a variety of issues that commonly occur.

According to some sources, there are 6 common issues that usually occur on Speed Queen Washer. If you have just purchased this washing machine, you may need to know which common issues appear. Let’s see what common issues appear and how to fix each issue. Here you go!

Top 6 Common Speed Queen Washer Problems and Troubleshooting

Here’s a List of 6 Common Issues and Solutions in Speed Queen Washer!

Even though you encounter a bunch of issues in your Speed Queen Washer, you do not have to worry, as there will be a solution for every problem that occurs. So, here are 6 common issues and also solutions that usually occurs in Speed Queen Washer:

    1. Not Filling with Water

The first common issue occurring in Speed Queen Washer is that the washing machine is not filling with water. If you see the Speed Queen washer does not fill up with enough water, all you have to do is to double check the detergent tray.

By doing so, it will check whether or not you have enough fabric softener or enough detergent in it. If this is not the problem, you may need to check the drain hose too. However, it may be kinked or clogged as well. Here’s how to fix it!

    • If you don’t close the lid completely, you will find a small amount of water pooling inside of your machine. So, make sure to close the washer door, since it will prevent overflow water from damaging or breaking your machine.
    • The blocked hose and filter will trigger the problem in Speed Queen Washer to not fill the water. If you see your washing machine does not fill the water, you can begin by checking the hose or filters for debris. Then, you can open both cold and hot water faucets.
    • The Speed Queen Washer valve will not open to fill, if the water pressure is low. So, make sure you have at least 20 pounds per square inch (PSI) of water pressure.
    1. Not Draining

Here are a bunch of reasons why the Speed Queen Washer is not draining:

    • The water that has been pumped out from the drum through a hose will get into the drain. However, if it does not drain, this part may be broken. If it happens, you may need to replace it with a new one, as the part of the pump cannot be fixed.
    • If your Speed Queen Washer gets the clogged drain system, it will stop and prevent the water from flowing. If it occurs, you will easily remove the discharge hose from the pump and then check for clogs.
    • If the Speed Queen Washer hose gets kinked, bent or twisted, it will cause your washing machine to not drain well. To fix it, you can just straighten it out after you notice that the hose is getting bent or kinky.
  1. Not Start Washing

There are three causes where the Speed Queen Washer does not start to wash.

    • If the lid is open, the machine will not start to wash.
    • The motor overload protector is not already working. Make sure to restart the breaker and try to run the washer again.
    • If the lid switch is locked, your machine will not turn on. What you should do is to check whether or not the main switch is OK.
    1. Not Spinning

If you get your Speed Queen Washer not spinning, it may be caused by some things inappropriately.

    • If the lid is open, your washing machine will not start to spin. To fix it, you may need to turn the circuit breaker off and disconnect the two wires that connect to the lid switch assembly.
    • You may also need to check whether drive belt is broken or loose on the pulleys when you get your Speed Queen Washer not spinning
    • If the Speed Queen motor control board is not working, your washing machine will have problems where it can start spinning.
    1. Stops Mid Cycle

If your Speed Queen Washer suddenly stops mid cycle, there are some causes why it happens.

    • The washing machine’s door will stop the washer if the door opens during cycle operation. So, make sure to close the lid to recover it.
    • If your Speed Queen Washer gets a faulty water inlet valve, it will cause the washtub to fill slowly.
    • Your washing machine will stop mid cycle if you fail to set a timer. To check it, you can take your washing machine apart and test continuity on its time by using a multimeter.
    1. Water Leaks

Even though Speed Queen Washer is a reputable brand, but this washing machine still has a common issue with water leaks. This issue commonly occurs because of some causes, here they are:

    • If a pump inside the washer is broken, it will allow water to flow out of the machine when it is off. Unfortunately, the pump cannot be fixed, so you may need to replace it with a new one.
    • The water can leak into the bearings and cause a breakdown if an inside tub seal is damaged or torn. To prevent this issue while saving your money, you can try to replace the inner tub seal with a new one.
    • If your Speed Queen Washer’s door boot is ripped, it may be a good time to replace it. Need to know, those boots actually help to keep the seal between the drum and door in place and prevent leakage.  If the Speed Queen Washer is still under warranty, you may need to check with your manufacturer before replacing the boot.

Okay, those are 6 common problems that usually occur in Speed Queen washing machines. So, if you get one of the common problems that we have mentioned above, make sure to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

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