Top 12 Best Smallest / Micro ATX Cases for Compact PC Builds in 2020

You may come to this site because you want to build a small budget PC for gaming or media use. Usually, people have space which is limited in a room for a desktop. However, if you want to do this, it is important for you to know that there is ATX which is one of the types of motherboards which can be used in gaming builds.

The things that you need for a media or gaming build is easily available in ATX motherboards. However, you need a good looking smallest best case that you are able to use for your build with a reasonable price which can support large cards and fans to be able to cool down the temperature.

What is ATX? It is short for Advanced Technology eXtended and it is an outline of your motherboard specifications. Also, it will tell about its configurations and features and determine the size of your motherboard which can help you select your ATX case size.

Below, we have the top 12 best smallest ATX cases that you are able to use for compact PC builds. What are they?

  1. Corsair Crystal 280X RGB Micro-ATX Case

Corsair Crystal 280X RGB Micro-ATX Case

It has stunning tempered glass panel windows which will give your system a chic and stylish look. You are able to put your gear on display in this case to show your wares. This case has a dual-chamber internal layout, so you are able to highlight the core components and hide the drives, cables and PSU in a rear chamber. You are allowed to keep your system clean without compromising on storage because it has storage capacity for 5 drives.

The dimensions of the case are 398mm x 276mm x 351mm. It permits for a GPU of a maximum 300 mm height. How about the PSU height? It can be 180 mm and the CPU can be 150 mm in height. This case offers 4 expansion slots and this case also offers two 3.5 inches drive bays and three 2.5 inches bays. It comes enabled with Corsair link and it has a clear side window.

The weight of it is almost 7 kilograms and inside the case, there is enough space for six 120mm cooling fans. Also, you are able to fit in there 240mm radiators, one each on the roof, front and floor. The roof, front and floor are equipped with PSU filters. There are also 32 individually customizable LEDs which are installed, controllable by the Lighting Node PRO digital RGB lighting controller and Corsair iCUE software. The Corsair liquid coolers which are compatible with the case include model numbers H60, H55, H75, H80i, H90, H100i, H105, H110i, H115i. You do not have to be worried about the warranty because it comes with a warranty of 2 years.

Here are the pros and cons of this case.


  • It has a design which is chic, stylish and elegant.
  • It has functional and easy cable management.
  • It is easy to open a case.
  • It has quick-release HD bays.


  • Slots of the bottom are difficult to use.
  • There is no shielding under HDD bays.
  • It is not durable.
  • There is not enough clearance for installation. 
  1. Rosewill RS-MI-01 BK Micro ATX Mini Tower

Rosewill RS-MI-01 BK Micro ATX Mini Tower

This case features 3 drive bays and a full height expansion slot so that it will be suitable for you who wants to build a blockbuster mini ITX system. It also has 2 USB ports and 2 audio ports and also the stylish and sophisticated steel case which is a good choice for the demanding customer.

This case comes with a power supply of 250 watts and Power supply PSU mount is located on the top and the primary connector has 20+4 pins. It is compatible with ITX and mini ITX motherboards and there is no side panel window. It features one external 5.25″ drive bay and one external and internal 3.5″ bay each. It is equipped with one expansion slot. The maximum GPU allowance is limited to 270mm and the maximum CPU cooler height is able to be 45 mm.

The large side vents permit optimal airflow and the front panel provides easy access to 2 USB 2.0 ports and two audio ports. This case weighs 8.5 lbs and the dimensions are 5.10″ x 8.70″ x 13.00″.

Here are some pros and cons of this case.


  • It has a clean and sophisticated look.
  • It has external and internal drive bays.
  • At the bottom, the dust filter is installed.
  • The fan which is pre-installed is silent and functional.


  • The installing CPU cooler is difficult due to the design.
  • The case is on the side which is flimsy.
  • The GPU alignment is not great.
  • The policy of return and customer support is poor.
  1. Corsair Carbide Air 240 Micro-ATX Case

Corsair Carbide Air 240 Micro-ATX Case

This case has two awesome finishes in black and white color. The material which is used is plastic and metal and the case has a finesse which is spectacular. The design is asymmetric and it makes the case look unique and interesting. In the faceplate of the case, there is vent as the top and bottom panels and it permits for exceptional cooling systems. In the front panel, it has the I/O ports in an accessible alignment together with other buttons.

The dimensions of Corsair Carbide Air 240 are 397 x 260 x 320 mm. It can support Micro ATX and Mini ATX motherboards. The case has 4 expansion slots and three 3.5″ and 2.5″ drive bay. You are able to mount two 120 mm fans at the front, bottom and top. Two 80mm fans are able to be installed at the back and one fan is able to be installed on the right side panel. One 240 mm radiator installation is also permitted by this case at the front and bottom.

This case is installed with two Corsair cooling fans which have 120 mm length in the front and one fan at the top. The front panel has two USB 3.0 ports, a microphone port and a headphone. The length allowance of the maximum graphics card is 290mm. The height of the CPU cooler is up to 120 mm and the maximum length of the power supply unit is 290mm.

Below, you are able to see the pros and cons of this case so that it can be your consideration to buy it or not.


  • It has minimal design and aesthetic looks.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • It features pre-installed coolers.
  • It has a dual-chamber layout.


  • It is not able to install tall CPU coolers.
  • In some small spaces, large widths will be difficult to manage.
  • It does not have external drive slots.
  • The space is limited for two GPUs and two coolers.
  1. Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC Micro ATX Cube

Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC Micro ATX Cube

This case is popular for its unmatched functionality and ability to support almost any kind of system. This case is built with a 200 mm turbo fan cooling system and it includes liquid and air cooling units. You are able to use the Core V21 in vertical and horizontal orientation of the motherboard. It is good for customization which can reflect the preference of the user because it permits the best viewing presentation without compromising on cooling or performance.

How about the dimensions of this case? Thermaltake Core V21 Micro ATX Cube has 336 mm x 320 mm x 424 mm of the dimensions. It can support Mini ITX and Micro ATX motherboards of 6.7″ x 6.7″ and 9.6″ x 9.6″ dimensions respectively. This case comes with only one standard cooling fan of 200 mm length and it is pre-installed in the front. The micro case has a side window which is perforated.

It cannot support any external bays even though it does have three 3.5″ and three 2.5″ internal bays. This case comes with two USB 3.0 ports and it also has 5 expansion slots. The maximum CPU cooler height allowance is 185 mm and the GPU allowance is 350 mm. The ATX PSU allowance is 200 mm. You are able to find a headphone jack and mic port in the front. The case features a stacking option and also provision for the rotation of the motherboard. If you wonder about its warranty, the warranty of the case is 3 years.

In the list below, you are able to check the pros and cons of this case as your consideration.


  • This case has the top bottom set up which enhances functionality.
  • The noise is reduced by the rubber gaskets at the bottom.
  • The cooling system is advanced.
  • You are able to align the motherboard horizontally or vertically.


  • It is difficult to use the expansion slots.
  • Sometimes the audio connector at the front stops working.
  • The material of the case is flimsy.
  1. Cooler Master Mastercase SL600M

Cooler Master Mastercase SL600M

This is one of the simplest and best quality cases. If you are looking for some best simple cases, then this case is one of the options that you are able to choose. This case has simple and perfect design with all the things that you need in it. It is made up of aluminum and it makes this case more lighter than other gaming cases. The aluminum is sandblasted and it can give a better shine and angular design. So, this case looks gorgeous.

If you see the side panel, it is made of tempered glass which permits you to be able to look inside a great view. Besides, this case also has the best airflow which permits your computer components chilled.

The awesome thing from this case is that this case won the 2019 Red Dot Award for thermal performance and design. So, with this achievement, you do not need to doubt again to buy this case. Besides, this case also can support up to 360 mm water coolers and radiators to be able to cool down the components of your PC. It has a bottom dust filter which is removable and you are able to clean it.

Here are some pros and cons of this case so that it may be able to help you to consider whether this case can be your option to buy or not.


  • It has an efficient cooling system.
  • This case has noise reduction technology.
  • This case has space that can be used for additional advanced cooling technology.
  • It has a smart I/O panel light up in the dark.
  • The overall architecture of this case is flexible and organized. It also includes type C.
  • It is lightweight.


  • This case is not able to accomodate bigger hardware or cooling solutions.
  • This case can get hot even the hardware is cooler.
  • The proximity sensor is a bit sensitive.
  • This case is a bit expensive.
  1. Corsair Crystal 460X RGB

Corsair Crystal 460X RGB

We can say that Corsair is one of the well-known brands in cooling peripherals. This case is one of the best classic cases that you are able to buy. It has built-in RGB fans which will be able to give you an option for some great builds. Also, this case is one of the compact and best looking cases that you can choose.

This case is beautifully simple and engineered to perform these things: the Crystal 460X with pretty two-panel tempered glass, Direct Airflow cooling technology and SP 120 RGB LED fans is expandable, compact and gorgeous. It has two beautiful simple panels tempered glass and direct flow cooling technology which permits you to be able to cool down some stress from your CPU.

It also has three SP120 RGB LED fans which will make your build gorgeous. It has LED different effects and the bright light which will give you goosebumps. The space inside the case is enough to fit all your needs. It can support full ATX motherboards and a lot of GPU. This Corsair Crystal 460X also can support liquid cooling and has room on top, rear and front to be able to chill down your boiling overclocked CPU.

If you want to have this case because you think that it is interesting but you still doubt, you are able to read the pros and cons of this case that you are able to read below.


  • It has premium tempered glass.
  • It has 3x RGB fans.
  • It is worth to buy.
  • It can support Coolers up to 170 mm in height.
  • It can support 360 mm radiator setup.


  • This case has less space behind the motherboard tray.
  • This case has tricky cable management.
  • You are not able to use 3.5″ drive bays with big PSU.
  • It has a fingerprint magnet. 
  1. InWin 301 Micro-ATX Mini-ITX

InWin 301 Micro-ATX Mini-ITX

This case is constructed with 1.2 mm SECC steel and it is lined with a shockproof stand so that it makes the InWin 301 a stable and high quality product which can work hard and protect your system. The appearance is clean-cut and it looks simple in design. This case has a spectacular front panel which is highlighted by a luminescent LED light. While gaming in the dark, it will look ethereal.

This case is made of tempered glass and SECC. It has two colors including black and white. The type of this case is a mini-tower and it has 3 external drive bays including two 2.25″ ones and one 3.5″ one. The internal drive bays of this case include one of 3.5″ or 2.5″ and two 2.5″. In the side panels, you are able to see that they are made of steel and those are ventilated. Affixed thumbscrews support them.

This case can support motherboards of micro ATX and mini-ITX variety. There are four expansion slots of PCI-E variety in this case and also it has the cooling system which is comprised of two 120mm intake fans and one 240mm radiator in the front. You are able to fit a 120mm fan and a 120mm radiator in the back. You are also able to fit two 120mm at the bottom which will take the PCI-E slot.

This case has two USB 3.0 ports and one HD audio port in the front. It can support standard PS2 ATX12V power supply with a maximum length of 160 mm. It is compatible with a VGA card of 330 mm. The CPU heatsink height maximum allowance is 160 mm. How about the dimensions of this case? It has 365mm x 188 mm x 379mm and its weight is 6.57 kg. This case also comes with a pre-installed glass panel.

You are able to see the pros and cons of this case below.


  • It can install 5 fans and it has a superior cooling system.
  • It can support versatile expanding options.
  • It has a tempered glass side panel which permits a view side.


  • Inside the case, it is impossible to route cables.
  • It is not optimal in mounting of 2.5″ drive bays.
  • It is not easy to board mounting.
  • It can take a long time to assemble everything.
  1. Silverstone Tek SG10 Micro-ATX

Silverstone Tek SG10 Micro-ATX

This case seems to exceed your expectations because it has an affordable case but it offers a wide range of features and superior build quality. This case a lot of features and they are also installed with dust filters that you are able to remove them easily and clean them because of the quick access design which can prevent a buildup of dust.

The interior of this case has a brilliant design. It permits installation of 4 hard disk bays with a full-length graphics card and the capacity which can be used for a full-fledged cooling system to be able to optimize airflow inside the case.

This case is made of high strength plastic and it has a meshes aluminum front panel. It has two colors including black and white. The case features 5 drive bays including two 5.25″ external ones, four 3.5″ internal ones and one 2.5″ internal one. It can support motherboards of micro ATX and mini ITX variety.

This case has four expansion slots and it also has two USB 3.0 ports, one audio port and one mic port in the front. It can support standard PS2 ATX power supply. Besides, it is also compatible with expansion cards of 358 mm and 144 mm. The CPU cooler height maximum allowance is 140 mm and it has unlimited PSU allowance and mandatory cable routing system. This case also can support Kensington locks. If you are curious about the dimensions of the case, the dimensions are 160mm x 355mm x 400mm and its weight is 3.46 kg.

What are the pros and cons of this case? You are able to check below.


  • It has small but efficient use of space.
  • It can hold big fans.
  • For 6 drives, it has enough space.
  • The top fan comes off easily to be able to access the components at the bottom.


  • It is tricky if you want to remove the side panels.
  • The cooling system of this case is not optimal.
  • The cable management is not up to the mark.
  • Sometimes, it is difficult to open or close the case after installing everything.
  1. Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

This case is a good option for gaming lovers and hardcore office wokers. It has enough functionality and flexibility to guarantee high performance for almost any type of user. This case permits you to be able to separate storage and power supply on the bottom part of the dual-chamber layout. You are also able to put motherboard and other platform components on the top level.

You are able to purchase a top mesh case or a windowed one depending on your preferences. Since the top and side panels can be easily removed, so it is easy to work inside the HAF XB.

This case is made of steel and polymer and it comes with a meshed front bezel. The dimensions of this case are 442mm x 330mm x 423 mm and its weight is 8.2 kg. It can support motherboards of mini ATX, micro ATX and ATX kind. It permits for a VGA card of a maximum 334 mm height. The CPU cooler height can be 180 mm and the case also has 7 expansion slots.

This case is compatible with standard ATX PS2 power supply and the maximum length for PSU is 180mm. It has two 5.5 inches drive bays including 4 2.5 inch drive bays and four 3.5 inches bays. This case features a front panel with 2 USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports which can be found internally and one Audio In & Out port which can support HD Audio. In the case, you are able to see that there is enough space for 5 cooling fans. You are able to install one 200 mm one at the top.

At the back part, you are able to install one 120 mm fan or two 80 mm fans. Also, you are able to fit in one 240 mm radiator at the front and one 120 mm radiator at the back. The warranty of this case is 2 years.

Below, we have an explanation about the pros and cons of this case.


  • It has a removable motherboard tray.
  • It has a large cutout on the motherboard tray which makes it easy to install CPU.
  • It has carrying handles which are good for moving around.
  • The top panel and side panels are removable.
  • It can support multiple options for cooling and those are radiators, fans for airflow.
  • It has good airflow.


  • The top does not support 140mm or 120mm fans.
  • It is a little bit more expensive than some other coolers.
  • It is a little bit bulky.
  1. MasterBox Q300L Flexible Micro ATX Case

MasterBox Q300L Flexible Micro ATX Case

This case has flexible design which permits for an easy to build system and high flexibility for unparalleled functionality. It also comes with patterned dust filter design which not only creates a different look for your case but also prevents the entry of dust particles in the system.

This case is available in black color and it is made up of plastic and stainless steel. This case is able to be put vertically or horizontally. The side panel has an edge to edge acrylic transparent view and the dimensions of the case are 387 mm x 230 mm x 381 mm. This case can support micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards and the case has 4 expansion slots.

This case has no any 5.25 inches drive bay but there is one of 3.5 inches and two of 2.5 inches. You are able to adjust the front panel in 6 different locations and you are also able to install a 240mm or 120mm radiator in the front and a 120mm one at the rear. In addition, this case also comes installed with one RGB controller, one RGB splitter which has a 4 pin adapter and 4 removable handles which permit easy transportation.


  • It permits additional graphics cards.
  • It looks amazing.
  • It has an LED fan.
  • It is built neat and compact.
  • It is powerful and noiseless.


  • The ports are loose and it stops working after a while.
  • The quality of material is good.
  • The procedure of cooling is not up to the mark.
  • Customers give reviews which are unsatisfied.
  1. BitFenix Micro ATX, Mini-ITX Case

BitFenix Micro ATX, Mini-ITX Case

Because of its sophisticated and clean look, this case has an awesome form factor. The case comes in midnight black color and it provides a phenomenal option for gamers and also regular users. The dimensions of this case are 249 x 403 x 358 mm. It comes in four colours including white, black, orange and red.

This case features a side panel window and it can support micro ATX and Mini ATX motherboards. It has 5 expansion slots and it can support PS2 ATX power supply mounted at the bottom and 5 PCI slots. The cooler height is able to be up to 120 mm and the maximum length of the power supply unit can be 290 mm.


  • It has durable construction.
  • There are five expansion slots.
  • It has enough space for hard drives.
  • It can hold dual GPU.
  • It has two fans come pre-installed.


  • It has no dust filters.
  • The expansion slots are held in place rather precausly.
  • The cable management is poor.
  1. Fractal Design Meshify C Case

Fractal Design Meshify C Case

This case is a compact computer case where it will give you high-end performance with its streamline airflow design. It has an unrestricted airflow which does not permit devices to heat up and increases your PC performance. This case also comes with an open interior which further eliminates all chances of components heating and guarantees smooth high-speed processing.

This case has block color with black interiors which makes it look elegant. The classic design and smart features also make it stand out from the rest of the cases. The important feature of this case is its flexible and versatile hardware storage. It has a lot of room and you are able to store up to 5 storage devices there. The removal drive cage also makes this case feasible to adjust the space as per your device requirements.

Even you are able to fit your massive GPUs or Graphical Processing Units and heavy-duty PSU or Power Supply Unit in this case. Other features which are offered by this case are smart cable management, front mesh with dust filters and vibration-dampening rubber grommets cushion.

If you want to have this case but you still doubt, you are able to see the pros and cons of this case below.


  • It can support up to 3 fans.
  • It can support a radiator on top.
  • It has fan filters.
  • It has a good performance.


  • This case does not support 10.6 inch deep motherboards.
  • It has 3x fans radiator which requires removal of 3.5 inch drive cage.