Top 10 Sweatiest Skins in Fortnite (2021)

When playing Fortnite, choosing a gorgeous skin is such an important thing. In Fortnite, you will find tons of skins that come in various genres. With a variety of the skins, you definitely can choose the skin as you want based on your character, actually.

Recently, you may find some Fortnite skins called ‘Sweaty’. You may wonder what the skins are. Whereas, the term ‘Sweaty’ refers to the players who attempt their hardest to win every match in Fortnite. There are some certain skins that are known as ‘Sweaty’ skins, as they are often used by ambitious players to win their game.

If you wonder which skins are known as ‘Sweaty’ skin, let’s see a list of ‘Sweatiest’ skins in our post below!

    1. Soccer Skin

Soccer Skin fortnite

Soccer skin has been listed as sweatiest skin in Fortnite, according to some sources. Soccer skin comes in females that successfully attract a lot of players to choose this skin. Otherwise, the male version of soccer skin does not strike fear in the hearts of the players the same way.

The soccer skins have become one of the favorite choices of sweaty players, after the 2018 FIFA World Cup. In Fortnite, you will find a total of eight soccer skins that can be customized. Moreover, you can change the colors of the entire outfit to a more unique one for yourself. The Soccer skin costs 1,200 V-Bucks and the skin commonly comes back to the shop in a certain time.

    1. Renegade Raider

Renegade Raider skin

As its rarity, Renegade Raider has become one of the sweatiest skins in Fortnite. Released during the early days of Fortnite, this skin actually intimidates the players to not ignore it as well. The Renegade Raider skin was one of the first skins that ever hit the Fornite shop, so only a few players can buy this skin.

It is certain that any players who have the Renegade skin in their Fortnite can be called as a veteran Fortnite player. The Renegade skin costs 1,200 V-Bucks, but it did not hit back at the Fortnite shop since its initial release.

    1. Ghoul Trooper

Ghoul Trooper skin

Just like the Renegade Raider skin, Ghoul Trooper skin is one of the old skins that existed in Fortnite. As it was the first event skins in Fortnite, Ghoul Trooper has been chosen by sweaty players. However, this skin has never returned to the Fortnite shop this past season.

Ghoul Trooper is one of the only ones showing true dedication to the game. In other words, any players who use the Ghoul Trooper skin should be a skilled player, that’s why Ghoul Trooper is known as intimidating skin.

    1. Superhero skins

Superhero skins

It doesn’t wonder if everyone today really loves something about superheroes. So as with sweaty players, the superhero skins have been a great choice for them since its release. The superhero skins were fun alternatives which allowed players to customize their own version. They could also customize the skins with different color combinations.

With only a single color, some sweaty players began to customize superhero skins with white, black, green, as the most popular single-color for superhero skins. All Superhero skins cost 1,800 V-Bucks.

    1. Racon Expert

Racon Expert

Racon Expert is categorized as rare skin in Fortnite. However, Epic Games gives a big chance for sweaty players to purchase the Racon Expert skin after its re-release. Racon Experte is also known as OG skins where many sweaty players recently used this skin in their gameplay.

    1. Mogul Master

Mogul Master

Before the soccer skins were getting popular in Fortnite, Mogul Master skin was already in the hearts of the players. Just like soccer skins that can be customized with any different colors, the Mogul Master skin is highly customizable where the sweaty players can change its look to be more gorgeous.

Since it’s customizable, Mogul Master was such a great choice for sweaty players. This skin was released in 2018 that costs 1,500 V-Bucks. This skin has been available more often than in the past, while it was once a rare sight to find in the Fortnite shop/.

    1. Elite Agent

Elite Agent

Elite Agent was one of the first skins that came in different styles. This skin was a tier reward for Fortnite season Three’s Battle Pass that can only hold a candle to the rest of the field. However, the Battle Pass skins are commonly sweaty for one season, but it ends up falling-off after the next Battle Pass rolls around.

The Elite Agent skin has no chance of coming back to the Fortnite shop. It could only be equipped by players who were around for its release, not present. This skin surely means business, though many players are only trying it.

    1. Dummy


Dummy skin comes in bright-yellow that looks quite innocent, though the devil details exist. The Dummy skin has the thinnest waist of all Fortnite skins. However, this thinnest waist naturally causes the players to aim properly, though hitboxes are fixed in Fortnite that means the skin is not able to change the hitbox size.

The Dummy skin costs 1,200 V-Bucks. The good news! You will have more than one chance to add this skin to your skin collection throughout the year.

    1. Banner Brigade Set

Banner Brigade Set

The Banner Brigade Set offers the substantial value for their price where you can buy them with 800 V-Bucks. With the customizable ability, The Banner Brigade Set is very affordable to purchase.

Even though we didn’t see as many Banner Brigade skins in Fortnite last year, two back-bling options are still available. We think the customization option of the Banner Brigade set makes them have a good value.

    1. Crystal


After Bugha used this skin as his main skin during the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, Crystal skin has become rapidly popular in Fortnite. This skin finally became a great choice of sweaty players all around the world, after Bugha won the tournament. Crystal was released in 2019 that is known as uncommon skin for 800 V-Bucks and this skin is often available in Fortnite shops.

Okay, those are Top 10 Sweatiest skins that have been in the hearts of sweaty players.