Top 10 Sweatiest Fortnite Players

Recently, there’s a term spreading among Fortnite players to call a player who uses complex strategy to defeat opponents in the game. The term here is called ‘Sweaty’ that  has been used at large by Fortnite streamers. ‘Sweaty’ means when the players are trying so hard to be flashy and they are now literally sweating.

In Fortnite, there are a number of players who actually attempt so hard to take down the opponents in the game. They are totally ‘Sweaty’ players. In this case, the ‘Sweaty’ players do not always mean pro players, as they can conditionally be pro or casual players.

Today, there  are so many players who increase their skills and they actually try their hardest skills to win every match in Fortnite. Furthermore, the Sweaty players actually build complex structures at outrageous speeds and also implement builds mostly seen in the professional matches.

According to some sources, the following players are included into ‘Sweaty’ players, as they reach the top position quickly. Here are they:

    1. JannisZ


Jannis ‘JannisZ’ Matwin is a top earner and also one of the highest-rated players in Germany. He is inarguably one of the best players in Fortnite both as solo player and a team member. He joined the gaming world when he was 15 years old.

JannisZ gained some huge wins to his name at the age of 16 and has fought alongside the likes of Chapix. Today, he is a recognisable presence in Fortnite. Moreover, he has since recorded impressive results even against older gamers with his more Fortnite experience.

In 2019, JannisZ started his professional gaming career as he competed in the first level of the Fortnite Champion Series and then finished in the ninth position. He also finished in the top position at the Avesta Cup, the FNCS Season 2 Warm-up competitions and also the European finals of the FNCS.

    1. Hen


Hendrik ‘Hen’ Mclean is part of an impressive Fortnite trio alongside Th0masHD and JannisZ. Hen has recently won some FNCS with numerous Cash Cups and Points. In addition to his impressive performance in a team, he has also recorded impressive results as a solo gamer. Recently, he reached the third position at the Solos Clash Cup.

However, Hen didn’t make it big until 2021, but in 2019 when he competed in a tournament, he is really stacking up the big bucks and has made roughly $200K in the space of a single year.

    1. Chapix


Moussa ‘Chapix’ Faour has consistently been at the top of European Fortnite competitions since 2019. He has appeared and performed at the Fortnite World Cup that has actually introduced him to the world stage, earning him many fans.

It is known that Chapix won the Chapter 2 Season 5 finals against another popular gamer. He also has a trophy cabinet with 8 Cash Cups and also raked in a number of top ten finishes in Fortnite tournaments.

    1. Flikk


Nikolaj ‘Flikk’ Andreas Frosle has a rich history in Fortnite esports. He has started playing Fortnite for Team Atlantis. Then, he joined Become Legends, Wave Esports and Guild Esports. He has not reached the top spot in recent solo events, but he is part of a team which has taken second and third spots in huge Esports tournaments.

    1. Th0masHD


ThomasHD (Hoxbro Davidsen) is known as one of the three world-famous players, making up Guild’s trios. He played for Gamma Gaming before he joined the Guild. He has also joined some teams including Singularity, Atlantis and Rakos eSports. He has recorded the most wins after he joined Guild’s renowned trio, while the game has moved around quite a lot.

    1. Muz


Muz has been performing in some tournaments, though he is not rapidly famous in the Esports World. He now joins Team PWR. It is known that he won a number of Cash Cups and FNCS competitions in Oceania.



Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff was not ever the most popular Fortnite gamer, but he successfully made the top 50 Fortnite rankings. Since his overall popularity and considerable earnings from playing the game, he earned more than $130K in prize money. NICKMERCS then rapidly rose to become a popular presence within the scene.

    1. Anas


Taking significant ranking positions from the last two Fortnite Champion competition series, it earned him as one half of the duo. Anas El-Abd is a Guild Esports member alongside his teammate Flikk. Previously, he joined Become Legends.

For Anas, 2020 was an amazing year where he recorded his excellent performance in a number of tournaments, ranks and qualifiers in numerous Cash Cup. Since 2019, he has been competing in Esports.

    1. Rehx


Brodie ‘Rehx’ Franks is a pretty close gamer, though he is not yet the best Fortnite player in the world. rehx is part of a team that has won the last two FNCS. He also has achieved some impressive solo feats, even outside the high-performing duo that consists of Arkhram and himself.

He is also currently part of the popular Fortnite team that is called 100 Thieves. It is known that 100 Thieves is home to a number of talented youngsters. His most memorable accolades include a third-place finish in the Chapter 2 Season 1 Fortnite Champion series, four Solo Cash Cup victories and an amazing performance in the Winter Royale.

    1. Arkhram


Who does not Diego ‘Arkhram’ Palma? Yeah, he is known as one of the best Fortnite players who has won the last FNCS alongside Rehx. For Arkhram. This is a significant achievement considering the competitive nature of Fortnite tournaments. He is aslopart of 100 Thieves, like the second-best gamer.

Other 100 Thieves team members include Hayden Krueger, Brendan Falconer, and Davis McClellan. By 2019, he and two of his teammates had won the Fortnite World Cup earning them around $2.7 million in the process.

Certainly, there are still other Fortnite players who can be categorized as ‘Sweaty’ players. However, we only share with you top 10 Sweaties Fortnite players. Sure, you can look for other players categorized as ‘Sweaty’ players from another source.

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