Top 10 Latest Hamachi Alternatives for Virtual LAN Gaming

Hamachi is a hosted VPN service which permits you to be able to extend LAN-like networks to distributed teams, mobile workers and your gamer friends securely. You may know that Hamachi is great in doing what it does. However, it also has hitches. Two of the hitches is that it is not entirely free and it only permits five clients to connect at once in the free account. Even there is a chance to get a lot of latency and lag on the fre virtual private servers.

So, you may need some alternatives to it. Below, we have top 10 latest Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN Gaming and you are able to choose one of them to use.

  1. Evolve


If you need more features than just Virtual LAN gaming, Evolve is a good option. It is like Hamachi where it has its network adapters and extra tunneling drivers to be able to facilitate communication. Evolve offers a Steam-like approach so that it has a feature-rich overlay that can function in a lot of games. Lately, the team behind Evolve cooperated with Green Man Gaming so that you are allowed to make direct game purchases from inside Evolve’s client only.

In the upcoming Evolve version which is Evolve 2.0, there will be integrated live streaming to all mainstream platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch. In addition, in Tunngle, Evolve also provides you the option to text and voice chat with your friends by using the client.

The interface of Evolve is very interactive where it has a lot of features other than just landed gaming. So, you will be able to enjoy a lot of things there. Evolve is one of the best alternatives of Hamachi that you are able to try. For your information, it is now a part of the platform, so you are able to get more features.

  1. ZeroTier


ZeroTier is another best Hamachi alternative that you are able to use to create your own virtual LAN. It can support all Operating Systems such as MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux. ZeroTier does not only offer VPN services but also it offers SDN and SD-WAN with a single system. It also has free Android and iOS apps.

ZeroTier is an Open Source app so that you are able to get a huge amount of community support. If you want to enjoy more support with other benefits, you are able to choose the advanced plan which requires you to pay based on the plan that you choose. It offers some plans. There is a free plan, Basic plan which costs $29 per month and professional plan which costs $100 per month. You are able to choose the plan based on your need.

ZeroTier is one of the simplest virtual LAN creators but it offers advanced virtual LAN creators as well. It offers low ping, easy user interface and it can work well for gaming and also other VLAN features.

  1. NetOverNet


Basically, NetOverNet is a simple VPN emulator that you are able to use for hosting private gaming sessions. With it, you are able to create a virtual private network where aII IP addresses are universally accessible and permanent. So, your devices which are connected to NetOverNet are available as well.

Here are the advantages of using NetOverNet.

  • It has remote access which permits you to be able to work with your applications.
  • It will take less than a minute to configure a NetOverNet connection. Or, you are able to download and install a client application which will take care of the settings.
  • You are able to connect from any computer which runs Windows or Mac OS, mobile devices based on iOS and Android and even hardware routers.
  • By using any convenient protocol, connection to a remote desktop can be done quickly.
  • The data which are sent through a virtual network are encrypted and reliably protected.
  • You are allowed to use printers connected to remote computers.

If you want to use NetOverNet, there are some plans that you are able to choose. Here they are:

  • Free plan. The number of connections is up to 3 devices and the speed limit is 4 mb/ sec.
  • Base plan. The number of connections is up to 8 devices and the speed limit is 100 mb/ sec. It costs $5/ month.
  • Advanced plan. The number of connections is up to 16 devices and the speed limit is 100 mb/ sec. It costs $10/ month.
  • XXL plan. The number of connections is up to 50 and the speed limit is 1000 mb/ sec. It costs $150/ month.
  1. GameRanger


We can say that GameRanger is one of the most trustworthy LAN gaming solutions. GameRanger does not have as many features as its competitors. Nevertheless, the level of security and stability of GameRanger is very good. It does not use various drivers to emulate LAN gaming so that it is unlike other virtual LAN gaming clients. However, it does it internally through its client. Another good thing from GameRanger is that the pings are very low.

How about the plans for it? It offers 3 kinds of plans.

  • Free
  • Silver Membership which costs $19.95 per year
  • Gold Membership which costs $39.95 per year.

Profiles, friends lists, in-game voice communication, instant messaging, and competitive ladders/ rankings/ ratings are the features offered by GameRanger.

  1. Wippien


Wippien is a tool which is simple to use and it is light because it only weighs just about 2 MB. It utilizes the WeOnlyDo wodVPN component for building a P2P connection with each of the clients to build a VPN. This tool is also free and open source and it can work greatly only with Gmail or Jabber accounts. So, it cannot support other email services for registration.

It can be used directly for Virtual LAN Gaming for multiplayer gaming among your friends. So, it seems that Wippien can be suitable for you as an alternative to Hamachi. How does this tool work? It uses XMPP protocol to interact with any Jabber server of your choice. If it has been connected, it will find your contacts and show their presence status. Then, in case you put someone to be on your contact list, you are able to build direct peer-to-peer connection with those contacts just as they are plugged directly to your network switch. The direct connection is safe and encrypted and no one of peers have to know the real IP address of other peers.

  1. SoftEther


SoftEther stands for Software Ethernet. It is one of the most powerful and easy to use multi protocol VPN software in the world. Now, it can support almost all operating systems including Linux, Mac, Windows, FreeBSD and Solaris. Also, it is open-source and free. Even though it has a simple interface, it has great features.

SoftEther also applies SSL-VPN tunneling on HTTPS and passes through firewalls. Besides, it also offers AES 256-bit and RSA 4096 bit encryption for all your privacy needs. It can support NAT traversal and it can also optimize performance by using full Ethernet frame utilization, parallel transmission, reducing memory copy operations and clustering. Also, these are able to reduce latency normally which is related to VPN connections while increasing throughput.

Here are some other features that you are able to enjoy from SoftEther.

  • It is easy to build remote-access and site-to-site VPN.
  • It has revolutionary VPN over ICMP and VPN over DNS features.
  • It has sufficient security features including logging and firewall inner VPN tunnel.
  • The OpenVPN clone function can support legacy OpenVPN clients.
  • Configuring all settings is done on GUI.
  • It offers multi-languages including English, Japanese and Simplified-Chinese.
  • It has a deep-inspect packet logging function.
  • It has no memory leaks.
  1. Radmin VPN

Radmin VPN

If you are looking for a great software for creating virtual VPNs, then the answer is Radmin VPN. It is free to use and it does not limit the number of gamers. With it, you are able to play your favorite games as if you were playing in the LAN because it has high speed. It has a very easy interface and setup and you will not face high ping issues as well. Radmin VPN offers speed up to 100 Mbps and it provides you with a secure VPN tunnel. The encryption keeps your connection safe.

Radmin VPN was launched in 2016 and it has proven itself as a reliable and helpful tool. Every new version of this tool is rigorously tested by Fematech and beta testers from around the world. If you want to download Radmin VPN, you are able to access the official site and there you will find the Free Download button that you are able to click for downloading the tool.

  1. FreeLAN


FreeLAN is a tool which is completely open-source. You are able to customize it to create a network following various topologies such as peer-to-peer, client server, or hybrid. You are able to set it based on your will. This tool does not offer GUI and you have to configure the FreeLAN config file manually to run the application.

If you are worried about the speed, you do not have to because this tool offers the high speeds and also it has almost no lag when playing games. Also, if you are afraid about the support, you do not have to because the community behind this project is active so that you will have support from them.

According to the official site of FreeLAN, this tool was first designed to run transparently in the background on all operating systems. It does not mean that there will never be a graphical user interface. They have plans for it but designing such a thing is a time consuming operation so it may take a while.

  1. P2PVPN


This tool is not developed by a team of developers like other tools but it is developed by a single developer for his thesis. However, never think that it is not useful because it offers a lot of good things. The User Interface (UI) of this tool is simple and it is easy to use with the basic features that it has. This tool can manage to carry out the task of creating a VPN effectively. It is also useful for end users and does not need a central server. This tool is open-source and it is written completely in Java to guarantee compatibility with older systems.

The client did its latest update in 2010 and now the developer does not maintain it anymore. So, it will be difficult for you to find a solution if you find any errors. However, if you want to try this tool, you are free to use it.

  1. Parsec


Are there any other alternatives of Hamachi for Virtual LAN Gaming besides the alternatives above? You are able to get acquainted with Parsec. This tool has redefined how we play video games together. If you see that Parsec is like all about Arcade gaming, you are wrong. It is more than that. It will permit you to create virtual LAN gaming servers by using its local co-op feature.

To optimally connect different computers on the internet, this tool uses peer to peer connection with NAT traversal techniques. If you access the platform of Parsec, you are able to play multiplayer games with others in the world because of its matchmaking service without having to be worried about lag. The company also permits you to be able to play games at 60 FPS across a host of devices.

Parsec can support cross-platform devices including macOS, Windows, Android, Raspberry Pi3 and Linux. It is free but there is hourly charge depending on usage. Usually, the price starts at $0.50/ hour.

Is Parsec secure? Well, as we all know that security is very important. If you wonder about the security of this tool, you do not need to because Parsec takes security very seriously. The only applications and programs which other people have access to are the ones that you individually select to give them access to.

For more information about Parsec, you are able to access the site. Or, if you are sure that you want to use Parsec, in that site, you can download it just by clicking a red Download Now button.

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