Time and Wind Genshin Impact Location Guide

In Genshin Impact, you will complete a semi-hidden World Quest. Surprisingly, this quest only appears once you arrive on a specific unmarked island. Then, the ‘Time and the Wind’ quest will suddenly show up for any players who trek over to the island in eastern Mondstadt.

After you arrive on an unmarked island, you will then have to solve a bit of a puzzle to complete the Time and the Wind quest. We think that you’ll get a bit hard to finish this quest as it offers you a complicated puzzle to solve. However, it’s such a must-quest that you should complete due to it has some gorgeous rewards.

Then, are you interested in completing this quest? And how to find the location for Time and the Wind quest as it’s located on an unnamed island? Thankfully, this post will show you a guide how to complete the Time and the Wind quest.

Location of Time and the Wind Quest, Here’s to Complete the Quest!

As Time and the Wind quest takes place on an unnamed island, the only one way that you should do is to reach the unnamed island by heading to the East of the very first Teleport Waypoint. Then, in order to easily complete this quest, you will need a character who has an Anemo ability. Ensure your Traveler is attuned to the right element if you have no other Anemo characters in your party members.

Here’s how to find an unnamed island and complete the quest!

Step 1: Reach an unnamed island

Reach an unnamed island

An unnamed island can be found by heading toward the east coast of the Starsnatch Cliff. There, you will find an unnamed island. To reach the island, there are two ways that you can take.

First, you can freeze the water with a Cryo skill. If you have more available, you can also use several Cryo Party members to speed things up. Then cycling through them while waiting for the cooldown of the others to reach the island can be your option. You can then teleport to the first waypoint you confront in Starfell Valley to begin.

Second, if you have Venti with a minimum of 208 stamina. Aside from Venti, you can also use Amber to reduce the stamina consumption of gliding to allow you gliding from Snarsnatch Cliff all the way to the uninhabited island. However, they can directly float towards the island. It’s such a faster way that you can get.

Once you’re on the island, you have to head over to the south beach. Then, you just need to find a very small camp which has rock beside it. Break the rock to provide the next direction for Time and the Wind quest.

Step 2: Change the time on sundial

Change the time on sundial

By breaking the rock, it will provide the information which informs you how to trigger the sundial. Now, you have to head back to the sundial and then change the time to 2:00 AM. To change the time on sundial, make sure that you already have a character with the Wind element.

Step 3: Gathering the four wind orbs

To find the wind orbs, you can also use your elemental vision to see the four wind orbs you need to gather with the first being just behind the sundial. However, the elemental vision will draw lines towards the locations of those orbs by following the lines to find the orbs.

Well, you have to collect all wind orbs by using wind magic. The first wind orb can be found on top of the sunken ruins behind the sundial. All you need is to jump and climb on the pillars to get close enough to use a wind attack on the orb. By doing this, it can make the other wind orbs appear.

The second wind orb can be found on top of a pillar beside the sundial. You can go back to the sundial and also use your vision again to see a path which leads up one of the nearby pillars. Then, climb all the way to the top and you should break it with another wind attack.

The third wind orb can be found toward the northwest side of the beach which sits on top of a rock partly submerged in water. Then, the last wind orb can be found towards the south behind a submerged rune. To get it, you need to glide down and disperse this one just like the others.

Step 4: Enter the storm

Once you collect all wind orbs, you’ll see the storm surrounding the sundial. Then, you have to enter the storm and break the orb which is sitting in the center. By  breaking the orb, it will appear a level 40 elemental boss named the Eye of the Storm. After reaching 25 health, you should use the wind jets to find it again.

Step 5: Find 3 more wind orbs

If you use wind jets, it surely will take you back to another sundial where you should change the time. You also need to find 3 more wind orbs again. For this time, if you break the orb, it will spawn wind slime bosses. So, you should be careful in this way.

All  3 winds orbs are around the sundial only. One towards the left, one also towards to the right and the last one is located right opposite it. Those can be spotted with the help of elemental Vision.

Step 6: Defeating the final boss

Defeating the final boss

After collecting all 3 orbs, the wind boss will return back and it looks more awesome than before. This final boss won’t only be stronger but also there will appear additional enemies that will aid it in combat. If you successfully defeat the boss, it’s a parameter that Time and the Wind quest is completed.

You can then speak to Henry to claim your amazing rewards. Henry Morton, a Genshin Impact NPC can be found south of the Thousand Winds Temple in Mondstadt nearest to the sundial.

By visiting him, you will have a chance to get the rewards as a sign that you successfully completed the quest of Time and the Wind. Well, the rewards that you will get are:

    • Adventure EXP x500
    • Mora x60,000
    • Primogems x60
    • Hero’s Wit x5
    • Mystic Enhancement Ore x3

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