Thinknoodles Roblox Piggy Notes

If you love horror and love to spend your time playing games on Roblox, you should not miss one of the best survival horror games on the platform called Piggy. This one was created in 2020 by MiniToon. The game is about how to escape the map by looking for and using the keys, tools, and so on and at the same time trying to avoid an evil anthropomorphic animal.

In the game called Piggy, there are some notes found throughout the game. These refer to the hidden messages around the maps left behind by the character, they point to the lore of the game and they display secrets to the storyline.

Thinknoodles Roblox Piggy Notes

Before known to the public, some Youtubers have leaked these notes. One of them is a popular game play commentator known as Thinknoodles. His videos about these Roblox Piggy notes were released a year ago. If you want to found these, you can just go to Youtube. In the search bar, write down the keyword such as “Thinknoodle Roblox Piggy notes”. Just in second, the results will be shown after hitting Enter.

Notes of Roblox Piggy are divided into four: Piggy: Book 1 Notes, Piggy: Book 2 Notes, The Insolence, and Piggy: Intercity. Here are some of the notes of each:

Piggy: Book 1 Notes:

    • Where did these creatures come from? I’ve never seen anything like them before…
    • I can only hope that the officer that went to find out where the location of George Pig is okay…
    • It can’t find me in here, can it? Am I safe from it…?
    • The other police officers left without me. I need to get out of here.
    • The search for survivors went bad. I’m now locked in this room with some crazy animal on the loose
    • The teacher was fine when we got here to rescue her… what happened?
    • I feel everything I do. I can’t control my actions. I can’t help myself. My mind yells for help but my body does not agree. I wish the world would understand.
    • The majority of a family volunteered to help with testing. The test will began shortly. Hopefully it goes well.
    • Subject has been hallucinating officer Doggy. Doggy’s been missing for weeks.
    • Mr. P has graciously donated much to help research a cure. He insists that we test it as soon as possible.
    • The tests have shown promising results so far. The youngest was absent during the tests.
    • I have to do this for our own good. – Mr. P
    • She’s really sick… I need to help her. Any way I can. – Mr, P
    • Patient Zero was given Substance 128. Patient has been restoring strength, but also displaying signs of aggression.
    • Maybe the doctor can make something. A cure. I’ll give anything. I just need her to feel better. – Mr. P
    • To those looking for safety: this is the worst place to look. – T.S.P.
    • Doggy and Foxy got what was coming to them. – T.S.P.
    • Why did my friends leave me in here…?

Piggy: Book 2 Notes:

    • Dear Willow, please take care of William while I am gone, I’ll be back soon. – Saisy
    • Can K_ come out and play today?
    • BREAKING: BILLIONAIRE FUNDS SEARCH FOR CURE Mr. P, a successful billionaire based in the city of Lucella has donated over 40% of his bank funds to research facilities all of the nation to aid in search of a cure to the Linnaeoma disease.
    • Why are we being abandoned? We need them most, and NOW they leave?
    • Looks like others have taken the supplies here before us. Better luck next time, I guess
    • I don’t feel very well about that Tiger. I haven’t heard him speak once when he he’s here.
    • Heard something going on up north with the military. I wonder why they’d move their bases to colder places.
    • Hey, what happened to Foxy? I kinda liked that guy. Was he relocated as well?
    • Dear Kitty; quit putting your clothes with our uniforms! My uniform is pink now thanks to you.
    • They all took one look at me and just threw me away like I was nothing to them. Not Rash, though. We were alike. We were friends. – T
    • My parents were never proud of me. I was always hurt and bossed around by everyone around me. I could be so much more useful to the group if they just gave me a chance. – T
    • This place is run by maniacs, we need to leave before they find out we know too much. If you are reading this, stay away from here.
    • When we are near, we need to make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we need to convince them we are near.

The Insolence:

    • Do not draw the house with light. It will draw him too…
    • Someone began to disrupt the countryside. The descriptions of witnesses matched his look. I never saw him again.
    • When he learnt of my condition, he grew sad and frustrated. He left.
    • I gave him a face. I was his only friend.
    • The Insolence calls my name. I will stay down here even if the workers wish to flood it. I will devote myself to the eye.
    • Leave me alone. Please, it watches too often. It wants to take me with it. I’m scared it’ll try to take control of me.
    • SHE
    • KNOWS
    • SOON.

Piggy: Intercity:

    • We’ve been abandoned by our former group, and thrown away by the government. I don’t know how much more I can take. – FF
    • They won’t let us in because we “look” like we are sick. We’ll get in these walks some day. – FF
    • Take me back to a time, o wretched place, to a time where I was beloved by the echoes of the penitentiary! – FF
    • We’ve bought safety to the city, but every day more and more people outside gather and try to push in. I hope some day the military does something aboutthis.
    • LET US IN
    • WE WANT IN!

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