The Reasons that You Should Ready to Sign-Up for YouTube Premium Today

Have you heard of YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red), but have you ever wondered if only US$ 11.99 monthly subscription is worth it? I would like to inform you that it provides a better version of the streaming service.

And I’m sure someone will say, “Hey! YouTube is already free. Why should I pay?” There are five obvious reasons to sign up today.

Before you think about paying, know this: Google is offering new users a free trial for one month. Find out why you need to sign up for YouTube Premium today.

Also, students (like Spotify and Apple Music) do not pay the full fee. Students currently pay 99 6.99 per month and receive a US$ 5 discount.

Editors’ Note: YouTube TV every month. A unique cable replacement service starting at US$ 50. Compare now with Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, and AT&T TV.

What is YouTube Premium?

By Wikipedia: YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) is a subscription service offered by the video platform YouTube. The service provides ad-free access to content across the service, as well as access to premium YouTube Originals programming produced in collaboration with the site’s creators, downloading videos and background playback of videos on mobile devices, and access to the YouTube Music music streaming service.

Without the ads YouTube is so much better

You relied on the service as a super channel for me and millions of other YouTube video viewers and provided a variety of content on schedule. In my experience, it has impressed me not only with it, but with incredibly accurate recommendations and methods that all other services have tried but failed. However, none of this will work without YouTube Premium.

For those who miss a surprisingly small number of Google promotions, YouTube Premium is an 11.99-month subscription that includes exclusive content from the best YouTube users. Google also provides free music service updates (see description below).

After all, YouTube Premium lets you watch your favorite YouTube without seeing counterfeit ads. Watching means that not all YouTube applications, including smart TV apps, built-in boxes and smartphones, will display ads.

I don’t hate advertising in the broadest sense of the word, but is there a reasonable way to do it? We will do this so that you no longer find Zico ads annoying and annoying.

YouTube sings without ads with the power of the best singer of all time. Start by clicking on the video. No pauses, no interruptions, and nothing, this is exactly the video you want. Should it have been so easy?

Oh, no ads on YouTube Premium really mean any ads. What do you think? Get an ad-free package for US$ 11.99 from Hulu and watch shows like Avoiding Punishment of Crime and Marvel Shield Agents and you’ll see ads every time. You won’t face nervous stars because of the deal with YouTube Premium or Hulu excuses.

From work computers to Apple TVs and smartphones, you won’t see ads anywhere you look on YouTube. You watch content for a few hours each week on YouTube Red to see if there are exceptions or similar gaps. It’s a complete network that always provides enough content and never suffers from advertising.

Enjoy save the videos when offline

Anyone who doesn’t have an unlimited data plan or uses suburban trains to send data by rail without cell phone coverage knows that “save offline” is one of the best expressions of technology. YouTube Premium lets you see a download icon at the bottom of each video that you can click to save the clip later. Of course the videos can be downloaded in 1080p resolution.

That way, you can record your favorite music video or do what I can for your next dance break, and you’re not limited to the audio version just because you can record a video version of your favorite podcast at home.

Get free YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music

I didn’t subscribe to YouTube Premium, but I did buy one through an existing subscription to Google Play Music, an artist competing with Apple Music or Spotify. All Google Play Music subscribers receive YouTube Premium and all YouTube Premium subscribers receive Google Play Music and YouTube Music Premium.

The Google Play Music Library not only provides many songs like Spotify, but also includes a cloud library service for MP3 collectors to access rare songs from anywhere, including 50,000 downloads. Like recent podcasts in Google Play Music, this service is not limited to just songs, so you can combine all your listener needs into one app.

In fact, Google plans to close the gap between YouTube Premium and Google Play Music in the near future. During a panel session at the New Music Seminar in New York, YouTube music director Lear Cohen explored the company, which “integrates YouTube Premium with Google Play Music and offers a product,” and explores the company’s plans. I said I answered. Increase the popularity of YouTube Premium

Flip between apps without worry

If I only use my smartphone or tablet, it’s always nice to see notification popups on my device that send emails, tweets or text messages. With the exception of YouTube Premium, the video stops playing whenever you switch to another application.

I’m currently using YouTube Premium, so if you hear the sound of the video, it will keep playing in the background as you write your answer. This feature is also useful for mobile games with background music that I don’t like. Instead, you can turn off the game and listen to YouTube.

The original content that exclusively for YouTubers

If you want to sign up or start playing as soon as possible for names like Lily Singh and Rooster Teeth, it’s no surprise that you’re not a YouTube premium subscriber. These artists create original content that is only available at a given level on YouTube. But you will not be able to get all the smiles, surprises and gestures from these creators.

However, this part of YouTube Premium can be changed. The Hollywood Reporter quoted a source familiar with YouTube’s plans as saying that the company was “planning to reduce script production by 2020” in addition to promoting ad-supported content.

What are you waiting for?

YouTube premium subscriptions don’t start alone. If you’re worried about accidentally spending money, create a reminder for the month starting today in the Calendar app. “Is advertising on YouTube free?” Wrote? Or “How good is it to be able to save YouTube videos for offline viewing?” You’ll know the answer by the end of the test month, and if you’re as excited about YouTube as I am, it won’t be a problem to continue your subscription.

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