The Pit Fortnite Code Jaydubslays

You may want to play The Pit map by Jaydubslays and so now you need the code because this map can be played in Fortnite Creative. Here, we will inform you what we found about this information. So, here they are.

The Code Of the Pit Map

When the information about the Pit code Jaydubslays was looked for, there are some information about it. One of them is a video which was uploaded by JayDubSlays on Youtube entitled DONT FALL – FREE FOR ALL. On this video, he shows the map that he created where it is a new fortnite creative map that he built. He explained in the description of the video that there is no floor on the map and you will have to build to not fall. It is also explained that you are able to shoot or edit your enemies down to be able to gather the kill. You will also be over lava and if you touch it, you will be eliminated. This map is a respawn map and it has a 30 minute timer. The old name was the pit by jaydubslays. So, here is the code for this map:


The Other Pit Map Codes

On Epic Games website, there is The Pit map code by Geerzy. It is the version 305. The code for this map is 4590-4493-7113. To know how this map is before you try to play it, you are able to watch it on Youtube.

The Steps to Use Fortnite Creative Code

After you know the map codes that you are able to use, then it is important for you to know how to use the codes. You are able to follow the steps below to use the Fortnite Creative codes.

    • The first thing that you have to do is to launch your Fortnite. You have to choose Creative in the game selection menu and then you have to click on the Change so that you are able to access this menu.

launch your Fortnite

    • In this step, you have to press Play. You have to choose Island Code and then press enter.


    • Now, the thing that you have to do is to enter the code. You have to type the code on the screen and then you have to click on the Launch to begin the game

enter the code

    • There is an alternative where you are able to walk up to any featured island in the Welcome Hub and there you have to enter the code. After a brief load time, then the game that you are looking for will show.


News About The Pit Code Fortnite

According to Sportskeeda website, the fourth and last phase of the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Challenge, The Pit creative LTM goes live on July 1st. It marks the start of the end of the summer event. As explained on that website that as a Fortnite player, you are able to expect all four creative LTMs to be live daily from 9 AM ET.

On the Twitter account of Fortnite, namely @FortniteStatus, they posted that they are aware that the Cosmic Summer Quests are unlocking early for some players. In addition, they wrote that The Cosmic Summer Quest LTMs will be live for players daily at 9 am ET until July 5th, 2021. This post was written in the Fortnite Status Twitter on June 29th, 2021. There is also a link for information on Cosmic Summer in that post.

After Fortnite The Pit creative LTM challenges go live, you will have five days left to be able to wrap up all pending Cosmic Summer Challenges. It is not like the Pro 100, and Freaky Flights LTMs, The Pit will be a bit hard.

It seems that it will be like the Fortnite Trio Zone Wars creative LTM so The Pit will test the ability of players to be able to land headshots and build for survival. In nature, the building aspect is casual. However, it can hamper players from getting clean headshots in-game.

How about the map code? The code that you have to use for the Pit creative LTM is the code that we have mentioned above from Geerzy namely:
The scheduled LTM goes live on July 1st, 2020 at 9 AM ET.

What about the challenges and rewards from this? As also informed in Sportskeeda that there are four challenges for players in total. They have to complete them in Fortnite The Pit creative LTM. The first three challenges are very basic so that you should be able to complete them easily. However, the fourth challenge may be a little bit hard to complete and you may have to be patient to complete this challenge.

What are the challenges? You are able to see from the list below.

    • You have to build structures in The Pit (0/500).
    • You have to destroy structures in The Pit (0/500).
    • You have to eliminate players with five different types of weapons in a single The Pit match (0/5).
    • You have to get headshots in The Pit (0/50).

Now, how about the rewards? You will get XP rewards and also these items.

    • Brain Freeze Whirlberry

This is a back bling from the Undercover Summer set. This item was firstly added to the game in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7.

    • Stellar Sipper

This is an emoticon .

    • Marshmallets

This is a harvesting tool and the rarity of this item is Epic. This item is from the Undercover Summer set and it firstly added to the game in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7.

    • Cloud Llama Board Golden Wave

This is a glider with unlockable styles. Cloud Llama Board is a Legendary glider in this game.

For your information, the complete items from Undercover Summer Cosmetics include Beach Brutus Skin, Scuba Crystal Skin, Beach Jules Skin, Midsummer Midas Skin, Boardwalk Ruby Skin, Aqua Lug Harvesting Tool, Gilded Shadow Harvesting Tool, Sandy Shoveler Harvesting Tool, Rainbow Carver Harvesting Tool, Marshmallets Harvesting Tool, Hot Rod Ripper Harvesting Tool, Golden Black Wrap, Ghost Skimboard Back Bling, Duffle Dog Back Bling, Brain Freeze Back Bling, Shelly Back Bling, Birthstone Backplate Back Bling, Plasmatic Gear Back Bling, Scuba Satchel Back Bling, and Translucent Tote Back Bling.