The Most Inappropriate Minecraft Servers

In order to play Minecraft, you will need to join a server first. But, in the case of selecting the servers, you should choose the best of the best servers that will allow you to get a new gameplay style, new world, unforgettable experience to play with your friends and more.

Unfortunately, not all Minecraft servers will do their great job to provide such satisfaction to the players. Some of them may have their own lackage and also make the players frustrating when joining in those servers. So, if you are curious about it, you can learn more about inappropriate Minecraft servers through our post below!

What Is Inappropriate Minecraft Server?

According to some sources, an inappropriate Minecraft server is a kind of server that does not perform like a Minecraft server in running the game. It’s just like that there are a lot of troubles within the server and may also cause the game’s get crushed.

Aside from that, an inappropriate Minecraft server may contain something inappropriate for players to see or use, could be pornographic content or anything else. Certainly, the server with inappropriate adult content can harm the kid players.

The Most Inappropriate Minecraft Servers

Among Minecraft players, the server named 2b2t is known as the worst Minecraft server. In fact, both Andrew Paul of Vic and Robert Guthrie of Kotaku have mentioned that the 2b2t server is the worst server in Minecraft. So, if you want to play safely, you should avoid this server, leaving it when someone invites you to join.

Top 8 Minecraft Servers to Join

Unfortunately, we cannot show more inappropriate Minecraft servers for you, as we cannot find more inappropriate servers. Instead, we show you some best and recommended servers for you to join, here are they:

    1. Mineplex


For some people, Mineplex ranks in the top position as the best Minecraft server. This server is known as the largest Minecraft server in existence. Which makes this server so interesting is in its content that contains a number of arenas and zones for a bunch of game types.

Mineplex shows the impressive detail that makes it feels like a studio-built MMO. With Mineplex, you can use it as your sole destination to play Minekart, a blocky recreation of Mario Kart. To join Mineplex server, use this IP: or

    1. Grand Theft Minecart

Grand Theft Minecart

The Grand Theft Minecraft server combines the biggest PC games: Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto (GTA). This server allows you to have a wonderful recreation of the GTA experience with houses that you own, the weapons to shoot and also pesky policemen to evade.

This server is for survival, so if you  are really excited to play any survival games, the Grand Theft Minecart can be a right option. To join this server, use this IP:

    1. Brawl


Brawl server gives you an attractive atmosphere of Call of Duty. For players who love shooter games, this server is one of the suitable Minecraft servers. If you join this server, we think you will have the sensation of playing your favorite FPS modes. It may also have a good chance to feature ‘Capture the Flag to Last Man Standing’.

The Brawl server provides a number of action-packed fun. This server is also providing the battle royale gameplay experience. So, if you want to join the Brawl server to play Minecraft, you need to use this IP:

    1. Minewind


Minewind is the Minecraft survival server that shows a very pleasant experience. This server aims to survive for as long as possible, instead you obtain the ultimate playground for griefers, deception and player-killing.

Aside from that, you can also against endless Minecraft mobs, killers and also double-crossers in this server. To join the Minewind server, you can use this IP:

    1. Minescape


Minescape is known as the Minecraft RPG server where you will get an unforgettable experience that feels like playing RuneScape. With this server, you will experience leveling your skills to 99 in Minecraft. The Minescape was designed to look and feel just like one of the best free MMOs.

As a throwback, Minecraft has picked out inspiration from both RS3 and OSRS. With such a combination, you will feel right at home. Moreover, you can find the original here. However, this server is still being updated. If you want to join the Minescape server, you can use this IP:

    1. PixelmonCraft


PixelmonCraft is also one of the worthy servers that you can use in Minecraft. This server picked out the popular Pokemon themed Pixelmon mod and made it multiplayer. PixelmonCraft server is created based on the Kanto and Johto regions from the game of Pokemon.

However, the PixelmonCraft developer seems to provide more gorgeous areas and towns. They also have replicated as much of the Pokemon gameplay as possible. Animals available in Minecraft are also replaced with Pokemon, so the players can catch and use them in the battle.

Additionally, there are gym leaders to fight, long grass to avoid and also Pokemarts to shop in. The point is, the PixelmonCraft server actually proves the beauty of Minecraft’s blocky as the perfect home for the Pokemon games, as it feels like the game of Pokemon for PC that you always wanted.

If you are interested in joining the PixelmonCraft server, you can just simply use this IP: or

    1. Zero.Minr


Zero.Minr server describes the ever-versatile nature of Minecraft. Within the server, you will find a great variety of challenging maps, killing and also crafting that are thrown aside to run and climb an ever more intricate web of towers and also paths.

A trailer that shows the Zero.minr server is pointing out some of the more challenging routes, spiralling skyward with jumps sure to make players fall to their doom. The players may be frustrated, but with a bit practice, you will feel that this is one of the great games to play. So, you will think that Zero.minr is one of the recommended servers to free-run.

For more information, Zero.minr is such a Minecraft parkour server. If you want to join this server, use the IP:

    1. Among Us Performium

Among Us Performium

We already know that Minecraft and Among us are two of the most prominent games in the world. If we talk about Among Us, it has an ingeniously simple formula, while Minecraft is full of creative possibilities.

Even though there are a number of Among Us Minecraft maps that are available to play with your friends, if you prefer choosing a public server, you can choose RGA Minecraft’s Among Us server that is always open to all. This server does not require any mods or also texture packs to play.

If you are a Among Us player, you already understand that the gameplay of Among Us is recreated with a boss health bar that can be found at the top that shows your task progress and also tasks themselves that are performed as loyal as possible. To join this Minecraft Among Us server, you can use this IP:

Well, those are 8 best and recommended Minecraft servers to join. Make sure to use one of them to get an unforgettable experience. Good Luck!!!

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