The Most AFK Thing in OSRS (The Best Skilling Methods)

The term ‘Skilling’ in OSRS refers to money making guides. In other words, this is a skill that the players have in the case of earning money. Skilling is one of the OSRS skill trainings, as there are a number of skill training methods  that give the players a good bit of experience for the time invested in either XP or Hour.

When the players are attempting to  earn money, they may try to do things that will help them to earn money or profit. One of the skilling methods that you can do is through AFK. Sure, there are a number of AFK skilling methods that you can choose. But, if you get hard in choosing one method, no worries, this post will show them to you below!

Here’s a list of best AFK skilling methods!

    1. Motherland Mine Upper Level

Motherland Mine Upper Level

The Motherland Mine Upper Level is the best place to do the AFK skilling method. We think this method is a great choice for you in the case of earning XP or Hours. To access this location, you may need at least 72 Mining and should also pay 100 nuggets to Prospector Percy.

When you get paid dirt on the lower level, you will have a one out of three chance of depleting. On the second level, you may have a time like fishing, except that the times are shorter. After that, you will also have  a 15 to the 30-second timer before the rock depletes, giving you greater XP per hour than the lower level.

In this area, you will also have more than 60 available veins that make it more AFK. In this place, you will also find the water circuit that is close to the second level. Well, the banking and getting rid of paydirt will also be faster.

    1. Maniacal Monkeys

Maniacal Monkeys

The Maniacal Monkeys is the AFK skilling method that is just like the birdhouse runs. You can unlock Maniacal Monkeys at only 60 Hunter, once completing Monkey Madness 2. If you want to start hunting the Maniacal Monkeys, you will have to mount a Gorilla. You can then go ahead and set up traps without logs.

Make sure to lure them with bananas that you can find around the areas, as there are many bones scattered, so you can use the Bones to Bananas Spell. Why this AFK is actually a great method is because you can only set up 1 trap at a time. However, each catch will get you 1000 Hunter XP that is comparable to an almost full Redwood Birdhouse.

    1. Rune Essence

Rune Essence

Rune Essence or Pure Essence is used for mining AFK at low levels. In order to use this method, make sure you have completed the rune mysteries quest first. This area does not move, so you’re able to mine a full inventory of essence in 20 seconds.

Aside from that, it also allows you to click once and mine a full inventory of Rune Essence that may take approximately 50 seconds at a lower Mining level. You may get 140 XP if you mine 28 Rune Essence and in comparison, you will get 17.5 P per click on a rock if you mine Tin and Copper. If you want to be AFK while you work or play on mobile, it’s better for you to use this method, that’s to mine Rune Essence at a low level.

    1. Creating Tars

To increase herblore experience, you may need to create tars. By doing this, it allows you to AFK for 46.8 seconds. Need to know, the amount of XP that you will obtain per tar is actually a lot less than that of creating potions. In most cases, as a comparison, the GP/ XP is somewhat better with tars.

    • To make Guam at level 19, you will need 21 K GP/XP and you will obtain 60,000 XP per hour.
    • To make Marrentill at level 31, you will need 4.91 K GP/XP and you will obtain 80,000 XP per hour.
    • To make Tarromin at level 39, you will need 7,4 K GP/XP and you will obtain 105,000 XP per hour.
    • To make Harralander at level 44, you will need 10,9  K GP/XP and you will obtain 140,000 XP per hour.
    1. Smithing 1 Bar Items

Smithing 1 Bar Items

This method is for AFK smithing XP. You may need four ticks per bar when you smith normal at an anvil that has bars. You also need a minute and 5 seconds if you AFK a full inventory of dark tips. In most cases, the dart tips are profitable. So, make sure to always check the Grand Exchange prices first.

Another smithing method that you can do is to smith cannonballs. You will need 10 tick games for each Steel Bar. Need to know, it will take 6 seconds per bar. Well, an inventory of 27 bars will take 2 minutes and 42 seconds. For more information, the XP rates are very slow though.

    1. Wintertodt Shortcut

Wintertodt Shortcut

Wintertodt Shortcut is an excellent AFK Agility method which only requires you to spam click. So, it can be performed with a wireless mouse while you’re watching television,  walking around the house, or doing something else.

There’s an Agility shortcut at the Northern end of the Wintertodt which requires level 69 Agility and grants 18 XP per jump. To spam click and get 25 0000 – 30 000 Agility Xp per hour, you may need to set your camera angle as correctly as possible.

Aside from that, you need warm clothing and also food. Many professional OSRS players recommend doing this method on World 309, the official Wintertodt World, as you will take less damage overall. In some cases, the Wintertodt will deal less if you have a higher Firemaking level. In other words, this method will actually work for someone who actually has Firemaking.

    1. Woodcutting High Level Trees

Woodcutting High Level Trees

You can also do woodcutting where you have one of eight rates of a tree falling. When you are chopping a high level tree, you will obtain more XP before the tree falls. Moreover, to have the best AFK XP, chopping the redwoods is also an option. You may want to chop maple trees or yew trees when you are at lower levels. For more information, maple trees are also available to play.