The Hand Symbol Meaning in Genshin Impact

You may be surprised when you suddenly see the hand symbol in Genshin Impact. What will you do with that symbol? Will you either ignore it or find out what the hand symbol means? In fact, many people have asked a question in some forums. So, we can conclude that most Genshin Impact players do not know what the hand symbol means.

If you are also looking for the meaning of the hand symbol that appears in the middle of the game, you are at the right page now, as we’ll show you the clear explanation about the hand symbol. Let’s see our post below!

The Hand Symbol Meaning in Genshin Impact

What Does Hand Symbol in Genshin Impact Mean?

According to some threads in gaming forums, the hand symbol that suddenly appears in Genshin Impact refers to the passive talent of a character. It gives you a sign where all the local specialties are. Aside from that, the symbol will help the players to get the Battle Pass task done.

Well, the only one Genshin Impact character that brings up the hand symbol is Klee. Moreover, the hand symbol here is associated with Klee’s passive ability called ‘All of My Treasure’. That means if the hand symbol appears on your screen during playing Genshin Impact, it refers to Klee’s passive talent to inform you where you’re able to get the Battle Pass quest.

Other Klee’s Passive Talents

As we’ve explained, the hand symbol that suddenly appears in Genshin Impact refers to Klee’s passive talent called ‘All of my Treasure’. Aside from this talent, Klee also has two remaining passive talents that are also beneficial for the game, they are Pounding Surprise and Sparkling Burst. Sure, all of them will be explained below!

    • Pounding Surprise

Pounding Surprise is Klee’s Passive Talent 1 that allows Klee to have a 50% chance to get an Explosive Spark when Normal Attacks and Jumpy Dumpty deal Damage. The Explosive Spark will then be consumed by the next charged attack, cost no stamina and will deal 50% increased Damage.

    • Sparkling Burst

Sparking Burst is Klee’s passive talent 2. It works to allow  all party members to get two Elemental Energy when a Charged Attack results in a CRIT.

    • All of My Treasure

All of My Treasure is Klee’s Passive Talent 3 that brings the hand symbol in the mini-map. This symbol informs you that there are the nearby resources located in Mondstadt on the mini-map. Well, if you find the hand symbol in the middle of the game, you will have to find a nearby resource.

More Klee’s Talents

In addition to having the passive talents, Klee also has more talents that will really work when you use it in combat. So, here are Klee’s talents:

    • Jumpy Dumpty

Jumpy Dumpty Klee’s talent is hundreds of boom-bang fun. This Klee’s talent will bounce thrice and ignite as well as dealing AoE Pyro Damage with every bounce, when it is thrown. Moreover, the bomb will split many times on the third bounce. Then, the mines will explore upon contacting enemies or once a short period of time that deal AoE Pyro Damage. Additionally, it begins with two Charges.

    • Kaboom

Kaboom Klee’s Kaboom consists of three attacks including Normal, Charged and Plunging Attack. Normal Attack will throw things that can go boom when hitting the things. It also performs up to three explosive attacks that deal AeO Pyro Damage.

The Charged Attack will consume a certain amount of Stamina. It also will deal Pyro AoE to the enemies after a short casting time.

Plunging Attack will collect the Pyro’s power where  Klee plunges towards the ground from mid-air for damaging all enemies in her path. Aside from that, this attack can also deal AoE Pyro DMG after impact with the ground.

    • Sparks n Splash

Sparks and Splash Klee’s talent will be a blazing delight. Based on the duration of the ability, it will continuously summon Spark n Splash in order to attack nearby enemies and deal AoE Pyro Damage.

Who Is Klee?

Other Klee’s Passive Talents

Klee is a member of the Knight of Favonius where her fighting abilities must not be underestimated. She is one of Genshin Impact characters who has a cute and beautiful look. Inside her cute appearance, she will be  able to give a big explosion. She is a five star character with a Catalyst user.

In the game, Klee often spends her time in the Knight of Favonius room to prepare her supplies. It does not wonder if her abilities performed away with an explosive effect. As Klee comes with a Pyro element, her normal attacks will be able to throw explosive balls.

If you are interested in using Klee, you just simply find the target monster that you want to attack. After that, you need to hold down the left mouse and click for a few seconds. By doing it, it will bring up the radius of its long range attack.

Learn more about Klee below!

Klee Pyro DPS

Klee is known as the best character to build in the genshin impact game. She owns basic attacks to other active skills which are also capable of giving big attacks to the monsters in front of her.

Klee’s Best Artifact

Crimson Witch of Flame 4-Set is the best artifact for Klee. Why? That’s because it is able to  increase fire elemental attacks and also her basic attack. If 4-Crimson Witch are successfully gathered, it will have an effect including:

    • Crimson Witch of Flame 4-Set will increase Overload and burning damage by 40%.
    • Crimson Witch of Flame 4-Set will increase Vaporize and Melt damage by 15%.
    • Crimson Witch of Flame 4-Set  will increase Pyro Klee’s elemental skill by 50%. This can also provide a maximum of 3 stacks,  providing large additional damage.

Klee’s Best Weapon

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is Klee’s best weapon where it will be able to increase Movement Speed of 10%. If used in a combat, it will obtain an 8% Elemental DMG bonus with maximum 4 stacks every 4 seconds.

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