The Fastest Way to Get All Infinity Stones in Minecraft

Infinity Stones are another name of Infinity Gems. They are part of the Infinity Gauntlet. These stones include the Soul Stone (the orange one), the Power Stone (the purple one), the Mind Stone (the yellow one), the Reality Stone (the red one), the Space Stone (the blue one), and the Time Stone (the green one).

Infinity Stones or Infinity Gems are always included in all the mods related to Avenger the series in Minecraft. One of the things that has Infinity Stones in it is Insane Craft. Insane Craft has a lot of insane things. A total of 250 mods are included in it. Some of them are classic while some other ones are new. Here are some of the mods that are included: Lucky Blocks, Animated Player Mod, AnimationAPI, Armourers Workshop, BackTools, BeeBarker, CodeChickenCore, CreativeCore, CustomMainMenu, Damage Indicators, Dark Core, Decocraft, Exotic Birds, Flans Mod, Hats, Hat Stand, IChunUtil, InventoryPets, Item Physics, Legends Core, Lucky Block ADDON – Block Night-2, M-Ore, MalisisCore, MalisisDoors, Mc Helicopters Mod, Mobius Core, Morph, Nei Addons- EX Nihilo, Not Enough Items, Origin, Pandora’s Box, PortalGun, RailCraft, Rei’s Minimap, Recourse Loader, Rival Rebels, Security Craft, Superheroes Mod Unlimited, Tardis Mod, The SecretRoomsMod, Transformers Mod, Weeping Angels, Youtuber Structers and Youtubers+.

The Fastest Way to Get All Infinity Stones in Minecraft

Insane Craft is described as insane modpack. The creator of it is Spark Universe, the team that consists of Ssundee, Sigils, Henwy, BiffleWiffle, and JeromeASF. Everyone in the team is a Youtuber who loves to play games, including Minecraft. Every single one of them is only the creator but also plays Insane Craft. They often play together and share the video of them playing on the popular platform called Youtube.

Insane Craft has the main goal of getting the Infinity Stones and become Thanos. Achieving the goal is not an easy task for everyone and Spark Universe is aware of it. In order to help everyone out, Sigils posted a video that explains the method to find the Infinite Stones in Minecraft. The video was posted on February 24, 2021. Since the first time it was shared, it has earned 204,525 views and 12k likes.

In the video, Sigils teams up with GoldActual and Karangutan to take on Henwy and Netherite Factory. At the beginning, he is at his house and he finds a hole because he presses something accidentally. He then tries again and the same thing happens again and the water is even there. He thinks everything is okay and he just needs to clean up.

Then Karangutan comes to Sigils’s house and these two met in front of the door. Karangutan then enter the house. Sigils recalls the time when the last time Karangutan came to his house and turned his crafting bench cover for the piston into a TNT. He asks Karangutan if he remembers the moment plus the moment when he logged off and then logged in and found the mess. Karangutan acts like does not have any idea about everything but Sigils keeps recalling the thing. While arguing, Karangutan keeps doing something and Sigils does not like it and asks him to get out of it. Sigils then continues to throw Karangutan the same question as he is curious how can Kaarngutan knows nothing when he is his butler.

These two then make a move and then find fire. Karangutan convinces Sigils that it is not done by him. He says that he will ask Jeremiah who he has not met since like three years ago. Sigils looks pissed and he asks Karangutan to fix everything. To the request, Karangutan says he will do it and he will do it with his heart.

The story does not stop here. If you want to know the complete thing, you are encouraged to watch the video by yourself. The method to find and to watch it has been explained before so you can just follow that without skipping any.

There are a lot of videos on how to get all Infinity Stones in Minecraft. Everything is different and not sure which one offers the fastest way to do it. Another good video was shared by ChronicleGaming on September 7, 2021. The video has 143,437 views and 2.9k likes. The owner claims that it is different compared to the ones made by the other Youtuber. You can follow the same method to find and watch the video on Youtube above but you have to change the keyword.

According to the video uploaded by ChronicleGaming, in order to find the space stone, you will have to go into a Norse village into a church and behind the tree of Yggdrasil. If you want to get the reality stone, you will have to go into the Nether and find the Aether and there you’ll find the reality stone after you beat Malachith. In order to get the Infinity Gauntlet itself, you will need a cast. For those who have no idea, these casts are able to be found in villages within blacksmiths and just pretty much in every loot chest. There will be a high chance that you find these. Once you have gotten about five of these in the survival world. Now, you will need Gold-Titanium-Alloy Ingot. You can smelt the Gold-Titanium-Alloy dust, which is made with two titanium dust and one gold dust gives you three. Since you need 12, it means you will need four gold dust and eight titanium dust and makes you 12.

What should you do next? To find out what is the thing that you need to do next, go watch the tutorial video until the end. In case you find something that you do not understand, feel free to leave a comment on the comment section under the video. Please explain the case clearly so that people can help you to find the solution. To be able to leave a comment, you will be required to log in, unlike watching the video. Please do it as it can be done easily.