The Best Way to Use Raz-Kids

Reading resources on Raz-Kids is fun because this platform has a number of features which can make you enjoy reading. And here is the best way to use Raz-Kids.

After you have logged in to your account on Raz-Kids, then you will be on a home screen page where the theme is a space. There are some menus and of course you need to know the function of each menu so that you are able to use it correctly.

    • Level Up
      You will see a level up menu which is a virtual mini library where it holds books that are at your reading level as designated by your teacher. If you are parents of the students and you think that your child is reading books which are too easy or too difficult, then you are able to contact the teacher. So, the teacher will set the appropriate level for your child.
    • Reading Room
      Reading Room is a virtual library which contains a larger assortment of books that may or may not be at an appropriate level. You are able to explore this area if you need extra reading practice.
    • My Assignment
      This menu will be seen if your teacher has created a particular reading task for you.
    • Messages
      There is also a Messages menu near the bottom of the page where it is a place for your teacher to send messages to you about your reading progress.

If you access the Level Up section, you are able to choose a book that you want to read. After you open the book, you have the option whether you want to listen to the book by clicking on the headphones icon or reading the book by clicking on the book icon. Let’s say that you want to listen to the book. If so, you are able to click on the headphones icon. After you have finished listening to the book completely or reading the book completely, then you are able to click on the question mark icon for completing the quiz.

It is important for you to note that when you decide to read the book by yourself, there will be some features which will be available. If you want to access these features, the thing that you have to do is to click on the small white triangle which is pointing downwards at the top of the screen. If you click on that triangle, there will be a small menu bar opened. There, you can see a small red microphone icon and some other small icons in purple colors.

The function of the red small microphone icon is for recording your reading. So, if you want to record your reading, you have to click on that icon. Meanwhile, the purple icon on the far right is used to write a reflection. If you click on it, there will be a screen which appears saying My Word Journal. If you want to open a space for writing a reflection, you have to click on the Reflections tab. If you want to write a reflection, you have to click on the Add Reflection button. If you have written the reflection, you have to click on the Save Reflection button so that it will be saved.

It is important for you to note that after you have done a recording of reading and/or submitted a reflection, your teacher will have access to it and the teacher will also be able to track the books that you have read, the quizzes that you have completed and your scores.

The Best Way to Use Raz-Kids

Raz Kids Features

If you become a user of Raz-Kids, you will be given appropriate leveled books to read. If you have completed an assigned level successfully, you will automatically progress to the next level. With Raz-Kids, you will be able to read hundreds of millions of computer-based and mobile eBooks each year. According to the Learning A-Z site, here are the features offered by Raz-Kids.

    • Leveled eBooks
      Raz-Kids provides you with the differentiated reading practice that you need to grow. It is because Raz-Kids has a library of more than 500 leveled books that you are able to listen to, read and record yourself reading.
    • eQuizzes
      You will test your reading comprehension by filling in the corresponding eQuizzes that follow the completion of every eBook. The quizzes include multiple choice and constructed response questions.
    • Interactive Annotation Tools and Features
      Raz-Kids engages students as active readers and gives them chances to develop important 21st century and Common Core skills, including close reading, critical thinking, and understanding the main theme or idea of a book.
    • Engaging eLearning Environment
      With the Kids A-Z eLearning environment, Raz-Kids makes reading fun where they provide a personal library for every student and includes built-in incentives and awards that keep students motivated and engaged everyday.
    • Digital Reporting
      In the digital reports, you will be able to see instant feedback on every activity or assessment that you have completed including assessment score, activity progress, and feedback on specific Common Core skills.
    • Spanish Translations
      On Raz-Kids, you cannot only read resources in English, but also in Spanish. Raz-Kids has a lot of leveled eBooks and eQuizzes which are translated into Spanish and it is good for bilingual, ELL and dual language programs.
    • French Translations
      You are also able to access a lot of French translated eBooks at 27 levels of difficulty. All of the books are completed with eQuizzes where it is suitable for immersion programs or native French reading practice.
    • Mobile Access
      Raz-Kids are available on mobile so that you are able to read anytime and anywhere even when you are on the go. You are able to download the Kids A-Z mobile app where it includes students’ leveled reading content on Google, Apple and Amazon mobile devices. As explained on the Learning A-Z site that if you use the mobile app, you have access to:

      • interactive eBooks and other eResources so that you can access it while you are on the go;
      • corresponding equizzes and running records so that you can check your comprehension of what you have read;
      • interactive annotation tools for promoting close reading and an essential understanding of the text.

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