The Best SAO IF Weapons (Beginner Guide)

Sao IF or Sword Art Online is a multiplayer online open world RPG which was released in December 2017. This game is based on the anime and manga series Sword Art Online. You may want to know about the best SAO IF weapons in this game so here is the information.

The Best Weapons to Use in SAO IF

I have tried to search for information about the best weapons to use in SAO IF. However, I could not find the information about the best weapon in this game. However, according to the Sword Art Online: Integral Factor Wiki site, talking about weapons, you have to choose the weapon that corresponds to your play style. According to that site, here are the weapons in the game.

    • Rapiers
      Even though Rapiers deal less damage than any other weapon, but it can hit enemies faster and this weapon is easier to dodge with.
    • Axes
      These weapons can deal large amounts of damage. Besides, their skills have large areas of effect, but they are slower than other weapons.
    • Spears
      These weapons deal fairly large damage at a long range and it is able to hit some enemies in a line. However, these weapons are slower than other weapons and it is more difficult to dodge with.
    • Swords
      A balance of power and mobility is provided by these weapons.
    • Dagger
      It has less attack range, but it has great attack power where it is almost the same as the axes. In addition, this weapon also provides mobility.
    • Club
      It has high attack power, but if it is used, your mobility will decrease.
    • Bow
      This weapon provides you with the highest mobility and it attacks from long distances. However, it is important for you to note that it had fewer skill records than any other weapons. Do you use a one-handed weapon? If yes, you are able to equip a shield to be able to increase longevity while you are fighting.

It is important for you to review the quantity and quality of sword skills that you have of each weapon type. If you change to a different weapon, sometimes it may be able to improve your damage output as long as you have the right skills to use it. However, you can also use a constant weapon so that you will earn weapon XP which will be able to increase your proficiency level. In your damage output, the level of your proficiency and skills become the main role.

The Best SAO IF Weapons (Beginner Guide)

Weapons in Sword Art Online: Integral Factor (SAO IF)

As a player in Sword Art Online: Integral Factor game, you have access to a number of weapons and you are able to equip them for increasing the amount of damage that you deal. However, weapons may provide up to three random buffs that enhance your defense, attack, or hit points.

Weapons can be acquired by you by producing it at the Workshop NPC, buying it from the Merchant NPC or completing quests. There are also some items which are only able to be obtained during events.

Two weapon sets are available where they can be swapped between by you. In each set, you have two weapon sets and four active skill records. For now, one-handed weapons are only able to be used for the right hand, shields are for the left hand, and two-handed weapons use up both slots.

That’s all the information about weapons in SAO IF according to the Sword Art Online: Integral Factor Wiki and below, you are able to read the information about crafting weapons in the game.

Crafting Weapons in SAO IF

In the SAO IF game, there are a lot of weapons which can be obtained by crafting them at any Workshop NPC after the required floor has been unlocked by you. According to the Sword Art Online: Integral Factor Wiki site, here are some weapons that can be obtained by crafting.

Level Rapiers Swords Maces Daggers Spears Axes Shields Bows
1 Bronze Rapier Bronze Sword Bronze Mace Bronze Dagger Bronze Lance Bronze Axe Small Buckler Combat Shield Bronze Bow
10 Anneal Rapier Anneal Blade Anneal Hammer Anneal Dagger Anneal Lance Anneal Axe Defensive Buckler Anneal Bow
15 Stacked Rapier Azure Sky Blade War Hammer Dark Sharp Spear Biting Axe Shining Buckler Hunter Bow
20 Brass Fleuret Brass Sword Brass Mace Kukri Brass Spear Brass Axe Iron Shield Brass Bow
25 Steel Rapier Steel Sword Steel Mace Steel Dagger Steel Lance Steel Axe Steel Shield Steel Bow
30 Wind Fleuret Stout Brand Linalia Hammer Blue Stilet Keith Lance Round Axe Light Buckler Assault Bow
35 Estoc Sword Of Eventide Hard Mace Red Light Iceberg Lance Bloom Axe Moon Buckler Purple Bow
40 Spike Fleuret Greenish Sword Abyss Hammer Cross Knife Aqua Aura Spear Darker Axe Flame Shield Sharp Shooter
45 Leo Rapier Elven Stout Sword Smash Bullstar Raven Lance Silver Axe Sphene Buckler Gold Shooter
50 Roseo Unbreakable Binding Rod Knight Dagger Crow Spear Deep Axe Mark Shield Jackal Bow
55 Sharp Strike Innovation Nigellus Hammer Scarlet Pain Grim Lance Gold Axe Protect Buckler Metal Shooter
60 Gerbera Fleuret Imperial Judge Mace Assassin Dagger Caravan Spear Halberd Burshimon Buckler Sky Shooter
62 Elegante Rapier Lord Sword Babel Violet Karma Lance Papillon Axe Pale Mist Buckler Moon Shooter
64 Green Rapier Twin Blade Castle Mace Fin Dagger Fluegel Executioner Blast Buckler White Lily
66 Agate Rapier Sage Sword Spike Hammer Arm Breaker Calamity Cresent Moon Hard-Light Buckler Captain Shooter
68 Rose Fleuret Plate Blade Skyscraper Odyssey Valhalla Carnival Ax Kaleido Shield Hephaestus Shooter
70 Drill Rapier Sacred Sword Montagne Sting Dagger Anubis Spear Geronimo Axe Dia Shield Wing Shooter
72 Undine Obsidian Blade Victor Mace Yamasachi Apocalypse Unleashed Axe Blood Onyx Buckler Espoir Bow
74 Delphinium Lion Fang Babylon Temple Dagger Fork Javelin White Butterfly Umbrella Shield Freesia
76 Kamuy Zanmato Aooni Shirayuki Hienjyumonji Vaisravana Legion Buckler Zuikaku

For your information, the weapons which can be obtained by crafting in the list above are some and if you want to know more weapons which can be obtained by crafting in the list, you can access SAO IF wiki.

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