The Best MM2 Trading Server

When you decide to get into a trading server in Murder Mystery 2 (MM2), you may wonder which server is the best trading server. If there is the best server, you may want to join it. Let’s find out the information about the best MM2 trading server here.

The Best MM2 Trading Server

There is no information found on several resources about the best MM2 trading servers. Even if you want to join a trading server in MM2 Values, you are able to join any trading server as long as the server is not full.

However, if you access Reddit, there is a question about the best MM2 trading servers on Discord. A user with username Mar1ling explained this thing about the best MM2 Trading Servers on Discord.

He says that there are pros and cons of the MM2 servers he goes to the most.

    • Magnificent Murderers
      • It has active middleman (and it could take a bit to respond if you request one) and trading channels
      • It supports cross trading
      • The trade advisors there are not the best which means that not all, but some are good.
      • There is Pretty toxic community if you trip at any moment, they will not be sweet about it.
    • Supreme Values
      • Not as known middleman like mag. However, it is still trusted. The guy camp the trading channel.
      • Trading channel is not as active, but it still works.
      • It supports cross trading.
      • Most trade advisors are good
    • MM2 Values
      • It is a kind of active trading channel.
      • It does not support cross trading.
      • It has fairly good trade advice.
    • MM2 Official Server
      • It is an active trading channel.
      • It can be cash grabbing if you play your cards right which means that you are able to make good profit from the guys there.
      • It obviously does not support cross trading.
      • Tradecore
      • It is very big in games like islands.
      • It is trusted MMS.
      • It is activeish trading channels.
    • Mass Murderers
      • It is kind of strict.
      • There are tons of cross traders.
      • Half of the trade advisors are tripping.

There is a user with username Most-Jaguar1270 which adds that Magnificent Murderers:

    • has very trusted middlemen
    • is the biggest MM2 server
    • offers huge giveaways

Well, that’s the opinion from the users about trading servers of Murder Mistery 2 in Reddit. However, there is no official statement which trading server is the best in MM2.

The Best MM2 Trading Server

Information About Trading Servers in Murder Mystery 2 (MM2)

If you access Murder Mystery 2 Wiki, you are able to read that trading servers are special places for players to be able to trade items. and Supreme Values are the ones who created the servers. On the Murder Mystery Wiki, the links to the servers are able to be found. On that Murder Mystery 2 site, you can also read the explanation that previously MM2 Values had 15 trading servers and now there are 45 trading servers where you can check it on the MM2 values site.

How is the appearance of the servers? They are the same as regular servers, but they are private servers. Do you want to access the servers? If you want, you must click on their links on the MM2 Values website or on the Murder Mystery Wiki. These servers are like any other regular servers where they also have holidays and events. Some features are able to be found in these trading servers but they are not evident in non-VIP servers such as coins which do not spawn, you do not get XP and no hardcore version or assassin version.

Do you want to know some Trivia about Trading Servers in Murder Mystery 2? Here they are according to Murder Mystery 2 Wiki.

    • There were 5 more trading servers and those trading servers were added in 2020.
    •  In 2019 Summer, Server #5 was made. And then, it was added to the list. The reason for creating this server was because on weekends all servers were full.
    • During the 2017 Duping glitch, the servers were shut down for a while. Why? It is because dupes were falsely traded to players who did not know of the situation.
    • There were 9 more trading servers which were created by Supreme Values. By using the command “-ts” on the Supreme Values Discord server, these servers can be obtained.

Murder Mystery 2 (MM2) Roblox

Murder Mystery 2 is one of horror games and now  this game has been visited more than 6.2 billion. On January 18th, 2014, this game was made by the creator.

In Murder Mystery 2, you can be an innocent. If you play as an innocent, you are required to run and hide from the Murderer. You also must use your detective skills with the aim for exposing the Murderer. If you become  a sheriff, you must work with the innocents. A sheriff is the only person who has a weapon.  So, you will be able to take down the Murderer. Are you a murderer? Then, eliminating everyone must be done by you and don’t be shot by the sheriff.

Some Other Horror Games in Roblox

There are other horror games in Roblox. Some of those horror games can be seen below.

    • The Horror Mansion

This game was created by Mellowinter on January 12th, 2019. Until now, this game has been visited more than 15 million times and has been favorited more than 133k times.

    • A Wolf Or ther

This game was created by Otter Space on October 1st, 2018. This game has been visited more than 249 million times. It also has been favorited more than 712k times. In this game, you will be the Werewolf that massacres the town or the hunter who stops it.

    • The Mirror

This game was created by Egroce on June 30th, 2019. This game has been visited more than 17 million times and it has been favorited more than 317k times. In the description of the game, it is described that the mirror is normal, but it is your mind that becomes distorted.

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