The Benefits of Aetna Insurance You Should Know

An estimated 40 million people rely on Aetna, to help them create decisions about their health care and their health care spending. Every day, Aetna works to make the system easier and more convenient for the customers.

Aetna’s Health Insurances

You have to know that Aetna offers many health insurance, dental and vision policies. But, the company currently does not sell individual policies on health marketplaces. If you are looking for individual health insurance, then we suggest looking for a different health insurance provider.

Aetna offers a variety of products and member benefits, including an online portal and health tracking apps which allow policyholders to better manage their own health. When compared to competitors, Aetna has above-average financial ratings and also fewer-than-average customer complaints.

Aetna’s health insurance plans and services include:

    • Medical, pharmacy and dental plans
    • Medicare plans
    • Medicaid services
    • Behavioral health programs
    • Medical management

Aetna product and programs:

    • A variety of insurance and employee benefits products.
    • Programs and services which assist control rising costs while striving to increase the quality of healthcare.
    • Tools and information to assist people make better-informed decisions regarding their health care and financial well-being.

Aetna Insurance Plans and Options

Although Aetna has Medicare, dental and vision insurance policies, but it does not offer an individual health insurance plan to the consumers. This began in the year of 2018, when the company removed all of its health insurance policies from state marketplaces. Aside from that, unlike several other health providers, Aetna does not have a short-term health insurance choice. If you need one of those plans, you are able to look for a different health insurance company.

Employer Health Insurance

Employer health insurance is a health plan that is offered through your job. Business owners are able to purchase Aetna’s employer plans and give them to the employees. Aetna allows business owners to select what to include in their policies that may include medical, dental, health, disability and life coverages. You have to read your options carefully to confirm what will and will not be covered by your plan.

Dental and Vision Insurance

Dental insurance is available through Aetna Dental Direct. Dental insurance will cover all preventive services such as dental exams, flouride treatments, and X-rays so that there will be no additional out-of-pocket costs for these services.

In other states, residents have additional purchasing choices. Usually, each plan has a different monthly premium, deductible and coinsurance levels. Below are two examples of commonly offered Aetna policies which you are able to purchase. But, dental coverage is not available in every state.

  1. Aetna Dental Direct Preferred PPO

Deductible: $50 individual/$150 family


    • Preventive: No cost
    • Basic: 20%
    • Major: 50%

Premium: Depends on insured age and number of the dependents

  1. Aetna Dental Direct Core PPO

Deductible: $50 individual/$150 family


    • Preventive: No cost
    • Basic: 50%
    • Major: 50%

Premium: Depends on insured age and number of the dependents

Also, Aetna supplies vision insurance policies. But, these plans are only offered in conjunction with employer health insurance. And thus cannot be bought on a stand-alone basis.

Medical Benefits on Aetna Medicare Advantage

If you are enrolled in an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan, then you are likely a member of an:

    • Aetna MedicareSM Plan (HMO)
    • Aetna Medicare Open Access Plan (HMO)
    • Aetna Medicare Prime Plan (HMO)
    • Aetna MedicareSM Plan (PPO)
    • Aetna Medicare Prime Plan (PPO)
    • Aetna Medicare Advantage Dual Special Needs plan (DNSP)

Please be sure to ask your health care provider whether they accept the terms of your plan before you seek care.

Although original Medicare does not cover vision and hearing care, many of Aetna’s Medicare Advantage plans do. Some of Aetna’s plans also include routine dental care and Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. Even several plans include prescription home delivery, 24/7 access to Aetna’s phone hotline, and a flu shot benefit.

Non-Medical Benefits on Aetna Medicare Advantage

One of the main selling points for Medicare Advantage plans are the non-medical benefits which they often include. Remember that Aetna’s non-medical Medicare Advantage benefits are part of the company’s “Resources For Living” program.

Under Aetna Medicare Advantage, you may be eligible to accept home maintenance, recreational activities, help with daily caregiving needs, and volunteer opportunities. Also, some plans offer fitness benefits through SilverSneakers, a meal delivery service and over-the-counter benefits like vitamins and cold medicine.

Additional Benefits

Aetna Medicare Advantage offers the members access to routine vision, dental and hearing coverage. Several of its plans offer added benefits, many of which are not available in other Medicare Advantage plans.

Here are several standouts:

    • Fitness benefits
      Lots of plans include SilverSneakers that gives you access to participating gyms, online fitness classes, community centers, healthy living discounts and a fitness app, among other things.
    • In-home health visits
      Several beneficiaries are able to request an in-person home health visit or telehealth call as an added convenience.
    • Concierge services for local resources
      Aetna’s Resources for Living program will be able to help beneficiaries discover the support they need, whether that is assistance at home, caregiver resources or help discovering local activities.
    • Over-the-counter benefit
      Several plans include an OTC benefit which allows you to pick up certain items, like vitamins and cold medications, from participating drug stores at no extra cost.
    • Meals at home
      After a hospital stay, several plans offer to bring healthy meals to your door to help you recuperate.
    • Telehealth
      All plans in 2022 will offer virtual visits for primary care, urgent care and specialty care, as well as the mental health services.

Also, Aetna Medicare Advantage offers several unique benefit programs which are available for some plans in select locations, including the following:

    • Companionship benefit
      In 8 states, Aetna partners with Papa Inc. to connect local college-age individuals with older adults who need assistance with light chores, technology or companionship.
    • Healthy Foods debit card
      In 77 Medicare Advantage plans, a Healthy Foods debit card with monthly allowance will be included for qualified members to assist address food insecurity.
    • Utility card
      Several D-SNP plans offer a debit card with a monthly allowance that the members can use for utility expenses, including electricity, water, gas, and sewage.
    • Fall prevention
      In several Medicare Advantage plans, several members will be eligible for a yearly allowance they can use for safety items which may decrease the risk of injuries from falls.

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