Thaumcraft Guide to All Aspect Combinations

Aspects are the various elements of the Thaumcraft 4 that lots of objects in the world are made of. Based on the research, Aspects can be separated into two categories. Those two categories are Primal and compound. For your information, aspect is made from compound aspects of two different tiers. Frequently, it is going to be one tier up than the higher tiered of two component aspects.

Two Types of Aspects: Primal and Compound

  • Primal Aspect

Primal Aspects is the basic type of aspect. Apparently, there are six of them: Aer (air), Ignis (fire), Aqua (water), Ordo (order), Terra (earth), and Perditio (entropy). Those form the basic building blocks of all other aspects.

  • Compound Aspect

Compound Aspects are made from two other aspects. The easiest compound aspects are created from two primal aspects. However it is potential to have extraordinarily complex compound aspects made from consecutive layers of simpler aspects. The easiest instance of this compound aspect, is the aspect of Victus. It is a combination of Terra and Aqua.

If you want to see what aspect an item possesses, simply you are able to hover your cursor over the item and press sneak (shift). Then, you will be able to view what aspects that item has and also will know what amounts of each. Although you have to learn that item with a Thaumometer, until the aspects can remain unknown.

For your information, there are 48 different aspects in the base mod, though mod addons can add more. Besides, all aspects own their type of Mana Beans, Ethereal Essence, and crystalline forms.

Aspect Tables (All Aspect Combinations)

In the text below, we are going to share a list containing Aspects and combinations present as of Thaumcraft 4.2, with notes on prior versions. Remember that Aspects added by add-on mods are listed in a separate section. Lots of aspects had their recipes changed in versions 4.1 and 4.2, their legacy recipes are given in the “notes” column. Some aspects were deleted entirely in 4.2:

  • Granum (seed, Ordo + Victus)
  • Saxum (stone, Terra + Terra)

Also the listed are various sources for essentia of each aspect, both the items to be distilled, and any compounds of the aspect. The sources provided below are not meant to be exhaustive, merely the most common and available sources at various points in the game. Apparently, there are the renewable sources provided for all, except Tempestas. Additionally to the sources in the text below, ethereal essence and Mana beans can have any aspect and can be distilled for essentia of that aspect.

Aspect Keyword Comp 1 Comp 2 Source Aspect(s) CollapseIn-world Sources and Notes
Aer air Primal Volatus, Lux, Vacuos, Arbor, Tempestas, Auram, Sensus, Motus grass, tall plants (which notably sugar cane), vanilla,  workbench
Alienis eldritch Tenebrae Vacuos ender pearls, banners
Aqua water Primal Limus, Venenum, Victus, Tempestas sugar cane, lily pads, cactus, water source
Arbor tree Aer Herba Logs, any wooden items. For the great wood and silver wood are not perfect.
Auram aura Aer Praecant atio ethereal essence
Bestia animal Motus Victus Corpus, Humanus,Pannus eggs, spider eyes, animals, raw meat
Cognitio mind Ignis Spiritus Humanus paper, books, bookshelves, zombie brains

(formerly Terra + Spiritus)

Corpus flesh Bestia Mortuus rotten flesh, all meat
Exanimis undead Motus Mortuus zombie brains, undead mobs, ghast tears
Fabrico craft, repair Humanus Instrume ntum Making tables and its variations, cooking meats, wool
Fames hunger Vacuos Victus Lucrum melon slices, cooked food, meat nuggets, wheat
Gelum cold, ice Ignis Perditio snowballs, snow blocks (Aqua + Odo)
Herba plant Terra Victus Arbor, Messis seeds,  nether wart, most plants, vines, leaves (formerly Terra + Granum)
Humanu human Bestia Cognitio Fabrico, Lucrum, Messis, Perfodio, Instrumentum golems,  rotten flesh, (multiplayer) other players
Ignis fire Primal Cognitio, Potentia, Telum, Gelum, Lux Coal or charcoal, gunpowder, lava source, blaze rod
Instrumentum tool Humanus Ordo Fabrico, Machina, Meto, Pannus, Telum, Tutamen flint, axes, shovels
Iter travel Motus Terra boats, ender pearls
Limus slime Aqua Victus slimeballs, tainted goo, eggs
Lucrum greed, wealth Fames Humanus goldgold coins, gold items, , emeralds
Lux light Aer Ignis Tenebrae torches
Machina machine, device Instrume ntum Motus redstone, buttons (wood or stone), levers other devices
Messis crop Herba Humanus Meto wheat, pumpkins, other crops (formerly Messis + Humanus)
 Metallum metal Terra Vitreus ingots, metal nuggets, metallic items. (formerly Ordo + Saxum)
Meto harvest Instrume ntum Messis hoes
Mortuus death Perditio Victus Corpus, Exanimis, Spiritus bones, raw meat
Motus motion Aer Ordo Bestia, Exanimis, Iter, Volatus, Machina, Vinculum trapdoors, doors
Ordo order Primal Instrumentum, Permutatio, Potentia, Motus, Sano, Vitreus silverwood logs, smooth sandstone, (vanilla) workbench
Pannus cloth Bestia Instrumentum string, wool, leather
Perditio chaos Primal Gelum, Mortuus, Permutatio,

Venenum, Vinculum, Vitium, Tenebrae, Vacuos

cobblestone, cactus, gunpowder, (vanilla) workbench
Perfodio mining Humanus Terra pickaxes (formerly Humanus + Saxum)
Permutatio exchange Ordo Perditio Copper, droppers, dispensers, quicksilver,shimmer leaf (formerly Aqua plus Motus)
Potentia energy Ignis Ordo Praecantatio Coal and charcoal
Praecantatio magic Potentia Vacuos Auram, Vitium silverwood logs, chiseled sandstone, greatwood logs, nether wart, magical items, blaze rods
Sano healing Ordo Victus regeneration potions, healing potions, Triple Meat Treat (formerly Victus + Victus)
Sensus senses Aer Spiritus all dyes,  carrots, glowstone, cocoa beans
Spiritus soul Mortus Victus Cognitio and Sensus soul sand and ghast tears
Telum weapon Ignis Instrume ntum arrows, weapons
Tempestas weather Aer Aqua This is only available from mana beans or ethereal essence
Tenebrae darkness Lux Vacuos Alienis mushrooms, obsidian
Terra earth, ground Primal Herba, Perfodio,Tutamen, Victus, Vitreus, Iter, Metallum dirt, potatoes, cobblestone, smooth stone
Tutamen armor Instrume  ntum Terra leather, any armor
Vacuos void Aer Perditio Fames, Praecantatio, Alienis,Tenebrae The wooden bowls, chests, phials, buckets, and bottles
Venenum poison Aqua Perditio quicksilver, spider eyes
Victus life Aqua Terra Bestia, Fames, Limus, Mortuus, Sano, Spiritus, Herba, eggs, fibrous taint, whitestone
Vinculum trap Motus Perditio potions of Slowing, soul sand, amber, tripwire hooks
Vitium taint Perditio Praecant  atio tainted goo, tainted soil, fibrous taint, tainted mobs, taint tendrils, crusted taint
Vitreus crystal Ordo Terra Metallum glass, diamonds, emeralds
Volatus flight Aer Motus feathers, bows

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