TFT Cheat Sheet (Teamfight Tactics Champion)

Learn the Teamfight Cheat Sheet Champion on our post below. In fact, there is a New-Champion of TFT that you should know, unfortunately we won’t share it with you as this post will give you the TFT Origins champion and TFT Types champions.

Here’s a list of TFT Cheat Sheet Champion:


Abomination: 4 Champions

When the 3 allied champions have died, the Monstrosity will awaken from its grave. The Monstrosity gains bonus health and attack damage based on allied Abomination units’ Star Levels.

The Monstrosity will also accept a random copy of an item from each of the three Abomination Champions nearest the grave when combat starts.

(3) 1000 Health, 100 Attack Damage

    • (4) 1400 Health, 140 Attack Damage
    • (5) 1800 Health, 180 Attack Damage

TFT Cheat Sheet (Teamfight Tactics Champion)

Coven: 3 Champions

(3) At the beginning of combat, the champion nearest to the center of your Coven champions is selected  as the Coven Leader, obtaining 60% bonus Ability Power. Each time a Coven champion casts, 15% of the cost is bestowed upon the Coven Leader as Mana.

Dawnbringer: 7 Champions

Dawnbringers heal some of their maximum Health the first time as quickly as possible, they drop below 50%. When this happens, all allied Dawnbringers will obtain 12% bonus damage.

    • (2) 30% of Maximum Health
    • (4) 60% of Maximum Health
    • (6) 90% of Maximum Health
    • (8) 130% of Maximum Health

Draconic: 5 Champions

In Hyper Roll, dragon eggs will hatch a lot faster. (3) At the end of combat, each player will gain a dragon egg on their bench. The bigger the egg, the longer it takes to hatch, and the rarer the reward. (5) Dragon eggs are golden, then the Golden eggs hatch into even rarer loot.

Dragonslayer: 4 Champions

Dragonslayers obtain bonus Ability Power. After the first Dragonslayer ally scores a takedown on an enemy with at least 1400 maximum Health, all allies will obtain additional Ability Strength for the remainder of the round.

    • (2) 30% Ability Power for Dragonslayers, 20% for team
    • (4) 70% Ability Power for Dragonslayers, 60% for team
    • (6) 140% Ability Power for Dragonslayers, 100% for team

Eternal: 1 Champions

One Wolf separates from Lamb. It can be placed anywhere on the battlefield. Wolf does not count toward your team size, and accepts all of Lamb’s stat bonuses.

Forgotten: 9 Champions

Forgotten champions have bonus Attack Damage and Ability Power. Each Shadow item held by a Forgotten champion will increase these bonuses by 15% on all Forgotten champions, stacking up to 4 times.

    • (3) 25 Attack Damage and Ability Power
    • (6) 60 Attack Damage and Ability Power
    • (9) 125 Attack Damage and Ability Power

Hellion: 6 Champions

Hellions get Attack Speed. a Doppelhellion will leap from the Hellion portal and join the fight, ehenever a Hellion dies.

    • (3) 10% Attack Speed
    • (5) 55% Attack Speed
    • (7) 130% Attack Speed

Ironclad: 3 Champions

All allies gain Armor.

    • (2) 35 Armor
    • (3) 85 Armor
    • (4) 170 Armor

Nightbringer: 8 Champions

Nightbringers obtain a shield for 8 seconds equal to a percent of their maximum Health the first time they drop below 50%. When it happens, that Nightbringer will obtain bonus damage.

    • (2) 30% Shield, 20% Damage
    • (4) 60% Shield, 30% Damage
    • (6) 90% Shield, 40% Damage
    • (8) 140% Shield, 50% Damage

Redeemed: 8 Champions

Redeemed champions have leveled up Magic Resist, Armor,  and also Ability Power. Their bonus is split among remaining Redeemed allies, when they die,

    • (3) 30 Armor & Magic Resist, 30% Ability Power
    • (6) 55 Armor & Magic Resist, 55% Ability Power
    • (9) 95 Armor & Magic Resist, 95% Ability Power

Revenant: 3 Champions

Revenants revive once their first death each combat. After being revived, they will take and deal 30% increased damage.

    • (2) Revive with 10% Health
    • (3) Revive with 40% Health
    • (4) Revive with 75% Health

Verdant: 3 Champions

Champions which begin battle adjacent to at least one Verdant ally are immune to crowd control for a duration.

    • (2) 5 seconds
    • (3) 8 seconds


Assassin: 6 Champions

Innate: When combat starts, Assassins leap to the enemy backline.

    • (2) 10% Crit Chance; 25% Crit Damage
    • (4) 30% Crit Chance; 55% Crit Damage
    • (6) 50% Crit Chance; 90% Crit Damage

Brawler: 5 Champions

Brawlers gain additional maximum Health.

    • (2) 400 Bonus Health
    • (4) 1000 Bonus Health

Caretaker: 1 Champions

Caretakers deploy with a Baby Dragon which can be placed anywhere on the battlefield. The Baby Dragon gets 80% of its Caretaker’s Attack Speed, and restores 80 Mana to the Caretaker upon death.

Cavalier: 4 Champions

Innate: Cavaliers charge quickly towards their target whenever they move. Cavaliers take reduced damage. At the beginning of battle  and after each charge, this effect is doubled for 4 seconds.

Cruel: 1 Champions

Cruel champions can be purchased with Little Legend Health instead of gold. They are sold for gold, but not Health.

God-King: 2 Champions

God-Kings will deal around 20% bonus damage to enemies who have at least one of their Rival Traits. This effect can  only be active when you have exactly 1 unique God-King.

Invoker: 4 Champions

All allies get extra Mana from their attacks.

Knight: 5 Champions

All allies block a flat amount of damage from all sources.

Legionnaire: 7 Champions

Legionnaires gets bonus Attack Speed, and their first attack after casting an Ability heals them for 50% of the damage dealt.

    • (2) 25% Attack Speed
    • (4) 60% Attack Speed
    • (6) 110% Attack Speed
    • (8) 195% Attack Speed

Mystic: 5 Champions

All allies get Magic Resist.

    • (2) 40 Magic Resist
    • (3) 100 Magic Resistance
    • (4) 200 Magic Resistance

Ranger: 5 Champions

Rangers get bonus Attack Speed every 4 seconds, and lose it every 4 seconds, This effect begins 4 seconds after combat begins.

Renewer: 5 Champions

Renewers heal for a percent of their maximum Health each second. If they’re full health, they restore Mana instead.

Skirmisher: 8 Champions

Skirmishers gain a shield at the start of combat, and bonus Attack Damage each second.

    • (3) 25% max Health Shield and +3 Attack Damage
    • (6) 45% max Health Shield and +6 Attack Damage
    • (9) 75% max Health Shield and +10 Attack Damage

Spellweaver: 5 Champions

Spellweavers have bonus Ability Power, which increases whenever any champion uses an ability (up to 10 times).

    • (2) 20% Ability Power, 2% bonus Ability Power
    • (4) 50% Ability Power, 5% bonus Ability Power
    • (6) 80% Ability Power, 8% bonus Ability Power

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