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When you attempt to invite other villagers to your island, you will find a number of cat villagers with different characteristics and appearance. One of the cat villagers that has a peppy personality is Tabby. She has appeared in all Animal Crossing series, except Pocket Camp.

Before you invite Tabby to your island, you may need to know some facts about it such as her personality, her appearance, her favorite, and also her house. You may already know that most Animal Crossing villagers will show their attractive personality and appearance, making you fall in love with it.

So, let’s find out more facts about Tabby through our post below!

Who Is Tabby?

Tabby ACNH Wiki

In Animal Crossing, Tabby is described as a peppy cat villager that has appeared in every series so far. It is known that her English name comes from the fact that she is a tabby cat. You will find her catchphrases ‘meow’ and ‘wow’ that may refer to the lefine version of Daisy’s catchphrase.

In New Horizons, Tabby’s hobby is music where she will be seen to sing anywhere without the need of a stereo. The villagers that have music hobbies will sing or dance anywhere. Other villagers that interact with villagers that have the music hobby can only sing or dance if they interact with a stereo or also during a scripted activity at the Resident Services plaza.

For more information, a lot of big sisterly villagers will have this hobby, while no lazy villagers have it as their hobby. Well, the only jock villagers with music hobbies are Rory, Flip and Sprocket.

Here’s a list of information about Tabby:

    • Birthday: August 13 Leo
    • Personality: Peppy (B)
    • Catchphrase: me-WOW
    • Default clothing: Tee Dress (Black)
    • Default umbrella: Grape Umbrella
    • Default phone: Black
    • Final phone: Playful – Fabric 3
    • Favorite styles: Active and Cool
    • Favorite colors: Black and  Gray
    • Hobby: Music
    • Carried bag: Classy
    • Book: Music
    • Food: Sandwich
    • Drink: Smoothie or coffee cup
    • Popsicle: Chocolate

Tabby’s Appearance

Tabby’s Appearance

Tabby comes to the game as a pure orange cat that has brown stripes on her face. She also has brown eyes, purple eyelids. Her cheeks are blushing pink, while her paws are white-tapped. She also has a red-pig like nose with oval nostrils. She also always shows her teeth in what is neither a smile nor a frown. Moreover, both of her eyes are mismatched and of uneven size.


Tabby’s Personality

In Animal Crossing, peppy villagers seem to always be in a good mood that will be easy to be friends with. As a peppy villager, Tabby tends to have an over-react conversation about trivial subjects. She will commonly be over-excited to see the player or other villagers.

The peppy villagers are found to rarely be discouraged from doing anything including the usual hobbies. The peppy villagers actually dream to become popular in the future. They also read Ms. Nintendique which is an unseen magazine read by normal, snooty and other peppy villagers in the game.

Moreover, peppy villagers also have a very short attention span, meaning the villagers will forget some arguments as immediately as possible or also tasks that are given to the player that were not completed. However, Tabby will easily get upset in conversation when there’s something wrong said.

As a peppy villager, Tabby will get along well with other villagers, especially normal, lazy, sisterly, jock and other peppy villagers. However, Tabby may annoy and upset snooty and cranky villagers when they have different personalities with her.

As the nature of peppy villagers, Tabby may mention how ‘boring’ and ‘old’ cranky villagers are compared to her opposing and upbeat personality. In later series, Tabby will be more considerate and less chatty about boys. She also comments on the player’s designs more kind-hearted, being impressed that the players have designed this stylish clothing.

Tabby’s Favorite

You may know that Tabby is very enthusiastic about music where she is seen to sing anywhere without the need of the stereo. She will also sing or dance anywhere. If she interacts with a stereo, she can only sing or dance. Aside from that, other villagers will also interact with her during a scripted activity at the Resident Services plaza, making them sing or dance too.

According to Animal Crossing Wiki, many big sisterly villagers will have the music hobby, but it is totally not with lazy villagers. Moreover, the jock villagers with music hobbies are only Rory, Flip and Sprocket.

Talking about Tabby’s favorite style, she is interested in cool and active style, where she wears a black T-shirt. A lot of Animal Crossing  players also know that she wears his favorite clothes with his favorite colors; black and gray. As she loves black and gray color, he also applies his favorite color on his house’s exterior with a dominant of brown color.

Tabby’s House

Tabby’s House In Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing (interior)
Tabby’s House Animal Forest (interior)
Animal Forest (interior)

In Animal Crossing and Animal Forest, Tabby has a strong Asian-Like feel house, along with two Gyroids with a Retro TV and the computer. In Animal Forest, some villagers actually have a similar style to her house such as Nate and Dora.

New Leaf interior
New Leaf (interior)

In another series, Tabby finds Modern Series furniture that appeals and likes the illusion wall and flooring. In the Wild World series, Tabby has no furniture as she first moves on, except a red sofa and many other things. Then, she wants Chic furniture and Fossils.

Tabby’s House
City Folk (interior)

In City Folk, Tabby owns ‘To the Edge’ playing in her house. In New Horizons, Tabby’s house is a combination of non-craftable furniture and items that are crafted by players during the island development storyline, mainly from the Wooden Block Series.

Tabby’s House New Horizons (interior)
New Horizons (interior)
Tabby’s House New Horizons (exterior)
New Horizons (exterior)

For her house exterior in New Horizons, his house looks very casual and traditional  with brown colors. She also decorated her house’s exterior  with a Manga-Library Wall. She also applies Tiger-Print Flooring. Tabby also owns DJ K.K. playing.

Here’s a list of furniture available in New Horizons!

    • Futon
    • Stack of Books
    • Wooden Bookshelf
    • Refrigerator
    • Cushion
    • LCD TV (50 in.)
    • Cardboard Box
    • Cute Music Player
    • Toilet
    • Cardboard Box
    • Ironwood Low Table
    • Magazine Rack
    • Gas Range
    • Book Stands
    • Laptop
    • Simple Kettle