Supreme Values Bot Invite

Supreme Value is actually not the official MM2 weapons value. But, there are many MM2 players who use the Supreme Value as a reference to know the value list. By knowing the value list, then you are able to determine which the best value is for you in MM2.

Supreme Values Bot Invite

To get invite to use the Value Bot for Supreme Values, you have to verify on Supreme values. By the way, how to verify on Supreme values to use the Value Bot for Supreme Values? If you want to verify with black selling, simply you are able to click verify with blocks link. After that, you are able to click yes, so when you are in there, you will be able to select the server you want to verify on, and you are going to verify on Supreme values, so you are able to choose it.

Talking about Supreme values bot, you should also watch a video about the way to get permission to use the value bot for supreme values. Of course, you are able to find that video on YouTube. Apparently, there are many players of MM2 who look for this information.

Join to Supreme Values Discord

Currently, there are 76,620 members of Supreme Values on Discord. If you want to join to Supreme values on Discord, there are some steps that you have to do.

    • At the first step, you have to go Supreme Values Discord.
    • After that, you are able to enter your username, click continue.
    • If you have an account of Supreme Values Discord, then you are able to enter your email or phone number.
    • After you enter your email or phone number, then you have to enter your password. Ensure you enter the password correctly.
    • The next step that you have to do is to click Login button.
    • Finally, you are able to start accessing Supreme Values Discord.

Also, you are also able to login to Supreme Values Discord with QR Code. Just scan the barcode with the Discord Mobile app to log in instantly.

You will be able to join Supreme Value Discord to discover the Supreme Value list and trading server for supreme value. Besides that, you are able to join the Supreme Value Discord to get the latest information regarding Supreme Value. So, ensure that you join the Supreme Value on Discord to obtain the Supreme Value list through

Accessing Supreme Value site to see MM2 value List

When you want to know MM2 value list, you are able to access Supreme Values site. Sadly, now the official Supreme Values site is under maintenance. Thus, you cannot see a list of weapons value list on Supreme Value site. Usually, the Supreme value MM2 list is able to be discovered at For this case, you are able to access the official site of Supreme Values after the maintenance is over, and the website works normally again.

Aside from that, you are also able to follow the official Twitter account of Supreme Value. It is an official Twitter account that you can visit for finding the information about Supreme Values list. After you follow the official Twitter account of Supreme Value, then you are going to get the Supreme Value MM2 list. Also, you are going to get the latest information about maintenance of the Supreme Value site.

MM2 Value List

As we said before, Supreme values site is under maintenance. If you want to see the list of weapon values in MM2, now you are able to visit MM2 value site. Weapon price is going to increase as it becomes rare in the game. When you want to buy old rare items, you should know their value. With the information of the price of every weapon, then you will be able to ask an appropriate price for a specific item.

Here are some MM2 Value List:


Ancient Items Value
Niks Scythe 150000
Elderwood Scythe 250
Icebreaker 175
Hallowscythe 155
Log Chopper 125
Batwing 65
Ice Wing 15


Unique Items Value
Corrupt 270
Gold Candy 150000
Gold Hallows 150000
Gold Sugar 150000
Gold EW Revolver 150000
Gold LogChopper 150000
Gold Minty 150000
Gold Vampires Edge 150000
Gold Icebreaker 150000
Gold Iceblaster 150000
Silver Candy 125000
Silver Hallows 125000
Silver Sugar 125000
Silver EW Revolver 125000
Silver Minty 125000
Silver LogChopper 125000
Silver Vampires Edge 125000
Silver Icebreaker 125000
Silver Iceblaster 125000
Bronze Candy 100000
Bronze Hallows 100000
Bronze Sugar 100000
Bronze EW Revolver 100000
Bronze LogChopper 100000
Bronze Minty 100000
Bronze Vampires Edge 100000
Bronze Icebreaker 100000
Bronze Iceblaster 100000
Blue Candy 15000
Red Hallows 15000
Blue Sugar 15000
Blue EW Revolver 15000
Blue Minty 15000
Blue LogChopper 15000
Blue Vampires Edge 15000
Red Icebreaker 15000
Red Iceblaster 15000

Godly Chroma

Godly Chroma Items Value
Seer 10
Chroma Lightbringer 120
Chroma Darkbringer 120
Chroma Luger 105
Chroma Laser 100
Chroma Heat 95
Chroma Shark 85
Chroma Fang 85
Chroma Tides 80
Chroma Slasher 75
Chroma DeathShard 75
Chroma Seer 70
Chroma Gemstone 70
Chroma Saw 65
Chroma Boneblade 60
Chroma Gingerblade 55

Non Chroma Godly

Non Chroma Godly Items Value
Seer 10
Eternal Cane 235
Luger Cane 225
Eternal IV 225
Eternal III 220
Elderwood Revolver 200
Sugar 195
Candy 195
Red Luger 165
Green Luger 155
Eternal II 150
Chill 130
Jinglegun 110
Hallowgun 100
Clockwork 150
Hallows Edge 145
Spider 145
Pixel 145
Boneblade 130
Iceblaster 120
Amerilaser 115
Old Glory 110
Minty 110
Ginger Luger 105
Eternal 100
Blaster 100
Handsaw 95
Virtual 95
Flames 90
Luger 90
Xmas 80
Darkbringer 80
Lightbringer 75
Heat 72
Tides 70
Battle Axe II 55
Laser 60
Slasher 55
Pumpking 50
Fang 45
Shark 45
BattleAxe 40
Death Shard 35
Ice Dragon 35
Saw 30
Red Seer 30
Blue Seer 30
Purple Seer 30
Orange Seer 30
Yellow Seer 30
Gingerblade 30
Gemstone 30
Winters Edge 25
Night Blade 25
Hallows Blade 25
Frostsaber 22
Ghost Blade 22
Ice Shard 20
Snowflake 20
Frostbite 20
Bioblade 20
Vampires Edge 20
Peppermint 20
Cookieblade 20
Heartblade 20
Prismatic 15
Eggblade 15

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