Slime Condensate Genshin Location

In the first ever open world game by miHoYo called Genshin Impact, Slime Condensate is included as one of the useful resources. It is pretty much needed for those who want to level up and ascend the characters such as Lisa, Venti, Xiangling, Xiao, and Zhongli and weapons such as the Skyward Blade, Amos Bow, Favonius Lance, Harbinger of Dawn, Lost Player to the Sacred Winds, Magic Guide, Mappa Mare, Old Merc’s Pal, Royal Bow, Royal Greatsword, Sacrificial Bow, and so on.

Slime Condensate is the type of resource that is dropped by Slimes. The Slimes themselves are known as the enemies that appear regularly in the game. If you really need to get Slime Condensate and are looking for the locations of it to farm, here is the list of the locations that you can visit.

Slime Condensate Genshin Location

The locations of Slime Condensate

    • Dawn Winery

North west of Dawn Winery is definitely one of the best locations that are recommended to be visited if you want to farm slimes or slime considerate in the game. Feel free to find plenty of Anemo and Cryo in this location. They can all be taken down easily if you have a Pyro or Electro character. This one starts from the bank of the lake that sets the Liyue and Mondstadt apart.

    • North of Wolvendom

North of Wolvendom has four hydro slimes to offer. All that you have to do if you want to get the Slime Condensate is to kill the slimes.

    • Wolvendom

To reach the third location of Slime Considerate, you can just teleport to Wolvendom teleport waypoint. Then, turn left and move forward. In this location, there are four hydro slimes that are waiting for you.

The other (contemporary) locations of Slime Condensate

Apart from these three, there are also two contemporary locations of Slimes Considerate in Genshin Impact. This one uses the adventure book to find and farm the Slimes in the game. However, keep in mind that it is not the best way to farm the Slimes as you will be travelling a lot, just to kill one or two of them.

    • Stormbearer Mountains

If you want to get the Slime Condensate from the Strombearer Mountains, you will have to go to the Stormbearer Mountains teleport waypoint. Please find a map and follow the way towards the player icon. There are a total of three Geo Slimes found in the location. Besides, you can get up to 20 Slimes in just one go. Apparently, this place is also where the other enemies reside. If you want to find the other resources, it is a perfect one for you.

    • Stormbearer Point

The location named Stormbearer Point has a lot of slimes that are spread around its surrounding. In this place, the players are able to find a total of three Anemo Slimes. In the same spot to the right, there are also three more Slimes, but the Pyro ones.

Alternative way to get Slime Condensate

There is another way to get Slime resources without the needs of defeating the Slimes. This one is the best and the most recommended option if you need to get it immediately. As you probably know, there is an in-game store owned by Genshin Impact that you can visit if you want to get fates and resources by using Masterless Stardust and Starglitter. Both currencies are possible to be found when pulling for the new characters and weapons and you are able to get a plenty of them if you pull often enough.

Once again, you can purchase the high tier Slime drops from the store. However, some people do not like using Starglitter and Stardust because it means there are some resources that can be spent on the fates for even more wishes.

In case you really want to get these resources, you can consider spending some of the currency on them. However, you are not encouraged to depend on the store to get the resources as it is not fun and it seems like you are not actually playing the game.

About Slime Condensate

Slime Condensate details:

About Slime Condensate

    • Item category: Common Ascension Material
    • Rarity: 1-star

Craft Usage:

    • Slime Secretions

Craft Type: Crafting

Amount: 3

Ascension Usage:


    • Lisa (4-star rarity)
    • Venti (5-star rarity)
    • Xiangling ((4-star rarity)
    • Xiao (5-star rarity)
    • Zhongli (5-star rarity)


    • Amos’ Bow (5-star rarity)
    • Favonius Lance (4v-star rarity)
    • Harbinger of Dawn (3-star rarity)
    • Lost Player to the Sacred Winds (5-star rarity)
    • Magic Guide (3-star rarity)
    • Mappa Mare (4-star rarity)
    • Old Merc’s Pal (2-star rarity)
    • Royal Bow (4-star rarity)
    • Royal Greatsword (4-star rarity)
    • Sacrificial Bow (4-star rarity)
    • Sharpshooter’s Oath (3-star rarity)
    • Skyward Blade (5-star rarity)
    • Skyward Pride (5-star rarity)
    • Snow-Tombed Starsilver (4-star rarity)
    • Staff of Homa (5-star rarity)
    • The Black Sword (4-star rarity)
    • The Flute (4-star rarity)
    • Waster Greatsword (1-star rarity)
    • White Iron Greatsword (3-star rarity)

About Slime

Slimes can be described as the common enemies that are everywhere in the world of Teyvat. They are being of pure elemental energy. These kinds of enemies are usually only considered as a threat in groups. All of them are immune to their own element and are so good at inflicting the other Slimes with it as well.

About Slime genshin

Slime Details:

  • Type: Common, enemies
  • Family: Elemental Lifeforms
  • Location(s): Multiple

There are several types of Slimes, including Anemo Slimes, Large Anemo Slimes, Cryo Slimes, Large Cryo Slimes, Dendro Slimes, Large Dendro Slimes, Electro Slimes, Large Electro Slimes, Mutant Electro Slimes, Geo Slimes, Large Geo Slimes, Hydro Slimes, Large Hydro Slimes, Pyro Slimes, and Large Pyro Slimes. The Pyro ones are usually able to be found near Farming Flowers. The Cryo ones can usually be found near Mist Flowers. You can find the Hydro ones in the shallow waters. The Anemo ones are everywhere near Dandelions. The Electro ones are commonly discovered near Electro Crystals. You can find the Geo ones near ore deposits. As for the Dendro ones, please make your way to the grassy fields if you want to find them.

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