Shadow of War Level Up Fast 2022 Tips

In Shadow of War, almost everything is tied to your level such as dominating Orcs up to your current level, getting any equipment from the chests, etc. That’s why increasing your level in Shadow of War is totally a must for you as this game is about your combat abilities supervised by your level and increased by your XP.

Unfortunately, not all players really know how to increase your level. However, leveling up in Shadow of War is pretty easy. You will be able to level up and you will gain almost everything that you can do in the game. If you want to level up in Shadow of War as quickly as possible, you can see the guides from our post below!

Shadow of War Level Up Fast 2022 Tips

Here’s How to Level Up in Shadow of War Fast!

You should know that almost everything in Shadow of War will give you the Experience Points. To get more XP, you just simply look for collectibles which will give you necessary XP. Aside from that, there are a bunch of ways that you can do to level up as quickly as possible. Here are they:

    • You can put two maxed wealth gems in your armor gem slots. By doing this, your Experience Point will increase automatically by 30%.
    • Complete any missions to give you more EXP.
    • Since all captains are outpost commanders, you must threaten those you will kill if they don’t raise their level.
    • Farming EXP can be performed by threatening the normal captions of death, an alternative to gain the Experience Point.
    • You can also purchase EXP doubling bonuses from the stores.
    • To earn more EXP, you can complete free roam nemesis missions.
    • Make sure to use EXP boosters.
    • Farming orcs from EXP is what you should do to gain a lot of EXP.

Those are a bunch of ways that you can take to level up and earn Experience Point in Shadow of War.

Last but not least, there are two ways that you can also level up in Shadow of War as quickly as possible. Certainly, you can use either of those methods to level up faster and unlock the high-level benefits and rewards.

The first way, you can just simply buy XP with one equipped to gain double XP until the time it remains active.  However, it is really the simple way and the most convenient way to level up in the game.

Buying the XP actually costs your Gold and you may also have to spend real-life money if your Gold runs out in your game. So, this is the simple and expensive way to gain XP quickly at a time.

It’s important to note, you can only gain them for two hours. After two hours are over, the boost will also end. You should know that the 2-hour time is not your in-game time, making it useless. Instead, this is the real-life time that can start as soon as you activate the booster.

The best way you can do this is by playing for two hours in a row. If you leave the game at this time, your booster will be useless and a waste of money. So, make sure you play this game when you know that you are playing the game for the next 2 hours.

The second way you can do this is by farming the EXP. Even though this way is a little bit boring, but it doesn’t require any money and is totally free. To do this way, you have to reach a point of story in which you can unlock a fortress and you will obtain Nemesis Missions. To farm the EXP successfully, make sure you reach Act 4 of the campaign.

However, this second way aims to keep a very low number of captains under your command and more captains as your enemies. You can also begin around 8 Captain Missions at the same time, considering the vast number of captains in the area.

Need to know, each mission will generate around 1,000 EXP. If you successfully gain a captain killed, that is a bonus EXP addition to the total. Before starting the Nemesis Mission and you will gain massive XP in a short time, you may need to combine both the ways and begin an XP booster.

When Is the Best Time to Use Booster to Level Up?

According to some sources, the best and ideal time to use boosters is when you will do some quests in a row. As you know, the story missions will give you the most EXP of anything in the game. Then, every time you perform one for most of the game, you will get a level or more, as long as you have an active booster.

Using the XP booster is the most accessible route to pick to drive your level up. Sure, you will be able to receive XP boosts in certain chests in the market which will double the experience that you get for two hours.

Doing this way may be the fastest and most effective method of gaining bonus experience. However, many players do not want to spend real cash to keep a constant supply of boosters. That’s because those items actually have huge disadvantages which make them less than ideal.

If you sit down and use a XP booster and are not grinding for two hours straight, you really have wasted your money a lot. Meanwhile, if you activate one, come back the next year and play for an hour, the hour that you did not use will still be lost.

Some Tips to Get Good in Shadow of War

If you want to get good in Shadow of War, there are a bunch of ways that you can do to level up, here are they:

    • You shouldn’t worry too much about the story
    • Pay attention a lot at your mini-map
    • Upgrade your skills
    • Take the Haedir towers back
    • Use your environment
    • Check out an orc’s profile
    • Dominate your enemies
    • Make your smart combos
    • Handle your orcs
    • Etc.

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