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You may have heard that your friends accessed the ShackledCraft Store. You may wonder about the site so you come to this site now and read this article because you want to know about the store. Here is the information that I have about the ShackledCraft Store.

ShackledCraft Store can be accessed at If you access this site, there is not much information available there and you are required to enter your username. At the top of the site, there are some menus including Home, Forums, Cart, Help and Vote. Under the menus, there are also some menus for this store including Home, Ranks, Rank Upgrades, Unbans, Key Crates, and Terms. If you click on the Home menu, you will be taken to the homepage of the Shackledcraft Store site and there is a sentence which welcomes you namely, “Welcome to the ShackledCraft Store!”. There, they require you to choose a category from the menu to browse their packages for offer. They also state that they currently accept payments via PayPal and gift cards from the ad shop. Also, they state that you are able to obtain gift cards by watching ads and you can use /adshop in-game for more information. In the Home page, there is also a statement that the store is still in progress.

ShackledCraft Store'

If you choose other menus such as Ranks, Rank Upgrades, Unbans, and Key Crates, you will be required to enter your username to continue.

In the Terms page, it is explained about the terms in the store. It is explained that this service is only available to users who are at least 1 years old. Let’s say that you are younger than this. If so, you do not register for this service. If you register, it means that you are this age or older.

They also state that all content that you submit, upload or otherwise make available to the Service may be reviewed by staff members. All Content that you submit or upload may be delivered to third-party verification services. So, you have to make sure that you do not submit any content that you think is private or confidential.

When you use ShackledCraft Store, you must agree that you do not use the Service to submit or link to any content which is abusive, defamatory, hateful, threatening, spam or spam-like, likely to offend, contains adult or objectionable content, contains personal information of others, encourages unlawful activity, risks copyright infringement, or otherwise violates any laws. You are responsible for the content of and any harm resulting from that content or your conduct.

On the terms, it is also explained that they may remove or modify any content which is submitted at any time with or without cause, with or without notice. Requests for content to be deleted or modified will be done only at their discretion. They will also be able to terminate your access to all or any part of the service at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice.

You are giving them a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license to use, publish, or re-publish your Content which is related to the service. The copyright over the content is retained by you.

In that Terms page, there is a link about rules for the in-game Minecraft server and you have to follow the rules if you want to use it. If you break the rules, it may result in a temporary or permanent removal from the server.

There, it is also explained that all sales are final. It means that you may not buyback, stop, credit the server by any means which is used to receive your funds back that of which have been paid. So, they have the right to disallow your continued play on the server or forums and now permit further funds to be added or taken away. They also have the right to do any legal or collection action which is needed to recover damages in the event of a forced charge-back.

They also state that they do not offer refunds under any circumstances. Let’s say that you have not received your product in 24 hours. If so, you have to contact customer support.

They also explain that in some cases, they offer exchanges for other ShackledCraft products, of the same value, if you have purchased the wrong item. If you need more information about it, you are able to contact the customer support.

It is also explained on the Terms page of ShackledCraft Store site that the terms may be changed at any time without notice.

If you think that you do not agree with the terms, it is better for you not to register or use the Service. If you use the service, it means that you accept the terms. If you want to close your account, you are able to contact them.

Well, that’s the information that I can get from Shackledcraft Store. And now, let’s read about ShackledCraft itself.

About ShackledCraft

ShackledCraft itself is a unique Minecraft server where it has a prison theme. This server is made by gamers for gamers and their goal to create this server is to give the player the best immersive Minecraft prison or jail like experience.

According to the StatsCrop site, ShackledCraft is ranked #66,438 in the world and it is ranked #26,706 in the United States. It is explained on that site that most of the visitors who are visiting the site are from the United States. The daily visitors of ShackledCraft is 2,400 and the daily pageviews is 4,800.

On the StatsCrop site, it is explained in the form of a table that the most visitors of ShackledCraft is from the United States where there are around 1,100 visitors. Then, in the second place, there is Canada and in the third place, there is Australia. You can see the details below.

    1. Country/ Region: United States
      Visitors: 1,100
      Percentage: 45.42%
      Rank: #26,706
    2. Country/ Region: Canada
      Visitors: 800
      Percentage: 32.49%
      Rank: #3,820
    3. Country/ Region: Australia
      Visitors: 200
      Percentage: 10.27%
      Rank: #9,475
    4. Country/ Region: Other
      Visitors: 300
      Percentage: 11.82%
      Rank: –