Sea of Thieves Strawberrybeard Error Explained

Sea of Thieves has a variety of error codes that the users might face. They use keywords to assist signify the source of a problem, making it easier to solve. One of the error codes that players face in Sea of Thieves is the Strawberrybeard error code. Well, here we are going to explain about the Sea of Thieves Strawberrybeard error code.

Sea of Thieves Strawberrybeard Error Explained

Based on the official site of Sea of Thieves, generally this Strawberrybeard error code shows up for the players during maintenance downtime or some other external network error. In those situations, actually there is nothing the players can do to solve the error. The players only need to wait for the servers to be available.

We get information from Downdetector, there are many players who report that they got the Strawberrybeard error code when they try to login. Probably, this is related to the issue they are having which forced them to turn off achievement notifications, however this is not confirmed. A possible way if you are currently experiencing this Strawberrybeard error is to try to login again. Otherwise, you have to follow the steps below, mainly the instructions on how to run the wsreset command.

Also, the page states that occasionally the Strawberrybeard error code can be caused by the network problems on the client’s side (the player’s home network). For those conditions, the common cause is the Antivirus and Firewalls blocking the game from connecting to the servers.

You have to know that the Strawberrybeard error code is not granted when you are banned. This most often means that the game needs to update, and it is often paired with the players getting stuck on reporting for duty. For those who are on Xbox One, you have to give the console a hard reset by holding the console’s power button for about five seconds and then relaunch the game to start the update. For those who are on PC, you have to check the Windows Store first to see if it needs an update. If it does not yet say it needs an update, just reboot your computer and check again. Now, you are going to see that the game needs an update.

Sea of Thieves Strawberrybeard Error Explaine

How to Solve Strawberrybeard Error in Sea of Thieves?

As we know, the Strawberrybeard error code can be caused by several problems. Actually, there is no specific troubleshooting solution. But, most players will be able to fix the error by doing these steps below.

    • Please check the status of the Sea of Thieves Server. If any errors are reported, then this is most likely the cause of the error.
    • Once logging in to the servers, you have to ensure to choose Allow if asked by your Firewall or Antivirus.
    • You have to change the settings Manually in your router and computer antivirus to allow Sea of Thieves to access the internet.
    • If you are on PC, you will need to force close Sea of Thieves, the Xbox App, and the Windows Store. From your Windows search bar, you have to type in wsreset and choose the option to run the command. This will reset the Windows Store. Please open the Windows Store, then open the Xbox App, next open the game and try to connect again.
    • If none of the ways above work, we highly suggest you contact the Sea of Thieves Support Team by making a new ticket.

Sea of Thieves – Types of Beard Errors

In Sea of Thieves, Beard Error is a collective name for all the errors that can occur. Besides Strawberrybeard error code, there are still many other types of Beard Errors.

Here are other types of Beard Errors:

    • Alabasterbeard
      The Alabasterbeard error code is where a connection to Xbox live or the Sea of Thieves services was lost or disrupted. Usually, the error is caused by game server issues. If you are on Xbox One, Developer Rare will suggest checking the console’s network status through the Settings > Network menu. If you are on PC, you have to make sure that you have a stable Internet connection.
    • Allmondbeard
      A connection to the Sea of Thieves services was lost or disrupted. If you are on Xbox One, you have to check the console’s network status via the Settings > Network menu. If you are on a PC, you have to determine that you have a stable Internet connection.
    • Alpacabeard
      The Alpacabeard error code received when the Xbox Account has not bought Sea of Thieves and tries to log in to the servers.
    • Beanbeard
      The Beanbeard error code signifies that a network error has happened. Causes of the Beanbeard error code are unknown, however it seems to be related to a session failure.
    • Cabbagebeard
      Details of this error are unknown. Probably be related to a server connection failure. Also, this Cabbage error code may be caused by antivirus or firewall settings, proxy servers or other network management and manipulation tools.
    • Groomedbeard
      This Groomedbeard error code is received when you are trying to re-connect to a session, or when you connect to a crew through invite or direct from the friends list. Also, this Groomebeard error code can be due to a high influx of the players on servers. Several possible ways to fix this error code include restarting the Xbox App, re-launching Sea of Thieves or starting a new session.
    • Hopscotchbeard
      This Hopscotchbeard error code occurs when the player has a delivery crate pickup from an unknown location. Also, the error code occurs when the player has a delivery crate with an unknown destination.
    • Hazelnutbeard
      This Hazelnutbeard error code appears to be a connection issue to the game servers. Generally, this error code follows strange behavior in the game such as the skeletons which cannot be killed, the chests which cannot be opened, or random ship placement. Also, this Hazelnutbeard error code occurs shortly after you sink an opponent’s player ship. This error code is trusted to be caused by the server receiving too many packets.

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