Sea of Thieves Server List

Just like any other games, the game known as Sea of Thieves has servers. These servers are usually made based on the region. If you are from Indonesia, there is a Sea of Thieves server for you. The name of the server is Sea of Thieves Indonesia.

Sea of Thieves Indonesia is the name of the channel that is a subsidiary of the Community SoT in Indonesia. For those who want to play together with the other players, do not hesitate to ask Sailor SoT ID to sail. Everyone is able to do this, whether a new or old Pirate. As shown on its official page, this server currently has a total of 3,551 members. It is such a nice server with a 5.0 rating. Based on the reviews, everyone in the server is friendly, kind and is helpful, especially to those beginners. Not only that, the place is also the best one that can be used to talk about many things, including the casual things.

In order to join a server called Sea of Thieves Indonesia, the first thing that you need to do is to go to When you are on the page, you should press the JOIN THIS SERVER button that is located at the bottom of the page. By doing so, you will be taken to the next page where you will be informed how many members in total and how many of them are currently online. Under the information, you will be able to see the Accept Invite button. Please hit that button. Then, enter your email address and the password and follow the next instructions.

Sea of Thieves Server List

Talking about the Sea of Thieves servers, it is reported that there will be a new feature that will enrich the world of the game, with personalized servers being eagerly awaited by players. In the near future, Rare is reportedly to release an alpha version of custom servers for the game, the one that will originally be intended for content creators and community groups. These people will be the ones who will have the privilege to test this new feature when it launches. This kind of new feature has been requested by many people who want to get the benefits of the servers with rules that are able to be personalized or to invite a few groups of people.

If the alpha version turns out to be successful, the birth of this server is also possible. Rare, the developer of Sea of Thieves, believes that it will last long enough. They also state that there are the most important characteristics of these private servers, including the possibility of selecting number and type of ships and making and distributing an invite code to make it possible for the other players to join the server.

Unfortunately, Gold and reputation will not be available through these servers, as expected by many people. As indicated by the developer, the latter were more in place to speak to the creativity of the players. In fact, these servers are not set up to be the PvE servers.

According to its official website, Rare states the possibility of a wider deployment to be done if the alpha is successful. Besides, they also say that it is not impossible that the access to these private servers is chargeable, for example via the Emporium store. Right now, the developer is trying their best to study all the possibilities and will update the progress to the community later.

Since it was launched for the first time in March four years ago, the game named Sea of Thieves has improved a lot. In the past, the game was criticized due to the lack of content. Now, it is full of quests and a number of interesting activities.

Despite having the PvP, the sad news is that the game experience cannot be exclusively PvE. There is always the risk of being confronted with the other players even if the players decide to lead the adventure on their own. To be able to make the most of this space that is called Sea of Thieves, everyone has been demanding the release of private servers. It seems like the developer is aware of the demand because there is an article with the announcement from the executive producer of this game named Joe Neat about the upcoming release of these servers.

According to him, as the Sea of Thieves has evolved, they have supported these initiatives by allowing the players to come together on the same servers. However, they had wanted to go further for a long time. After making an effort to make the concept perfect, they will be releasing an alpha version of the private servers and the time is very soon. It is stated that these private servers will be made available to certain creators and communities and can be used to organize events.

While this new thing is not easy as it will have to go through a testing phase, they already know the main features, which include the possibility of creating a private server for Adventure mode, the selection of the kind of boats and their number before the start of the game; access to private servers will be via a code; and sessions on private servers will not earn reputation or gold.

Sea of Thieves continues to grow with its successful release on Steam and its latest extension Haunted Shores. If the private servers are launched, it will make the game better and more popular. As stated before, the developer is on their way to make the private servers to be released soon. If you want to be the first one to know about the progress of the plan, you are recommended to visit the official website of Sea of Thieves at Aside from that, it is also better for you to follow the social media of the developer and the social media of the accounts who always talk and provide the latest information about the game.

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